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Antipope Francis on Non-Catholic "Saints and "Martyrs." Thursday 26th December. St. Stephen, First Martyr. Within the Octave

Antipope Francis on Non-Catholic "Saints and Martyrs" - By Bro. Peter Dimond



"On December 14th, 2013, La Stampa published an interview that antipope Francis gave to the journalist, Andrea Tornielli.


In that interview antipope Francis teaches another massive heresy in addition to making numerous scandalous statements.


Francis discusses "ecumenism" with Anglicans, Lutherans and the so-called Orthodox.


He clearly teaches the condemned heresy that there are non-Catholic Saints and Martyrs.   In fact, he even promotes the idea that a Lutheran "pastor" could be advanced to beatification.


Francis says that ... "Today there is an ecumenism of blood ... whether people are Anglican, Lutheran, Catholic or Orthodox."

Concerning the various groups, he says,  "We are united in blood."   He then says, "I know a parish priest in Hamburg who was dealing with the beatification cause of a Catholic priest guillotined by the Nazis for teaching children catechism.  After him in the list of condemned individuals was a Lutheran pastor who was killed for the same reason.   Their blood was mixed.   The parish priest told me he had gone to the bishop and said to him: "I will continue to deal with the cause, but both of their causes, not just the Catholic priests.   This is what ecumenism of blood is..."

Notice that Francis endorses and promotes the idea that a Lutheran who is killed could be advanced to "beatification."   This is formal heresy.


Nothing could more clearly deny the solemnly defined Catholic dogma that ... "The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives, and that no one, whatsoever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained within the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church." -  Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, 1441, ex cathedra.

Pope Eugene IV on the necessity of belonging to the Catholic Church for Salvation

Pope Pelagius II declared the same in 585, a truth that has always been taught in the Church:  "Those who were not willing to be at agreement in the Church of God, cannot remain with God; although given over to flames and the fire, they burn, or thrown to wild beasts, they lay down their lives, there will not be for them that crown of faith, but the punishment of faithlessness, not a glorious result (of religious virtue), but the ruin of despair.   Such a one can be slain; he cannot be crowned."    Pope Pelagius II, Dilectionis Vestrae, 585

Francis is a formal heretic and an antipope.

In the interview, Francis also makes it clear, once again, that he fully accepts the schismatic "Orthodox."     The Orthodox reject the papacy and other Catholic dogmas.     Francis even calls Orthodox schismatic Tawadros, the leader of the  Coptic schismatics, a mystic .    Tawadros is a public heretic who leads a large group of individuals who dissert  from Catholic teaching.

Tawadros the schismatic "Orthodox"


Francis has also rejected the necessity for Orthodox schismatics, like Tawadros to convert.


In the interview, Francis also declares: "... But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people."


The idea that Marxists are 'good people' is directly contrary to Catholic teaching.     Francis' statement is outrageous.

Francis is also asked about remarried divorcees receiving "communion."    He doesn't rule it out even though he was given numerous opportunities to do so.


Speaking of God, Francis also says:  "He waits for us; he never tires of waiting for us."


Actually, God does tire of waiting for people, that's why He condemns most people to Hell. - Matthew 7:13

Most people are condemned to Hell


Francis is a manifest heretic.  According to Catholic Papal teaching a heretic cannot be a valid pope.    Francis is an antipope.

"Feeding the Poor"


It's also interesting that in the interview, Francis makes numerous references to how important it is to "feed people."  "With all the food that is left over and thrown away we could feed so many ... we have enough food in the world to feed everyone."   For why[the reason behind]Francis' determination to feed people is interesting, see our video on 'St. Malachy's Prophecy of Popes and Antipopes.'"

