Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SSPX Mini-Schism. 25 October,2012 Feast of St. Chrysanthus and Daria, Mm

SSPX  Mini - Schism ( a transcription from the video by Bro. Peter Dimond, Most Holy Family Monastery )


"This is Bro. Peter Dimond ( ), I would like to offer some comments about the recent mini-schism within the society of St. Pius X - apparently a few weeks ago, a group of approximately 25 priests separated from SSPX as a result of their frustration of how the current leadership is handling negotiations with apostate Vatican II Rome.

Fr. Francois Chazal and Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer who leads the breakaway group
Normally the internal schismatic squabbles of SSPX are not worth a persons time to consider.  However, since the Declaration ( August 10, 2012 ) made by these priests is so revealing about the doctrinal bankruptcy of the SSPX's position in general, it's worth discussing.   It also caught my attention that this breakaway group being led by the priests and Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer in particular - Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer is one of the most outspoken members of the SSPX on the issue of "Baptism of Desire," "Salvation Outside the Church," and arguments that you don't need the Catholic faith for salvation.  [ other priests include Fr. Ronald J. Ringrose, Fr. Richard Voigt, Fr. David Hewko, Fr. Francois Chazal ]

Those arguments have all been refuted, but I find it very interesting a heretic such as this, is the one leading the charge against the movement within SSPX to fully reconcile with apostate Rome.  That really tells you how pathetic the SSPX is as a whole.

Now, in this Declaration, these priests speak of the Vatican II Church as another entity, as a non-Catholic entity - they say there is an illusion that one can join the Vatican II Church without accepting Vatican II.    Well, if it's a non-Catholic entity, the individual who leads it, Benedict XVI, cannot also be the head of the Catholic Church - there is only one fold and one shepherd - that principle applies to a true pope over the true church.   He cannot be the true pope over a non-Catholic Vatican II Church and also the true Catholic Church.    It's just another example of the striking inconsistency in their false position.

They also speak of the adherents of the Vatican II Church as not having the Catholic faith. They say they need to come back to the Catholic faith.   Well. in case they did not know, it's a dogma that there is only one faith in the Church.  If someone does not have the Catholic faith he cannot hold office in the Church - that's a dogma.   The position they express here is heretical - it's actually doctrinal puke as we mentioned in our article on Bishop Williamson's false positions and explanation.

But it doesn't even matter to the followers of the SSPX at large, because, sadly, almost all of them only care about externals and community and the Mass.   They don't care about whether their positions make sense, whether they are true, whether they are faithful to Catholic dogma - it's truly pathetic!  

In this same Declaration, this group criticizes the SSPX current leadership as abandoning the flock to the "wolves" of the diocesan bishops. So, according to them, you should have nothing to do with these wolves, these diocesan bishops. I find this particularly outrageous, because these same priests would officiate at churches which had bookstores that offered materials such as "Sedevacantism - A False Solution To a Real Problem" - which essentially declares that people who do not regard the diocesan bishops as legitimate, and Benedict XVI as the legitimate pope are schismatics.

The priests making this Declaration would still adhere to the position described in that book, namely that the sedevacantist position, which rejects the diocesan bishops as illegitimate, is schismatic.   So while they say that that position is schismatic, and that you must recognize the diocesan bishops, they simultaneously declare that to have anything to do with the diocesan bishops they all recognize or to want to join up with the diocesan bishops they all regard as legitimate, is to abandon the flock to the "wolves"  - it's just pure schism and heresy.   And this is not something they've held for a week or a month or even a year, this is something they've promoted year after year, after year, after year, in the face of the evidence.

In the Declaration, these priests also describe the false teachings of the Vatican II Church as more new heresies - they are correct - there are many heresies in the Vatican II Church's teachings.
Well, if they teach heresies and they adhere to heresies, they are heretics and cannot hold office in the Church.   They even admit that the officials who promote these new heresies are obdurate in this regard - that means obstinate or stubborn or pertinacious.    This undercuts and in fact destroys their claim that the officials who adhere to these new heresies are only material heretics, because their argument that they are only material heretics hinges on their claim that they are not obdurate - but they're admitting that they are obdurate or stubborn or pertinacious, therefore they are formal heretics, therefore they cannot be legitimate occupants of Catholic offices.

