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ANTIPOPES OF THE VATICAN II RELIGION - 2 July, The Visitation of Our Blessed Lady


Antipopes Of The Vatican II Church

In our last article on the Antipopes of the Catholic Church, we listed all known antipopes before Vatican II.

Have we had any antipopes since then and if so how many?

We defined earlier that a heretic, being outside the Church, could not be the head of that Body, namely the Catholic Church, of which he would not be a member.

We will now demonstrate, that, indeed, there have been antipopes in the Catholic Church following Vatican II, who have fraudulently claimed to be the Vicar of Christ, and in doing so assaulted the Catholic world with a brain-numbing illusion, assisted in it's doing so by the Judeo-Masonic controlled news media.


"Pope" John XXIII- 1958 -1963;

Suspected of Modernism

[ Antipope John XXIII]

The man who decided to call the Vatican II council was born in 1881, and for years the Holy Office maintained a dossier on Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) which read "suspected of Modernism [ which, incidentally had been declared as heresy by Pope Pius X, years before, in his encyclical, Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On Modernism)].

[Angelo Roncalli in Turkey, c. 1935, during his nunciature, incurred ipso facto ( automatic excommunication) when he joined the Freemasons]

As early as 1926, Angello Roncalli , denied that the one true Church had been established, in writing to one Orthodox Schismatic:

"Catholics and Orthodox are not enemies, but brothers. We have the sames faith...Later on, though travelling along different paths, we shall achieve union among the churches to form together the true and unique Church of Jesus Christ." [When A Pope Asks For Forgiveness, Luigi Accattoli,1998, p. 18-19] -HERESY.[Here he denies that the Catholic Church has been established by Jesus Christ!]

Claimed to be a Freemason

The head of the Italian Freemasons, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy stated: "As for that,it seems that John XXIII was initiated (into a Masonic Lodge) in Paris and participated in the work of the Istanbul Workshops." [His Freemasonic code name was ROAN]

Freemasonry was condemned by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Humanus Genus, April, 20, 1884.[ Future article on this encyclical to be posted...]

John XXIII denied the teaching that 'Outside the Catholic Church there is no Salvation' - While in Turkey, stated: " You Irish are impossible. The moment you come into the world, begin by damning everybody who doesn't belong to the Church, especially Protestants!"

He stated the Jews are still the chosen people, believed in freedom of religion,taught that protestants were part of the Church.

["Coronation" of Antipope John XXIII, 1958]

After the death of John XXIII, his body was filled with embalming fluid to stop it decaying, and when his body was exhumed and placed in a new coffin he was found FACE DOWN [no surprise , really].

[Apostate Second Vatican Council 1962-1965]


" Pope" Paul VI ( 1963- 1978),

A man who promulgated the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass, he ratified all 16 documents of Vatican II, believed in Modernism, denied, like his predecessor, that Outside the Catholic Church there is no Salvation, believed in religious liberty, favored birth control, promoted the diabolical United Nations,promoted the New World Order, the worship of man in place of God, abolished the ban on forbidden books (index of forbidden books) and also the ban on all un-approved apparitions....and more


[Antipope Paul VI - notice 'split fingers' -masonic sign.] The handwritten notes on page with photo of Paul VI, read as follows: "Let no man deceive you by any means for unless there come a revolt ( Vat II) first and The Man of Sin be revealed, The Son of perdition..2 Thess....St. Hillary 4th cent., Bishop (Doctor of the Church) tells us that from this we can know that Antichrist like Judas will be an apostate Bishop...The battle of the Antichrist will centre on the priesthood and the Sacrifice( of the Mass) said the prophet Daniel (cf Peter Julian Eymard)...Paul VI subtly displays the 'split' fingers of Freemasons normally used in a handshake. Automatic 'ipso facto' Major Excommunication cf Papal Bull, Pope Clement XII, In Eminenti, 1731. all his actions , decrees, encyclicals, etc NULL AND VOID." -M. Harris

["Papal" visit to America 1970's; his mission, his quest for peace - which means in reality "to establish his "one world ecumenical church" and the "peace of Antichrist" ]- [Time/ Life magazine]

Antipope Paul VI was "elected" on June 21, 1963 and "coronated" on June 30, 1963. His name for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY appeared in the 'Annuario Pontificio' as follows (emphasis added) :


PAOLO VI, 21 VI, 30 VI, 1963
Paul 6 was 66 when he usurped the Chair of Peter.
In his book on the Apocalypse, Fr. Kramer wrote the following about St.Paul's prophecy concerning the Antichrist sitting in the Temple of God.