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Dim Lights On A Christmas Tree. Thursday 19 December, 2013. Ferial Day

 Dim  Lights on a Christmas Tree - The Point, December, 1952



The American Christmas Story


Christmas used to be celebrated by Catholics as the day when God came into our world as a Baby.    But Christmas in the U.S. has no such limited significance.     It is, instead, the great democratic festival that means all things to all men, the day when everyone celebrates and displays whatever religious feeling, or lack of it, he has, or pretends to have.    Christmas, as it is observed in the U.S., is not the day when the Word became flesh, it is the day when the Word becomes anything that anyone wants Him to be.



Christmas in the U.S. is a day composed of, and characterized by, such miscellaneous items as Santa Claus, eggnog, mistletoe, candy canes, scotty dogs, snowfalls, and fruit cake.   It is a day presided over by Protestant sentimentalism and by Jewish commercialism.   It is a day that provides Americans with an opportunity for re-calling their Thanksgiving gluttony and for anticipating their New Year's drunkenness.   It is a day when the Protestants, who refuse to believe that the Baby whose birthday they are observing is true God and true man, and that His mother is the true Mother of God, try to turn Him into a symbol.    They make Him stand for peace, or goodwill, or some other high-sounding Protestant abstraction, and they enthrone in His place, as the child of Christmas, that obnoxious little Protestant brat, Tiny Tim.



Christmas in the U.S. is a day when the Jews, who have rejected the Baby as their King, their God, and their Messias, re-affirm their belief in the divinity of the dollar.   Christmas is not so much a day they care to celebrate themselves as one that they urge others to celebrate by exchanging the gifts that they sell and cards that they write.



Christmas in the U.S. has been made what it is by the Protestants and by the Jews.   But it is the Catholics - and especially the Catholic priests - who have allowed them to make it so.    Because of the neglect, the equivocation, and the infidelity of too many American priests, the significance and the challenge are gone from Christmas, and it has been turned into the kind of day that the Protestants and the Jews have been able to take over and pervert to their own interests.   And this has happened not because of what they have said and done on Christmas Day, only, but because of what they have said and done all through the year.



Too many American priests have failed to insist on the meaning and the necessity of the Incarnation; they have been careful, when in the presence of non-Catholics, always to talk about "God," rather than about Jesus, the God-man; they have given the impression that all they ask of non-Catholics is belief in some common un-incarnated deity rather than in the God Who became a Baby at Bethlehem.  They have pretended to the Jews that there is some other way to the Father than through this Baby; they have pretended to the Protestants that there is some other way to this Baby than through His Mother; they have pretended to all that there is some other way to Heaven than the single way He ordained.  By equivalating the love and knowledge of this Baby with whatever belief one might sincerely hold, they have made Him seem vague and unreal.   They have made His message vague, His Church vague, the Way to salvation vague.



Christmas in the U.S. will be the same in 1952 as it has been in other years.   There will be the usual decorations, the usual revels, the usual songs.   the Protestants will go on filling their mouths with plum pudding and talking about the spirit of the day; the Jews will go on hanging signs saying "Seasons Greetings" over their shops and hiring fat men to wear red suits and frighten the children.   And, in the Catholic Churches, Midnight Mass will be said; priests will bring God down on their altars, in a presence as real and intimate as when he lay in the crib of Bethlehem.


But when Mass is over, and the door of the tabernacle has been locked, these American priests will go on talking and acting as though it does not matter, for those who choose to ignore it, that God has become a Baby.




The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine hopes to have the first instalment of its new translation of the Bible out in time for Christmas.   The translation is notable chiefly for its treatment of Genesis 3:15, the famous and crucial text in which God the Father, speaking to the serpent (the Devil), establishes enmity between him and Our Lady.   In the former versions, it read:  "She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."    The Confraternity has decided, for the instruction and edification of American Catholics, that Our Lady does not belong in the text, and has changed it to read: "He shall crush thy head..."


