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You're Never Too Old -To Read Music! Monday 25 January, 2016.. Conversion of St. Paul.. St. Peter, Ap

You're Never Too Old, Yvette ( to read Music ) or  Ladies never ever tell their age until they get to 80!  




 But first things first ....

that 70's music .... "All Of Me"...actually it's 30's music, but a timelesss jazz classic...



Background to "All of Me" 

An arrangement by Colin Tribe (Music&tabs from for solo ukulele of "All of Me" which is a jazz standard written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons in 1931. It was first performed by Belle Baker over the radio and recorded in December 1931 by Ruth Etting and has become one of the most recorded songs of its era, with notable versions by Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Mildred Bailey, Benny Goodman, & Teddy Wilson.


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What Happened to the Catholic Church? – Bro. Michael Dimond Radio Interview




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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cab ride TranzAlpine Scenic Rail Journey Christchurch - Greymouth Friday 23 January, 2016. St. Raymond of Pennafort

Christchurch - Greymouth on the TranzAlpine - one of the World's Great Train Journeys - Cab Ride



By Special Request for visiting German tourists, Jan, Martin and Nadja ... I met at 219 on John's Rd, Holiday Motor camp, Christchurch, recently in my first visit, since May 2012, to my former Red-zoned property and home in New Brighton.

And, I am sure Yasmeen will enjoy this special train ride - all 3 hours of it    [ A little birdie told me purple is your favourite color...  ] 8-)

I had had the good fortune to be one of the lucky applicants for an "Earthquake Break" holiday, chosen to travel across to the West Coast of South Island via the Tranz Alpine train in 2010, after the 4 September, 2010 7.1 Earthquake and although Kiwi rail were then  using older rolling stock (carriages) the journey was a once in a life time experience, well worth the effort.

Coincidently, the featured cab ride view for more than 3 hour journey was provided by a German, and it should be pointed out that once the TranzAlpine leaves Christchurch it heads roughly south for a good 20 minutes or so before leaving the main line which carries on further south and then commences to make its way westwards towards the Southern Alps of the South Island eventually stopping briefly at Springfield [ see below photo],



 after which impressive views await you as you cross the meandering Waimakariri River [ picture below] shortly after leaving Springfield.

Waimakariri Gorge



Sit back and grab a cup of coffee, or a cup of Chai tea for the ladies, und fraulein, and be prepared for a great trip for free!   

Link in the meantime until I can grab the video:

The Most Beautiful Train Journey in the World - NEW ZEALAND

...  .. .. .. .. ..


Watch Video:



Across the Main Divide - TranzAlpine Journey .  The 'Wild West Coast' of the South Island, New Zealand   [October, 2010]

Westland/ Podocarp Rain Forest with snow-topped Southern Alps forming a back-drop

Lake Brunner-Westland, with snow covered Southern Alps forming a back-drop.