"St. Paul says that the Antichrist 'sitteth in the temple of God"... This is not the ancient Temple of Jerusalem, nor a temple like it built by Antichrist, as some have thought, for then it would be his own temple ... this temple is shown to be the Catholic Church, possibly one of the churches in Jerusalem or St. Peter's in Rome, which is the largest church in the world and is in the full sense "The Temple of God."

St. Bernard believed that the Antichrist would be an antipope, and Bl. Joachim( d. 1202) stated that "towards the end of the world, Antichrist will overthrow the pope and usurp his see."

Whether or not one believes the Antichrist will be an antipope, Our Lady did prophesy that "Rome would lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ...the Church will be in eclipse."...La Salette, Sept.19, 1846


In the picture of Antipope Paul VI'S signature, you will see if you turn it upside down, three clear 6's. This is the way Paul VI'S signature always appeared.

Paul VI appointed the Freemason Annibali Bugnini to
head a committee, which included six protestants to compose a New Mass. Bugnini's Masonic code name was BUAN .

Shortly after Antipope Paul VI died his body turned black, and the stench was so bad that his coffin had to be opened and formaldehyde added. He was buried in a plain wooden coffin without nails, according to his own personal instructions, and without the traditional crucifix attached. This is according to Jewish custom.

Paul VI's name was Montini, a Jewish family name going back several centuries according to the Golden Book of Noble Italian Heritage, so it was no wonder he requested a Jewish burial in keeping with the satanic Jewish infiltrator that he was.

Antipope Paul VI was often seen wearing the ephod, a breastplate worn by the Jewish high priest; he was also known to be a member of the Jewish Freemasons, the B'nai Brith:

Carlos Vazquez Rangel, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Masons of Mexico, in a 1993 interview with the political weekly 'Plocesso' stated:

"On the same day, in Paris the profane Angelo Roncalli ( John XXIII) and the profane Giovanni Montini (Paul VI), were initiated into the august mysteries of the Brotherhood. Thus it was that much that has been achieved at the Council ( Vatican II ) was based on Masonic Principles."

"Pope" John Paul I (1978 for 33 days),

Fully approved religious indifferentism and the false
ecumenism of the Second Vatican council, believed in birth control, favored a new international organisation and blasphemied against Christ and His Church..

Albino Luciano (John Paul I) was born the son of a committed Socialist.

[ Antipope John Paul I , 1978 for 33 days]

He was "consecrated" bishop by Antipope John XXIII , on Dec 27, 1958 and named a "cardinal" by Antipope Paul VI, who both , of course, had no power to do anything in the Catholic Church, because as heretics they were outside the Church.

John Paul I renounced the papal tiara, which was sold by Antipope Paul VI to a Jewish merchant, and sometime later the gems were seen adorning a Hollywood actress...and replaced the coronation ceremony with a simple celebration ( a couple of glasses of bubbly to celebrate their [freemasonic] success)

The Vatican claimed that John Paul I died of a massive heart attack around 11pm on Sept,28, 1978. Events surrounding the sudden unexpected death of John Paul I suggest that he was in fact poisoned ...

[ The papal tiara which was sold to a Jewish merchant by Antipope Paul VI , for several thousands of dollars, the precious gems of which were later seen bedecking a Hollywood film star]

"Pope " John Paul II.....more coming.... including after the death of the last true pope( Pius XII in 1958), how the Freemasonic forces managed to hijack the conclave, and so suppress the papacy...________________________________

Antipope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla), whose mother was Jewish, ( maiden name Katz) claimed to be pope from 1978 until 2005, was perhaps the most heretical man to have walked the face of the earth. His heresies are manifest and it is difficult to know where to start.

It is sufficient, however to simply point out one of his heresies to prove that he could not have been a true pope of the Catholic Church.