It's just one mass of inconsistency and contradiction of Catholic truth after another - it's just doctrinal puke - and they can get away with it, because people don't care about the truth, that is, the people who support them - they only care about externals and community.

Perhaps the most revealing false statement in this Declaration is that they criticize the leadership's use of ambiguous language that refers to two opposite Magisteria - Magisteria is the plural of Magisterium.  What they are saying is that the post Vatican II Church has a Magisterium which contradicts the Magisterium of the pre- Vatican II Church.   That's heresy!

It's a dogma that the Magisterium is infallible, hence the idea that there can be two opposite Magisteria or that the Magisterium can contradict itself, is equivalent to saying that the Catholic Church can defect.

Here are the papal quotes on how the Magisterium is infallible - just a few-  Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri (#16), Dec 31, 1929..." Upon this magisterial office Christ conferred infallibility..."  The magisterium is infallible - if something is magisterial, it's infallible.  The magisterium cannot contradict itself, it cannot oppose it's own teaching.  He says in the same document, "God Himself has made the Church sharer in the divine magisterium , and, by a special privilege, granted her immunity from error..."

Pope Leo XIII, in Caritatis Studium #6, July 25, 1898, says that there is "a living perpetual "magisterium", and that it could by no means commit itself to erroneous teaching.

Therefore, what we have in this Declaration is blatant heresy - and it also speaks to the fact that the SSPX is very deceiving, because people think that they really understand dogmatic principles- they don't at all!   At their seminaries, they focus on liturgy  - they really understand almost nothing about Catholic dogmatic teaching, and the reason for that is, priests who teach at their seminaries, and the people who lead their group, believe in Salvation Outside the Church.  The dogmas aren't important to them, because they don't even believe in the dogmas.

What's important to them are the external aspects of Catholicism, and by denying the truth of the faith they reveal themselves to be non-Catholics.   So, I just wanted to comment on this as really a revealing example of the doctrinal bankruptcy of the SSPX, and what I'm saying even though it's in regard to this separated group, it applies equally as well to the main SSPX - they hold the same kinds of illogical positions as we pointed out in our file on the SSPX - you can read the documentation of their heretical teachings on Salvation Outside the Catholic Church - they say, over and over again.
Lefebvre says that souls can be saved in non-Catholic religions; Schmitberger said it; Fellay said it - it's in their publications - that's what all their priests believe - they hold that the non -Catholic Vatican II Church is non - Catholic, yet it is still the Catholic Church and it's leaders are Catholic!

And what's so outrageous is that these priests are upset that their leaders would actually consider joining up with the bishops they all agree are the legitimate bishops - it's just so stupid!   Another point is the fact that, if these priests are going to take a step to separate from the SSPX, they would have a prime opportunity to tell the truth, at least about the sedevacantist position, and say, there's no way we can regard these guys as popes, it's just doctrinally untenable - they're heretics - they are obdurate in their heresies, because one of the things that ties people down to false positions is human attachment - that's one of the most frequent examples of what keeps people in a false or compromised position.

Hence, if they are going to reject the attachment to the SSPX's larger group, then they have a prime opportunity now, to tell the truth about what's going on in Rome.  But NO, they're so bad- willed that they still convince themselves that these members of the Vatican II Church, who don't have the Catholic faith, by their own admission, are the Catholic leaders.    It's really pathetic, and I just wanted to comment on the inconsistency of this position, and why those who would adopt this position or support it, reject the Catholic faith!"



Father Feeney, when in the 1940's and 1950's most of the world's bishops had embraced the idea that salvation could be attained outside the Catholic Church, which paved the way for the acceptance of Vatican II with little resistance, was severely persecuted for upholding the dogma Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation.