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Larry Nichols-A Man With A Mission. Saturday 22 October, 2016 Our Lady's Saturday

LARRY NICHOLS - A Man With A Mission


We've Only Just Begun






  Larry Nichols, former Green Beret and former Clinton operative, now exposes the Clinton's evil plans to take over America and take away our freedoms. Larry shares his plan on how we, the American citizens, can take back our freedoms from an overreaching Federal government through States' Rights, a gift left to us by our Founding Fathers. Watch it and share it with everyone you know





 The Man - Exposing Corruption and Lies of the U.S. Political System

Silent Coup Beginning to Overtake America Now-Larry Nichols


1aBy Greg Hunter’s 

Former Clinton insider Larry Nichols has worked with, and now against, the Clintons. Nichols has some of the top political and financial connections on the planet.  Nichols hopes the public is finally realizing the enormous power struggle going on.  Nichols explains, “There is no two-party system in the United States of America.  Let’s get that straight.  There is no two-party system, there is one.  Part of it is a red team and part of it is a blue team.   You think you have a choice, but as you know you only have a choice between the two they give you to vote for, but here comes Trump.  Trump doesn’t need their money . . . he will bust up the system, and he will not only bust up the system for the Republican Party, but he will bust up the system (for both parties).  So, there are many establishment Republicans that have said they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump. . . . They must maintain status quo of the system for these power elite people to stay where they want to be.”


Nichols goes on to say, “We are at the beginning of a velvet or silent coup. It’s been going on for years.  There’s been a slow subtle takeover of our form of government, starting years and years ago, but it is coming to an end.  That’s why there is this power play now.  It’s more aggressive than you have seen before.  If we don’t stop Hillary, it’s over.  Is Trump the answer to all of our problems?  I don’t know.  Here’s what I do know about Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is not in the system.  How do I know that?  As hard as they are working to keep him out is a pretty good recommendation for me.  He’s not one of them.  He might be a good president.  When you mention Hillary or the establishment, there is no ‘might.’  With them, we would get what we have been getting but only worse.  There is not a ‘might’ there.”


Nichols says the good news might come in the general election in November. Nichols explains, “The American voters’ vote counts in the general election.  Remember that.  The play in the system has always been to trick it in the primaries and get both people that are the same but different colors.  The general election has always been set up where people do get to vote, and they will get to pick the lessor of two evils.  This time, it’s different.  This time, the American voters can make a difference if Trump can stay in and actually get the nomination.”


On the teetering financial system, Nichols says, “One of the five major banks has way too much of that $72 billion Puerto Rican debt. It might not sink them, but it may cause a problem.  If one of the major banks took a hit like that. . . . The FDIC just said it does not have enough liquidity if two major banks went into default.  If one of the major banks falls or if one major bank was getting ready to take a nose dive, people would run on all the banks wouldn’t they?  If everybody tried to cash their money out of the banks at one time, they would get about 6 cents on the dollar.  You think you got a $100,000 protected in the bank—you don’t.”


Nichols, who is currently undergoing treatments for lung cancer, also says, “I believe President Obama doesn’t really want to leave. Now, how could he stay?  It only takes a crisis.  If a national crisis is declared . . . FEMA comes in.  Most people don’t even know about the FEMA provisional plan.  In case a meteor hits America and we go into a national crisis, FEMA has already got a plan in place ready to go where they will set up a provisional government.  So, if the banks were to start collapsing, guess what Obama would do?


He’d go to Congress and get them to vote and boom, in comes the provisional FEMA government, which makes the president . . . king.”


Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Clinton insider Larry Nichols.


  Clinton insider, Larry Nichols, tears open the Clinton machine and exposes their colossal list of lies, deceptions and depravities. From Bill Clinton’s bizarre sexual history and involvement with trafficking cocaine into the U.S., to Hillary’s trail of death as secretary of state and her rise to the presidency: the blood is spilled as the gloves come off.




The New Clinton Chronicles: Hillary's Trail Of Death







               Thank You



The Mission - A Battle On Two Fronts

We have just learned a little about Larry Nichols and his mission to unveil the corruption rampant within the U.S. Government and its electoral system, and we have also been told that he is battling cancer, and to this end Larry needs your help that he is able to continue his work in exposing this criminal activity within the power structure of America, for the benefit and very survival and welfare of every man and woman and child in the United States of America and indeed the whole World. 


To help him carry on with this important vital assignment, he needs your help financially, as his funds are now exhausted with his on-going medical costs incurred in fighting this disease.


Larry and his support people have set up a fund to help cover his treatment, which includes pain relief medication he needs to function on a daily basis.


Where Can You Send Your Donations, of even a few dollars, which could make the difference for Larry's survival and the continuation of his treatment, which he needs to be able to continue this vital mission?

Your donations can be sent to who are receiving the donations, which are then forwarded immediately to Larry at, and thank you all who have stepped forward to assist Larry and the survival of humanity, because that is what it boils down to!


Just click on the link above and you will be directed to [see illustrated only picture below], and then click ['click here'on the link shown on this page] ...



.... and you will be directed to this page [illustrated only picture shown below], and do the same clicking on 'Donate' and you will be directed to PayPal... you can add a personal message for Larry if you so wish, and remember that every dollar or even dime you give will give Larry a second chance at life, and put this dreaded disease behind him for once and for all! 






          Brother Can You Spare A Dime?




  PRAYER - The Great Means Of Grace

Prayer, the Great Means of Grace [1 hr. and 20 minute audio]


What Prayers should I be Saying/Praying?

If you have listened to the above audio, and if you haven't, you are strongly advised to do so if you are serious about prayer in your life.


Any prayer is good, as long as it comes from your heart, it is sincere, and to one is in a state of grace much merit is gained for that individual, and is most likely to be heard by God, than someone who is not in the state of grace.   But if an individual is sincerely looking fot the truth and asks God humbly, he will give that individual Actual Grace to enable that individual to do good acts and avoid sin.    


Which prayers are the best?   


As the audio describes, prayers made in Heaven, such as the Our Father, The Lord's Prayer is the most powerful, because it comes directly from God, and is not man-made. [ fully covered in the audio], followed by the "Angelic Salutation" or better known as the "Hail Mary" a prayer composed by the Holy Ghost an entrusted to the Archangel Gabriel to pass on to Mary, who was to be the Mother of our Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ, both man and God.

The 54-Day Novena Of The Most Holy Rosary


Starting from today [ Sunday 23 October, 2013 ] we have already commenced this Novena for Larry Nichols, and we should also include for the U.S.A. & The World, as we approach probably the most crucial deciding election the U.S. and the World has ever witnessed!



A Novena is simply a prayer or prayers recited for 9 days, the number 9 represents the number of months the Virgin Mary carried the Baby Jesus in her womb.


The prayers of the Novena, also known as the "Irresistible Novena," as we shall see as the story of the origin of this devotion is revealed, consist of reciting 5 decades each of the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries for 27 days in Petition, and 5 decades each of the same Mysteries in Thanksgiving.  That makes a total of 54 days for the Novena.

How long will that take each day?

No more than about 20 minutes each day.


Copy and Print this out, and mark off each day as you complete  the Novena. 


J = Joyful Mysteries, S = Sorrowful Mysteries, G = Glorious Mysteries



              I Say A Little Prayer For You





 Quick Link To the Christchurch Earthquakes:  




The Story and Origin of the 54-Day Rosary Novena sometimes known as the Irresistible Novena 

The Picture From A Second Hand Store.


Our Lady of Pompeii

Pompeii was a great and prosperous city in Roman times when it was first destroyed by an eruption of Vesuvius.    It was far from that in October, 1872, when Bartolo Long went there to attend to property owned by his wife, the Countess of Fusco.   The region was described in the official record as "a most dangerous resort of bold and infamous robbers."


Bartolo Long had been raised and educated as a Catholic, but he had become involved with spiritualism.   Weak as he was in his own faith, he was appalled by what he saw at Pompeii.    There was only one little chapel and one parish priest for the entire region, yet this was sufficient for the few people who still went to church.  Most of the inhabitants had fallen victim to superstition, fear of the evil eye was rampant.


A Heavenly Message


On October 9, Bartolo was walking through one of the most  desolate parts of the desolate region.   His own doubts were assailing him again.   Should he give up the faith in which he had been raised?   Suddenly he became aware that a voice was speaking to him:


    "If you seek salvation, promulgate the Rosary.   This is Mary's own promise."


 Bartolo answered: "If it is true that thou didst promise St. Dominic that whosoever should promulgate thy Rosary should be saved, then shall I be saved, for I will not leave this valley until I have propagated thy Rosary."


The angelus rang out at the distant church and Bartolo fell to his knees to confirm his pledge. 


Bartolo's attempts to found a Rosary confraternity met with little success at first, but by 1875 he had made a promising start.   In that year the Bishop of Nola was won over.   Visiting the little chapel, the Bishop said, "You wish to raise an altar here in honor of the Rosary?  I propose we raise not an altar but a church!"   Then pointing to a field opposite he added, " That is where the basilica will be raised for Pompeii."