If Our Lady could have had the benefit of the Confraternity's scholarship in time, she would surely not have made the mistake of appearing at Lourdes with her heel crushing the serpent's head. [ I think he may have confused the appearance of Our Lady at Lourdes with her appearance to Saint Catherine Laboure, in 1830, as the woman crushing the head of the serpent, as depicted on the Miraculous Medal ]


The Miraculous Medal - Our Lady crushing the serpents head

*      *      *      *      *

For centuries, Catholics have believed that the world was created the way Genesis says it was, and that, therefore, the age of the world is a knowable, and not too large, number.   Not until the "anthropology-priests" of our day have Catholics defied the Church's clear tradition on the age of the world.   Each Christmas, however, the priests' Breviary contains a decided kick in the shin-bones for those excavating clerics who prefer to think that the ancestors  of the infant Jesus were baboons of a few million years ago.


Says the Martyrology for the 25th of December:   "In the 5,199th year of the creation of the world, from the time when God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth, in the 2,957th year after the flood; in the 2,015th year from the birth of Abraham: ...  in the 42nd year of the rule of Octavian Augustus, all the earth being at peace, Jesus Christ, the Eternal God, and the Son of the Eternal Father,  ... was born in Bethlehem of Juda of the Virgin Mary, made Man."

*      *      *      *      *

Our page three prose selection by Fr. Leonard Feeney is from his new book,  Bread of Life.   just published by the St. Benedict Centre, Bread of Life is Fr. Feeney in twelve Faith-full talks on the Holy Eucharist, Our Lady, and Salvation Inside the Church.






St. Joseph's Christmas


Not envied, not desired,

Only admired: -

A girl on this will thrive

As on no thing alive.

And such was God's rare plan

For Mary's man.

He watched his loved one flower

Hour after hour,

With footstep caused no fear

In angel-anxious ear,

Gave her his husband's praise

In nought but gaze:

The exquisite adulation

Of contemplation

That lets a fact reveal

Itself as real,

And, in Our Lady's case,

As full of grace.

He must have marvelled most

When of the Holy Ghost

Her little Son who shivered,

At dawn was delivered.

He must have feared and feared

And hid behind his beard

When what was not his life

He welcomed from his wife

And his bride's Babe and Lord

Adored and adored.

At Christ's Nativity,

St. Joseph, I love thee.


BREAD OF LIFE (excerpt)


At Bethlehem, in the crib, is a loving, warm, exquisite Baby.   In order to find that little Charity, that bundle of Love lying in the straw, you have got to walk down the hills, over the rocks, across the brooks, into the dark, in your hunt for the cave.    You have got to sacrifice other things in order to find it, even the brightness of the stars.   The song of the angels have to be put away, or, if you are a shepherd, your sheep.   That is how chaste you have to be to find this Baby ... 


A child is given unto us!   A Child is born to us, Who is Christ the Lord!


Our Lord's life was, in its simplicity, the life of a child.  He did not have too many friends.  I do not think you would call seventy-two disciples too many followers - or twelve apostles too many close friends.  ...



We all stay a child as we go through life - the best part of us does.   We are a child when we eat, when we sleep, when we are sick, when we are old.   when we are lonely, we are a child; when we are hurt, we are a child.   If we only would let that child in us become interested in Jesus, you would be surprised how easily we could find Him!



Jesus of Bethlehem is given all over the world in the simple, complete value of Christmas, in all the traditions we know - in the kind of story one tells to a child.   the inspired record of His Life in Holy Scripture is there, in case a child is looking.   If you are looking as a child this Christmas, it is child's play to find it.


         And Still ...


              And still ... though maybe not one-tenth the town

              Believes what boon this birthday brought us down,

              We go on keeping Christmas just the same

              With tinsel tricks, pretenses, and a name.

              Whatever else one could or could not say,

              (And who but God could deal us such a day?),

              There must have come to notice, less or more,

              That blinds are drawn in the department store.



               And having soared in sales of Christmas cards

               Inscribed with Christ-less rhymes by Christ-less bards,

               Proprietor Mazuma sends the season's

               Best greetings round to all for Christ-less reasons;


               Bravely endures a one-day profit pause,

               Appeased with turkey and cranberry sauce,

               Then snoozes sweetly as a buttercup,

               Or boozes indiscreetly, woken up.

               And still ... and still ... the marvel Mother-Maiden

               Is of her infant Lad and Lord unladen;

               Emmanuel, grown little for our sakes,

               Into our world His baby-entrance makes.


                And still ... above the Cave the stars are bright,

                Some sheep and shepherds run with all their might;

                And kings and camels from the Orient come,

                While angels sing: Let there be Peace, for some!


 *      *      *      *      *     



Every December twenty-fifth, in liturgical generosity, the Church gives us three distinct Masses: the Midnight Mass, the Mass at Dawn and the Mass of Christmas day.   In the midst of the middle Mass, the Mass at Dawn, the Church presents us with the memory of a girl named Anastasia, the only saint who gets a "feast day" commemoration on Jesus' Birthday.


St. Anastasia

Saint Anastasia was martyred by burning on December twenty-fifth in the year 304, which means that her birth into Eternity occurred on the same day, 304 years later, as Jesus' birth in Time.   Among all the Christmas Day occurrences of nineteen hundred years, the Church has chosen to remember this fourth-century girl who defeated the flames that consumed her by becoming a new kind of Christmas star, burning in martyrdom to light us the way to Bethlehem.


And it is doubtful, in this year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-two, that we should even recall the first Christmas, were it not for Anastasia and the girls of her Catholic courage whose professions of Faith still echo at Christmas time for men of good will.   It is because we are assured of this echo in our world that St. Paul tells us that "faith comes from hearing" a truth which is more often rendered in Latin, and was once put poetically this way:


    And shepherds knew that Christmas was

    A glory to agree to.

    For angels were provided speech,

    And fides ex auditu!


Thus, Christmas has travelled down to us by a route that is both audible and feminine.   Christmas is a spoken invitation to hurry to Bethlehem and wonder at God in His Mother's arms.    And, to the Catholic children of America, that invitation has been most audible, and most feminine, when it has come from the dedicated lips of a Catholic nun.

We, who have been the Catholic children of America, retain whatever we have left of Christmas because of our early acquaintance with a wimpled lady in black.    She talked of mangers and magi as if it were her custom to encounter them often; although we knew that day after day her one excursion into the world was a silent triangular trip which took her from the convent to the church, from the church to the school, and from the school back home to the convent.


Sister Imelda (or Agnes Joseph, or M. Theodosia) would each year conduct the school's Christmas pageant.  With much faith and a few yards of crepe paper, she annually transformed Jack (or Tom, or Joe) into a herald angel, complete with gilded trumpet and a well rehearsed declamation of "Glory to God in the highest."   And. when the pageant was over, Sister would return to the convent, grateful to Jesus that in her singleness she had been made fruitful with children who adored Him as God at Christmas time.


Because we love our sisters, we who have been the Hail Mary-reciters in their classrooms. and the paper angels in their plays, we are concerned about them this December.   We have had, lately, some disturbing reports on America's Sisters, associating them with things foreign and hostile to them.  Only after much investigation did we accept the report that Sisters who teach in our schools are now getting instructions on how to do it from nun-smearing professors at secular universities.   Regretfully, we have read in recent public print the dissatisfaction of some of our nuns with the traditional clothing - how they hoped that they could be allowed berets instead of veils: how they would be pleased to look more like Red Cross nurses; how black was a depressing color, and long skirts an encumbrance.   While a best-selling Catholic book is exploiting the cartoon potentialities of America's nuns, the Catholic Press, ever anxious to prove that Catholics can meet Protestant standards of achievement, has taken to publicizing a hyphenated series of nun-poets, nun-chemists, nun-physicists and nun-jeep drivers.


Hopefully, we who have been the Catholic children of America are praying for the one nun in every convent who will be a little sad this Christmas, wishing there were someone around to say, "Dear Sister, throw away your test-tubes, burn up all your degrees, and come and tell your children about Jesus and His Mother.   Don't leave us at Christmas time with a Bethlehem and no Baby, a manger and no Mary, plenty of crepe paper and no angels."




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The Key to John 3:16. Tuesday 26th November 2013, Feast of St. Sylvester, Ab; St. Peter of Alexandria. BpM

The Key to John 3:16 - Bro. Peter Dimond (



"A consideration of the original Greek of John 3:36 provides a striking example of how countless people have misunderstood John 3:16 and tragically constructed a false theology as a result.


In John 3:16, we read:  "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life."


John 3:16

Based on this, millions have concluded that salvation is assured if they simply believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, however they are quite mistaken, for the New Testament makes it clear in many passages and in the very context of John Chapter 3, that believing in Jesus unto salvation, means, includes and requires following Jesus and doing what He says.

Countless millions falsely interpret John 3:16 to their destruction


It isn't enough to simply believe in Him.    This is proven by the proper translation of a very verse that comes shortly after John 3:16, John 3:36.


Remember, when the Bible was written, there weren't chapter and verse divisions.     Chapters and verses were added centuries later.

John 3:16 - not the whole story for salvation


Each Book of the Bible was written as one undivided whole.    Thus, what we read in John 3:36 is part of the very same writing as John 3:16, and it comes just a few lines after it.


John 3:36 thus gives a great insight into the true meaning of John 3:16.    Many translations of John 3:36 including the King James Version read essentially this way:  "He that believes in the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not the Son or rejects the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abides on him."



In this common translation notice that the word 'believes' is found in both parts of the verse.   "He that believes in the Son has everlasting life, but he that believes not the Son or rejects the Son shall not see life, but the word of God abides on him."



However, that translation is not correct.   In the original Greek two different words are used:  A proper translation of these words reveals the true message of the Bible and John 3.



In the first part of the verse in the original Greek, we find the participle 'pisteuo, which means believing.  It is the nominative singular masculine present active participle of the verb 'pisteuo' - I believe.   In the second part of the verse, however, we find a different participle, 'apatheon.'  Apatheon means 'disobeying.'   It is the nominative singular masculine present active participle of 'apatheo - I disobey.



On P.99 of the renowned Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature, by Bauer, Danker, etc., known as 'Bedag,' the primary definition of apeitheo is disobey, be disobedient.


Apeitheo is a rich verb which conveys a general and overall refusal to heed another person, in this case, Jesus.


While this refusal to obey or heed can involve a refusal to believe one's claims, it would also compass a failure to comply with a person's commands and ordinances.    That's why it carries a primary meaning of disobey.


Therefore, John 3:36 should be translated like this:  "The one believing in the Son has everlasting life: and the one disobeying the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides in him," or "He who believes the Son has everlasting life: and he who disobeys the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."  John 3:36



As we can see the correct translation captures something of tremendous significance, a truth that's not necessarily portrayed by the previous translation.


The correct translation shows that to believe in Jesus Christ unto salvation means that you must also obey Him.   To be saved by faith in Jesus you must do what He says.    "Amen, Amen, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word, he will never see death."  John 8:51.


Matthew 19:17, "If you want to enter life, keep the Commandments."


Those who disobey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on them.


That's a striking confirmation of what we stated in our book and article on Justification, that it, the New Testament, belief in Jesus unto salvation always means and presupposes doing and observing what Jesus commanded.  That's proven by the context or by the extended context of passages that deal with salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


                            'Once saved, always saved' is not Biblical and leads to damnation

The proper translation of John 3:36 which illuminates the true meaning of John 3:16 completely contradicts the widespread but false theologies of salvation by 'faith alone' and 'once saved, always saved.'


For 'apeithon, disobeying the Son, which results in damnation cannot be limited to a simple refusal to believe in Jesus or His claims, rather it also applies to a failure to comply with His commands and ordinances in various aspects of life.