Antipope John Paul II was an active participant in the four sessions of the heretical Vatican II and in working groups that refined draft documents.
[ Antipope John Paul II, 1978 - 2005...carries the "Broken Cross"]
We have picked out his constant teaching on universal salvation to prove that he could not have been a true pope.
The idea that all men are saved is contrary to the clear words of the Gospel and numerous Catholic dogmas, especially the dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, and that all who die in mortal sin or original sin cannot be saved.
Pope Gregory X, 2nd Council of Lyons, 1274, ex cathedra:
"The souls of those who die in mortal sin or with original sin only ...immediately descend into Hell, yet to be punished with different punishments."
However, Antipope John Paul II, held and taught that in the Incarnation, the Son of God united Himself with every man in an unbreakable union, which made it impossible, according to him , for anyone to go to Hell . Antipope John Paul II taught that this union between Christ and each man lasts forever.

John Paul II, Redemptor Missio,(#4) , Dec. 7,1990:
"The Redemption event brings salvation to all, 'for each one is included in the mystery of the Redemption and with each one Christ has united Himself forever through this mystery."
Note the word "forever". This means all men are saved. Hell is eternal separation from God. But according to Antipope John Paul II, no one is ever separated from God. Everyone is united with God forever. This is universal salvation.
Antipope John Paul II believed in evolution, promoted Freemasonry, promoted the diabolical United Nations, changed the words of the Bible, promoted false religions and prayed with them, criticised the traditional Mass, altered the Rosary, approved practice of Altar Girls, apologized for past "sins" of the Church, denied that Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are actual places, carried the "Broken Cross", and taught that man is the Christ ( one of the marks of Antichrist).

[ Antipope John Paul II kisses the Koran-the devil's handbook.( Apostasy) The Koran blasphemes the Most Holy Trinity, the Holy Mother of God, and the one, holy Catholic Church of Christ. The Koran also denies the Divinity of Christ and that all who believe in it are as excrement]

[ Hey...but didn't I say that hell was not an actual place and that it might be empty?...Audience to Polish fellow countrymen, Antipope John Paul II, recalling the teachings of the heretic Hans Urs von balthasar that, "There is a Hell, but it could be empty."]

Enough said...some pictures to complete the picture ( no pun intended)

[ Antipope John Paul II sees Hope in Rock N' Roll... During his visit to Tokyo in 1981, John Paul II was entertained by a rock quartet called the Dark Ducks. Very soon the Ducks realized they had become a quintet. Antipope John Paul II had picked up a microphone and was singing with them. "Pope sees hope in rock ' n' roll - Chicago Tribune.

Monsignor Dominico Siagalinini, a spokesman for the Eucharistic Congress said:
' The Popes idea is to get closer to young people through pop music, which unfortunately for many years has been viewed with suspicion and indifference by the Church. The Church has come to terms with the language of young people. We don't want to create a Catholic rock n' roll, but we do want to encourage a rock n' roll which expresses our values."]....(There is no such thing as 'Christian rock', it is all from the same place...HELL!)...Christian = Catholic.


"Pope" Benedict XVI ( 2005 - 20-- )

On 19 April 2005, the Catholic world was assaulted by yet another brain numbing illusion staged by the counterfeit church in Rome. From the conclave emerged yet another agent - provocateur of the "Church of Darkness" masquerading as the new Vicar of Christ, but in reality is but the fifth actor in a series of modern day antipopes since 1958, when Angelo Roncalli, a.k.a., "John XXIII", ROAN ( freemasonic code name), first appeared on the balcony, pretending to be the head of the Catholic Church.

[Antipope Benedict XVI picks up the "Broken Cross" where his predecessors of happy memory left it..]

It was ably assisted in this mass deception by a Judeo- Masonic news media which assured the public that Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a., "Benedict XVI", is a " strict conservative", a "doctrinarian", and "hardliner". Indeed, to play his role convincingly as a "friend" of Catholic tradition, Ratzinger lashed out at what he called " the dictatorship of relativism"; denounced the ordination of women as a "serious attack on the unity of the Church"[ I guess over time he conveniently forgot about this by the time those lady" bishops" in Germany were "consecrated"just recently, or did someone high up simply forget to remind him... he,he, he] and condemned homosexuality as " a moral evil".

Throwing a few bones like these to naive, gullible Catholics is apparently all it takes to convince them that Ratzinger, who was a member of the Modernist ( Modernism condemned by Pope Pius X) " Rhine group" at Vatican II , is now a champion of Catholic orthodoxy.