The Picture

Bartolo wished to find a picture that would encourage the peasants in the daily recitation of the Rosary.   He told them he would have a picture for them by the time they had a three day mission, and found a picture of Our Lady of the Rosary, which he liked, but was very much disappointed to learn that it did not meet requirements of Canon Law.


Bartolo hurried to Naples, but was unable to find a picture less than 400 francs which was more than he could afford, however a friend in Naples gave him a picture which he had bought in a secondhand shop for three francs.


Bartolo looked at the picture with a sinking heart.   It met the requirements of Canon Law, but it violated every aesthetic principle.


"Not only was it worm-eaten," said Bartolo, "but the face of the Madonna was that of the face of a course, rough country woman ... a piece of canvas was missing just above her head ... Her mantle was cracked.  Nothing can be said of the hideousness of the other figures.  St. Dominic looked like a street idiot.  To Our Lady's left was St. Rose.   This later I had changed to a St. Catherine of Siena ... I hesitated whether to refuse the gift or to accept.   I had promised a picture unconditionally for that evening.   I took it."




 Breaking: DNC Caught Rigging Election Red Handed!



STOP PRESS!   Things Are Hotting Up All Round

A case of demonic possession [new 44 min. audio]. This is a new audio which analyzes a story of demonic possession. We believe that many people will find this very interesting. We found the case (which is a true story) to have many extremely interesting facets, from which we believe that many lessons can be learned.


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WikiLeaks and the Clintons Wednesday 19 October, 2016. St. Peter Alcantara,C

WikiLeaks & The Clintons -Video Releases




  'On the Record' looks at the most explosive Clinton-related emails released by Wikileaks.





Clinton & Catholics



 Catholic League calls leaked Clinton campaign emails 'anti-Catholic;' reaction on 'Your World'




  3 Minute Video: Hillary's Ad on children


Hillary’s ad on children





SHOCK FOOTAGE: Clinton Foundation Devastation Of Haiti Revealed



More on Haiti and Clinton Foundation





Project Veritas 

Warning: The Following 3 Videos contain some strong / offensive language which only goes to show you the type of people involved with the current corrupt U.S. Government esp those controlled Democrats

p.s. need to find out how to put those 'beeps' into the offensive audio bits as I don't want this stuff on my blog!


Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies 




Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud








Damning New Videos Prove Election Fraud



 Infowars sanitized version to remove foul language by the Communist Democratic Clinton campaign organizer



  Breaking!!! Julian Assange "Deadman Switch" Goes off after Exposing Hillary Clinton?


Important Intermission: 

The Jewish Peril & The Catholic Church



This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected





Back To Hillary:

Top Insider Confirms Hillary Odor Problems, Actual Demon?



Caught In The Act Massive Voter Fraud For Hillary

Caught In The Act! Massive Voter Fraud For Hillary



 Insider Releases Clinton Battle Plan



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Hurricane Matthew - A Sign Of The Tiimes?

Is Hurricane Matthew A Sign Of The Times? Saturday 8th October, 2016.  St. Bridget, W



There is something strange and weird about this particular Hurricane appropriately named "Matthew" to strike the West Indies and the U.S.A. in the past week that we haven't seen before, that has attracted the attention of many as the following reports from various sources below show.    


After an unusual quiet period for Hurricane activity in the South Atlantic from the U.S.A. right across to the West African coast, we saw unusual activity several weeks leading up to the birth Hurricane Matthew late in the Northern Hemisphere's window for Hurricane development; the unusual track Matthew has taken making it's standout feature that differs from past hurricane tracks to hit the U.S.A. by sliding along the eastern Florida coastline as it headed slowly northward, in contrast to the usual path Hurricanes have taken in the past moving onto land and quickly losing strength as the main source of energy, the warm sea, is lost; many forecast tracks having it loop around as it approached South and North Carolina and head south to lie somewhere close to Miami for a second assault; Hurricane Nicole hovering not to far east of Matthew raising the possibility of it joining up with Matthew to form a new storm, something that has rarely if ever been seen before.

To date there have been over 800 lives lost in the Carribean (Haiti) and 3 so far in the U.S.A. and it's not finished yet!


Weekend Video: NZ's outlook + Hurricane Matthew arrives in the U.S.

Filed in:

In this special weather video we take a look at both New Zealand and the US this weekend.

Hurricane Matthews as it churns towards Florida and the south eastern United States as a major category 4 storm.

We also look at New Zealand's weather with a real mixed bag across both islands. Saturday looks mainly dry in the North Island but there's a bit of role reversal happening on Sunday.

Full details in our latest video - please note the NZ Herald videos take up to 60 seconds to display below and autoplay. For instant playback please use our free app or the player on the right hand side of this page.