   Billy Graham - 33rd degree Freemason - promotes false  'faith alone' doctrine


Those who promote 'faith alone' or 'once saved, always saved' contradict Biblical teaching.  It isn't enough to simply believe in Jesus Christ or profess belief in Him, they must obey Him as well or you will be damned.


That includes keeping all of His Commandments and teachings, hearing His Church and avoiding grave sin.     In fact in John 3:16, where it states that all believing in the Son will have everlasting life, it uses the participle 'pisteuon.'


That's the participle we discussed which is found in John 3:36 and directly contrasted with 'apeithon,' disobeying.     Therefore, according to John 3, there is 'pisteuon,' 'believing in Jesus unto salvation' and there is 'apeithon,' 'disobeying Jesus unto damnation.'


Since 'pisteuon' - believing, is the word we find in both John 3:16 and John 3:36, and the word is directly contrasted with 'apeithon' - 'disobeying,' in John 3:36, that demonstrates that' pisteuon,' believing in the Son unto salvation in John 3:16, include and requires obeying the Son.


Concerning the true meaning of John 3:16, another proof for our point is found in John 3 immediately after John 3:16, through to John 3:18.  

John 3:16 - John 3:18, we find the famous verse we've been discussing and a message about the necessity to believe in Jesus.


In John 3:19-21, we then read statements about what (1) a judgement or condemnation for "evil works,"  (2) people who do "wicked things," and, (3) "works being expose or convicted."


These statements come immediately after John 3:16 - 3:18.     This is another clear indication that the true teaching of Jesus and the Bible, is that faith in the only Son of God which will grant salvation, is a faith that must include persevering in good deeds and good works.


Indeed, Jesus says that "he will render to every man according to his works."  Matthew 16:27, and "cast into Hell those that do iniquity."  Matthew 13:41-42


To Jesus to believe in Him unto salvation is to follow and keep His words and His Commandments, as the correct translation of John 3:36 makes quite clear.    Faith alone will not save or justify as we read in James 2:24,  "You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone."

One of the most misused and misunderstood verses in the Bible by Protestants


The truth that obedience to Christ, good actions and avoidance of grave sins is necessary for salvation is found throughout the New Testament.  

 Hebrews 5:9  "...he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him."


Romans 6:16  "... you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin which leads to death, or of obedience which leads to justification."


In fact, in 1. Corinthians 9:27 the Apostle, Paul himself, a true believer in Christ declared that he could potentially become disqualified, rejected or cast off, that is that he could lose his justification.


Faith unto salvation means obeying Christ, His Commandments, avoidance of grave sins and adherence to His One True Church


In the Greek, Paul uses the word "adokimos" meaning disqualified or rejected, a word which in the New Testament, clearly refers to a reprobate, a person in the state of damnation.


See for example, Romans 1:28 and Timothy 3:8, where forms of the same word are used to describe unjustified or wicked people.    St. Paul, a justified believer, was teaching that he could lose his justification and salvation if he did or failed to do certain things.


Of course, besides  John 3:16, there are a few verses people misuse and misunderstand to perpetuate a false Gospel of salvation by 'faith alone.'   However, the fact that faith, obedience to Christ, adherence to His One True Church, and avoidance of grave sins are all necessary for salvation, is made clear in the teaching of Jesus and throughout the New Testament."


Video to follow  - Deo volente

or Click here to watch video 


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Lutheran Satire Saturday 26th October, 2013. Vigil of Sts. Simon & Jude, St. Evaristus, PM

"Frank the Hippie Antipope" - a Lutheran Satire



"Hullo, and welcome to "Frank the Hippie Pope," the show where I say things and confuse everyone in the world, when I say things.


Here's how the show works.    You call and ask me a loaded question.    I answer in a way that makes it sound like I'm overturning official Catholic doctrine, and then my Producer, Jeff, runs damage control."


"Isn't that Right, Jeff?"


Jeff:  "That's right."


"Pope" Frank:  "Are you totally psyched for today's show?"


Jeff:  "Not really, No."