[ At Vatican Council II, Father Ratzinger dressed in layman's suit and tie, like the modernist he really was and still is]
To find out just exactly what this new "conservative" leader of the counterfeit conciliar church( former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) in Rome, holds as a matter of Faith we need not look any further than Ratzinger's revealing book, "Principles of Catholic Theology",1987, Ignatius Press, San Francisco:

On the historical reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

"The Resurrection cannot be a[n] historical event in the same sense as [was] the Crucifixion..." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.186)

The following is a condemned proposition from Pope St. Pius X's "Lamentabili Sane"; The Syllabus Condemning The Errors Of The Modernists: "No. 36. the Resurrection of the Savior is not properly a fact of the historical order. It is a fact of merely the supernatural order ( neither demonstrated nor demonstrable) which the Christian conscience gradually derived from other facts."

[Please note: I try to use the color red for the "bad" guys and the color blue for the "good" guys...chuckle, chuckle]

[ Antipope Benedict XVI accepts the devil's book ( Koran) which he praises like his predecessor of happy memory...same as "kissing" the Koran in Apostasy]
Well, there you go...I don't need to proceed any further with this line of attack, 'cause the guys an 'out and out' heretic from the start...Pope Pius X has just condemned him as a Modernist. As a heretic, of course, he is outside the Church and cannot be head of that Body of which he is not a member....Q.E.D. [for the Latin students, it translates as, "that which was set out to be proved"...quod erat demonstrandum]

"Both the Catholic and Protestant interpretation of Christianity have meaning each in its own way; they are true in their historical moment... Truth becomes a function of to yesterdays truth consists precisely in abandoning it in assimilating it into today's truth..." Joseph Ratzinger, p. 16]
"The truth is whatever serves progress, that is, whatever serves the logic of history." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.17) [ oh, yeah. ...or whatever I want it to mean...]

"...ultimately in truth, he(man) becomes one with his ego." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.300) [ whoa , whoa, whoa.!]

______________________ON THE CHURCH
"We ourselves become uncertain about our Christian faith." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.42)
"The Catholic does not insist on the dissolution of the Protestant confession and the demolishing of their churches, but hopes rather that they will be strengthened in their confessions and in their eccesial reality." ( Joseph Ratzinger, p.202) [ What?]
[Dont Forget, the blue are the good guys!] [Antipope Benedict XVI exchanges masonic handshake with Tony which one is the freemason?]


"The impetus given by Teilhard de Chardin exerted a wide influence. With daring vision it incorporated the historical movement of Christianity into the great cosmic process of evolution." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.34)
[ " Mr. Darwin, the Gorilla says that you are insulting his ancestors..." ]

In his 1950 encyclical, "Humani Generis," Pope Pius XII denounced the "...fictitious tenets of evolution which repudiate all that is absolute, firm and immutable..."

"Many a false anxiety about sin, created by a narrow-minded moral theology, and all too often nourished and encouraged by spiritual advisors, avenges itself today by leading people to regard the Christianity of the past as a kind of harassment that kept man constantly in opposition to himself; instead of freeing him for open and anxiety free co-operation with men of good will." (Joseph Ratzinger, p.56)
[ this guy does not believe in sin....and that should have read " with men of bad will, like Ratzinger...]
"Morality and immorality seem to enslave man to make him joyless and empty. "(Joseph Ratzinger,p. 141) [ speak for yourself!]
Here, he equates GOOD with EVIL = Manicheaism
"Luther's historical instinct is clearly proving itself right." (Joseph Ratzinger,p. 141) [ Martin Luther,formally a Jesuit Catholic priest,was perhaps the most notorious heretic in the history of the Catholic Church][ Condemned by Pope Leo X, 3 January, 1521 in his papal bull of excommunication, "Exurge Domine."]
Martin Luther taught: "Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly...No sin will separate us from the Lamb, even though we commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day." ( Weimer Edition, Vol. 2, p.372; "Letters I," Luther's Works, American Edition, Vol. 48, p.282) [ hey, that sound just like Ol' Ratzinger,doesn't it]
To me, the following is a "shocker", and will show you that this guy is not even Catholic but mocks God and His Church at every turn of the corner!
Taken from his book, "Die Sakramentale Begrundung Christlicher Existenz" ( The Sacramental Reason For Christian Existence) 1966, Kyrios Publishing , Freeising-Meitingen (Germany):
"Eucharistic devotion such as is noted in the silent visit by the devout in church must not be thought of as a conversation with God. This would assume that God was present there locally and in a confined way. To justify such an assertion shows a lack of understanding of the Christological mysteries of the very conceopt of God. This is repugnant to the serious thinking of the man who knows about the omnipresence of God. To go to church on the ground that one can visit God Who is present there is a senseless act which the modern man rightfully rejects." ( Joseph Ratzinger).[ How much more UN-CATHOLIC can it get!]
Well, let's see what the Holy Council Of Trent, Canon IV has to say about all of that!
"If anyone says that after the consecration is complete, the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ are not the Sacrament of the Eucharist... and in the consecrated hosts or particles which are reserved (in the Tabernacle), the True Body and Blood of Our Lord remain not,let him be anathema."

[Since I don't really believe in this stuff anyway, at least I can promote my own brand of Beer...whoa...she's got a good head on 'er...careful now ,don't spill it..I don't want to waste any of this precious stuff before I quaffe it down after I do the "consecration thingy!"]

[ Sorry, Ratzinger, ol' have been declared "ANATHEMA" by the Catholic Church, which, by the way you don't even belong to...he,he,he]

To this date Joseph Ratzinger,a.k.a. "Benedict XVI" has never repudiated the ideas published in his works, nor recanted even his blasphemous denial of the central doctrine of the Catholic Faith above.
In spite of all the evidence which can easily be produced to show his defection from the Catholic Faith, which his followers seem to ignore, perhaps because they hope that he will bring the conciliar church back on the right course and reject the policies of the conciliar "popes"[ antipopes],Ratzinger, a.k.a."Benedict XVI has pledged to continue the implementation of Vatican II, a non- catholic, apostate council.
[ To keep the uninformed Catholic faithful "within the fold" of the counterfeit church as long as possible, antipope "Benedict XVI" will initate a number of impostures to make the hopelessly gullible believe that the return of the "good ol' days"at their local parishes is just around the permitting a wider use of the traditional Mass which will be to no avail, since practically all the priests who take up the offer will be "ordained" in the new invalid rite of Antipope Paul VI, so that the newly "legalised" Latin Mass will be nothing more than a sacrilegious pantomine of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.]
To a large extent Ratzinger, choreographed the activities of his mentor, Karol Wojtyla, a.k.a. antipope John Paul II, during the last 15 years of his life. And now, after remaining partly hidden behind the curtains , the puppet-master has emerged upon CENTRE STAGE
[Hey, what happened to the BLACK ink?]

[ Oh, yes, nearly forgot about this one...Antipope Benedict XVI plans to "canonize" Antipope JP II sometime early next year and maybe the apostate Mother Theresa as well...we may well be witnessing -if that happens ( Antipope Benedict XVI canonizing Antipope JPII), the" second beast" ( "Benedict XVI" ) making an image of the "first beast" ( "John Paul II" ) and causing all to worship him ...Apoc....

[They have already erected a large bronze statue of Antipope John Paul II in Sydney, Australia to coincide with Antipope "Benedict XVI's" visit for WYD in July this year ].
Was Antipope John Paul II the Final Antichrist, for along with Antipope Paul VI, he fulfilled all the requirements to warrent that claim...he along with Paul VI "dissolved Christ into every man"...repeatedly, when he proclaimed that "Christmas is the feast of man" , Dec 1978....and that "man is the way...the truth...and the al...he preached ' Man in the place of God',repeatedly ,and in many ways , sometimes very subtle and clever, other times very obvious and bold.
[ Best mates! Apostate Mother Therese holds hands with fellow apostate JP II...'birds of a feather'...Mother Theresa held that all religions are good and encouraged people to stay in their false all her good works were as nought!]

[ Hullo, hullo, hullo...what's this...a nun handing out communion...I thought that practice had been condemned by the Catholic Church...novus ordo, no problem...Mother Theresa distributes Holy Communion ( well was it ?)]

If all that happens, then we could be close to the end! There is no doubt, that we are in the very last days of the Great Apostasy. Nearly 50 years without a pope has never been seen in the history of the Catholic Church - [It is believed Cardinal Siri was elected in both the 1958 and 1963 conclaves but was forced by the enemies of the Church to step he was probably a valid pope at least until he went along with the apostate Vatican II church sometime later.]


Thomas said...

Luther was an Augustinian before his apostasy.

What are your sources for the code names?

It's good to put your sources for these information...otherwise how does the reader know the credibility of the presented info?

catholic2007 said...

Hi thomas,

Thank you for your comments...

Yes,Luther was an Augustinian monk before becoming a priest,and eventually a nortorious heretic ...a Jesuit priest....Mmmm will check that one out...maybe later a Jesuit?

Unable to recall source for code names...but there are heaps of sites offering this info, generally quoting "Bulletin de l'occident Chratien Nr 12 July, 1976. Director Pierre fautra a Fye - 72490 Bourg Le Roi [ if you can make sense of that]...Just type in "list of freemasons in the hierachy of the Catholic church"in google...see what you come up with

I'm sure you will have fun exploring the could classify it as "useless" knowledge, in other words it is not important to the matter being aired, namely Antipopes in the Vatican II church, and drawing peoples attention to the fact that the Vatican II church is not the true Catholic Church.

I think I did that...the information presented stands on its own, and so there is no question of "credibility" here...

The object of the exercise is to warn people "to get out of her least they be partakers of her sins, and receive not her plagues!

We are, of course talking about the whore of Babylon, the Vatican II Church, which has abandoned the teachings of Christ and His Church.

That will do...for now

Thomas said...

What about the source for the fact that Paul VI stunk bad?

catholic2007 said...


Well, strictly speaking...if something is a "fact", one does need a sauce....ooops, I mean source...

... Did you know that Sister Lucy [Fatima] was probably "bumped off"/ murdered/ killed in late October, 1958, by the Jews /Freemasons , who took over the Vatican in 1958, when they installed their own "pope"?...

They had to remove the real Sister Lucy, as she knew all about the Third Secret of Fatima, and that it was to be released at least by 1960, on Heaven's orders!

The false "Sister Lucy" was brought forward to the world, in this massive conspiracy, and once the phony third secret was released around 2000A.D.and she had finished playing her part, she "died"!

catholic2007 said...

...In case someone else comes back at me wanting to know the sorce of my information...I have decided to do a sort of "mini blog", if you like, for want of a better word!

And since I am going to be somewhat occupied with other matters for the foreseeable future, like extended tea breaks /"velluto rosso",I thought this would be a Golden opporunity to expand, somewhat more, on my last comment in the form of this "mini blog" ...,

I had earlier promised my readers, of no little account ,an article on Lucy of Fatima...and now time is of the essence...[also it will give me 5 comments, and that looks good, doesn't it?]

...And so, we were discussing Sister Lucy, the last surviving seer of Fatima.. an intriguing story, and, if true, a sinister and terrifying one; a wake-up call for those who underestimate the true nature of Freemasonry and its Jewish origin.

Remember it was the Freemason who for many years had boasted they would install their own "pope" in the Vatican in their quest to establish their One World Government and so enthrone Israel as the centre of World government, ruled by Talmudic Jews...

When we think of Jews we think think of Communism and Freemasonry, for they go hand in hand...

When we think of Jews we think of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachary, and John the Baptisit, Simeon, Anna and the Twelve Apostles.

They are the King of the Jews and the handful of Jewish subjects who remained loyal to Him when mobs of Jews demanded His crucifixion in a wild prophetic shout of, "His blood be upon us and upon our children."

The following letter was received by the Most Holy Family Monastery not so long ago from a woman who is a traditional Catholic convert:

" Dear Brothers of Holy Family Monastery ... As I told you on the phone I have some very dark relatives...[ a world famous Freemason] is the brother of [x- name removed to preserve anonymity of author] who was married to my Great Aunt. All of my relatives on my mother's side were 33rd degree Illuminati Freemasons. My Grandparents were in Eastern Star...I know I must sound like a screaming weirdo by now. I am not...

When I was five my Mother hosted a gathering. There are many things that went on that are too gruesome to put in print about these gatherings. They are basically sacrificing to Satan to put it briefly. I had a new baby brother named [x]... my mother didn't know ahead of time [ that x] was to be part of the 'ceremonies'.