"Pope" Frank:  "O.K. So let's begin... caller number 1...what's your question?"


Caller No. 1:  "Yes, sir. When's the Catholic Church gonna' stop getting off the shape about abortion?"


"Pope" Frank:  "Dude, I know's like there's so many more positive things to talk about like gardening, butterflies and stuff."


Caller No. 1:  "But, I don't get it.   Is the Catholic Church pro-choice now?"


"Pope" Frank:  "Er... Jeff?"


Jeff:  "The Catechism of the Catholic Church states 'Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion.  This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.'... Despite his sloppy wording, "Pope" Frank is in no way overturning this position or speaking against it."


"Pope" Frank:  "Thank you, Jeff."


Jeff:  "Also the reason so many Churches obsess over abortion is probably because approximately 42 million innocent children throughout the world are murdered in the womb every year."


"Pope" Frank:  "Ah, ha,ha,ha, that's right....O.K. caller No. 2..."


Caller No. 2:  "Yes, so God is currently cool with homosexuality, right?"


"Pope" Frank:  "Dude, God is cool with everyone."


Caller No. 2:  "So you're fine with gay "marriage" then?"


Jeff:  "No!" "Pope" Frank is not NOT fine with gay "marriage" ... he holds to the official position of the Catholic Church, which is that Homosexual activity is sinful and that marriage is by nature in God's command the union of one man and one woman.   What the Pope probably meant was that Jesus died for those who endure same sex attraction and wants them to find forgiveness in the life of the Church."


"Pope" Frank:  "Yeah, that's what I just said, right?"


Jeff:  "No, it is not!   You gave the impression that God doesn't require people who engage in homosexual activity to repent."


"Pope" Frank:  "Well, yeah, but if a guy is like, 'Dude, I'm a gay Christian,'... like who am I to judge ... you know."


Jeff:  "You're the Pope, the supreme Pontiff, the true vicar of Christ, the head of the whole Church and father and teacher of all Christians.    To you full power has been given to tend, rule and govern the universal Church.   According to the people you lead, there is literally no one on the face of the planet more qualified to judge than you!"


"Pope" Frank:  "Ah, man.  Was I supposed to get, like a manual with the job?   'Cos I forget what I'm supposed to be doing, like all the time ... next caller..."


Caller No. 3:  "Yeah, I was wondering what do you think is the most evil thing in the world right now?"


"Pope" Frank:  "Youth unemployment."

Caller No. 3:  "Seriously?  Are you serious?"


Jeff:  "No!  He absolutely cannot be serious because that would just be." (pause) ... "Unbelief, violence, warfare, slavery, child abuse, murderous persecution of Christians, the destruction of the family, Aids, malaria, ebola ... that's 10 things off the top of my head that are infinitely worse than 'Youth unemployment.'  So clearly His High Holiness didn't understand the question!"


 "Pope" Frank:  "Yeah, let me try that one again ... can you like ... re-ask that?"


Caller No. 3:  Ah, what's the most evil thing in the world?"


"Pope" Frank:  "Carpel tunnel syndrome ... Caller No.4 ..."


Caller No.4:  "Yeah, I'm an atheist.  Can I still go to Heaven?"

"Pope" Frank:  "Dude, as long as it's not your fault that you don't believe in Jesus ... you got a real good shot at making it, Bro.'"


Caller No. 4:  "Oh, well, what if I'm a Lutheran and I believe that I'm saved 'by faith alone?'"


"Pope" Frank: "Oh, then you're totally going to Hell!"


Jeff:  "Yeah, unfortunately I don't need to correct any of that!"




Even the Lutheran heretics are able to figure out that antipope Francis isn't a Catholic - why can't those in the Novus Ordo do the same, and also those false "traditionalists, like the SSPX, while we're at it!? Like the Lutherans, they haven't yet worked out, that he's just another antipope!   It couldn't be more obvious!


However, in the last point the Lutherans got it wrong.    Antipope Francis does not believe those who cling to the heresy of 'sola fides' ( faith alone ) go to Hell or are anathema, but that they give a common witness with Catholics and are part of the true Church in virtue of their baptism.


  More Lutheran Satire - showing up the non-Catholic Vatican II sect!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Antipope Francis Practices Judaism. Friday 11th October, 2013. Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Antipope Francis Practices Judaism - by Bro. Peter Dimond


"This is Brother Peter Dimond, ( .

Over the last few days Antipope Francis hosted his friend, Jewish Rabbi, Abraham Skorka at the Vatican.

Antipope Francis and Rabbi Skorka - Best Friends

Skorka recently gave an interview about his stay with Francis.   The incredible interview reveals more of Francis' astounding apostasy and full acceptance of Judaism.

Skorka explains that during his stay with Francis at the Vatican, which began on September 25th 2013, Francis helped him practice Judaism and observed ceremonies of the Mosaic Law.  Francis also responded to Skorka's Jewish prayers and Francis rejected proselytizing him, that is, trying to convert Skorka to Catholicism.

Francis demonstrates he is a Jew

The article is called "Francis and Rabbi Skorka make history in the Vatican.   Skorka says, "I eat with him at breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.  He cares for me, and controls everything regarding my food to make sure it is all kosher, and according to my religious tradition.  These are festive days, and I have to say certain prayers at meals, and, I expand the last prayer and translate it.  He accompanies me together with the others at the table - his secretaries and a bishop, and they all say 'Amen' at the end," the Rabbi said. 

"We come together without burying our identities.  I spoke to him about evangelization, and he stated emphatically, that the Catholic Church cannot engage in proselytism, he said."

Francis' actions clearly constitute heresy and apostasy, a total rejection of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.  
Francis with the Rabbi Skorka

Who will there deny Jesus Christ and call this wicked apostate, Francis, who totally rejects Jesus Christ and His necessity, a representative, nay, the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ?

Francis is a heretic; he's not a Catholic - according to Catholic teaching, heretics cannot be valid Popes [see our website  for more information on that issue].

Francis and the Jews

Francis is nothing more than a non-Catholic antipope, falsely posing as the leader of the Catholic Church.   

The Council of Florence defined as a dogma that it's a mortal sin to observe Judaism or the Mosaic Law after the promulgation of the Gospel.   The Council also stated Judaism and the Mosaic Law cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation.

Council of Florence

That's a solemnly defined teaching of the Catholic Church.   By helping Skorka practice Judaism and observe ceremonies of the Old Law, Francis blatantly denies the dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church.   Francis encourages Skorka to commit mortal sin and practice a non-Christian religion which rejects Jesus.

Francis' action in this regard are heresy and apostasy because his deeds as well as words manifest his position, that it's acceptable to practice Judaism, observe the Old Law and reject Jesus.   And that position is a denial of Catholic dogma, as St. Thomas Aquinas taught, "Now man can make profession of his inward faith, by deeds as well as by words: and in either profession, if he makes a false declaration he sins mortally."

Skorka's revelation that Francis also rejects trying to evangelize/proselytize/convert him, further proves that Francis rejects the defined Catholic dogma, 'Outside the Church There is No Salvation,' and the dogma that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation.

Francis is not just a complete apostate who endorses Judaism and repudiates Catholic teaching, but it's true to say that Francis is actually a practicing Jew.   That's because Francis celebrates Jewish holidays and has repeatedly participated in Jewish ceremonies and worship.

Francis the Practicing Jew

On December 14, 2012, he even celebrated Hanukkah with Jews in the synagogue, and as Skorka noted, when Skorka said his prayers and conducted Judaic ceremonies in observance of the Old Law and on the festival days of Judaism, Francis helped and even participated by saying 'Amen.'   Francis has thus repeatedly engaged in active participation in Judaism. 

That means that in addition to being a heretical antipope, who falsely claims to be a Catholic, Francis is a practicing Jew!"