They were going to put him in what looked like a large brass wok[ and torture him] in order to tell the future... [ thankfully, this didn't happen because of intervening events]...[But] One of the things that was said that awful day was they had just killed sister Lucy ( I thought they were talking about a sister I didn't know I had that they had killed)

When I asked they said 'No stupid...she's a nun'. It only made sense years later what this meant. It was 1958, late October when this happened. [I remember because my brother had just been born]. I know that I sound like a mad woman but it is the truth..."

Thomas said...

The Jesuit Order didn't even exist at the time of the Protestant Revolution.

Where in MHFM did you find that information?

Yes I knew that Sr. Lucy was killed and replaced by phony one.

catholic2007 said...

According to Wikipedia, St. Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuits in 1540; the Heretic Martin Luther started his revolution somewhat earlier learn something new every day, don't you!

Sounds like you need to order a few books/DVDs/CDs esp the book "Whatever Happened to the Catholic Church after Vat II, and magazines #1 to #5 "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness" from the MHFM...
for therein you will find the answer to your question and probably any future questions you are likely to raise...

I believe in making my pupils do a little bit of work for helps to improve their research skills I find...

If you can't afford to order the material, you can always e mail them...and lodge your question....I presume you keep up to date on the latest news etc from that quarter, since you appear to be conversant with the site?

Sister Lucy was probably killed...

My turn for a question! Who told you that? your sauce?[that will give me 7 comments...(chuckle, chuckle)]

Of, course, that "mini' thing I did was not solely for your benefit, but an opportune moment to let a few more people in on the secret...particularly that blinkered novus ordo crowd...and drag a few of them outa there!

catholic2007 said...

...ooopsie!...that will give 10 comments...[I wonder if they give you "FlyBuys" points]

Agent said...

The only real question..... are the sacraments available anywhere on the planet?

Of course we don't need the sacraments to be saved (aside from baptism... anybody can baptise)but we are lost without the faith.

another big one..... can someone who repeatedly participates in vein symbolic communion have that faith that saves?

I get that a person can recieve symbolic communion and be called out from her but is one who continually recieves symbolic communion damned?

catholic2007 said...

Thank you for your comments, Agent...

I think you have answered one of your questions regardinbg the sacraments and whether they are still available, in view of the fact that we have ahd no pope basically for more than forty years... you correctly inferred, anybody can baptise as long as they use the correct form and matter and have the intention that the Church intends...

There are still a few valiud priests available around the world, but, unfortunately, most hold onto some heresy or another; it is possible to receive the sacraments from them....for example you may receive the sacrament of Penance from even a validly ordained priest of the Vatican II religion...

This is discussed in more detail on the Most Holy Family Monastery site at

....and also where one can attend and find a traditional Latin Mass...this is also covered on their site is quite possible that you are in an area where no such traditional priest is available, in which case you are left with saying the complete rosary and making sure you remain in the state of grace - which is really not too difficult, is it not?

It is not absolutely necessary to have a Mass to go to as history has proved in the case of Catholics in years gone by...

Your last query I will have to leave for the present as I have only returned to home base after a Christmas break....I think you are talking/ referring to spiritual communions, perhaps,or receiving communion at a novus ordo service ? basically, you can only receive Holy Communion, in the state of grace, at a traditional Mass, but I will come back to this one for you...

catholic2007 said...

....ooops, apologies for those typos! Maybe I shud have left it til tomorrow, but I thought you would have been anticipating a speedy reply....more to follow...

catholic2007 said...


I really think you need to do some serious I suggest you visit and get yourself up to speed....I presume you can read? It is rather difficult to understand the last part of your post...the "symbolic communion" bit...and to put it bluntly, there is no such thing in the Catholic Church as "symbolic communion" or whatever, and you will not be saved through it, whatever it is! Because Outside the Catholic Church there is no Salvation.

Hope that answers your questions, but much more reading is recommended, in your case...

Anonymous said...

The problem with Mother Theresa was she kept the second Commandment of Jesus, but then denied the First commandment. In this case the second commandment becomes of no effect, 'cause the son is being separated from the Father, nothing can do that & the Son surely rejects such. In which case her Christ becomes another Christ. a pseudo one a Krisn'a. It is said that Theresa was always in darkness & never did see the light of Christ within her & to that, can be her deep anger in her to end up against the First commandment, physically demonstrating it by words & its result. Following the First Commandment that which is the true love, & the second commandment is based on the First.