Thursday, July 3, 2008


How faithful Catholics come to realize that Vatican II, the
New Mass, and Benedict XVI are not what they claim to be

Gerry Matatics

Saturday 12 July 2008 ( 10.00am – 6.00pm)
Grey Lynn Community Centre
510 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn, Auckland

Topics to be covered include:

Why the Vatican II church is not the Catholic Church
Why John XXIII, Paul VI,John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI are not orthodox Catholics, and What This Means
Biblical Prophecies & Types of the Current Crisis
Additional Prophecies & Anti-Catholic Plots
What We Can Learn from how the Church Successfully Navigated Similar
Crisis (though smaller in scope) in the Past
All, questions, objections & counter-arguments
Answered from Scripture, Church Fathers and Doctors, and Popes!

Just some of the startling, eye opening facts you will learn in this life –changing seminar:

1. Amazing prophecies
from Scripture, the Virgin Mary, & the saints regarding the “counterfeit Church”of the last days
2. The revealed plans of Freemasonry, Talmudic Judaism, and Communism to infiltrate and subvert the Church.3. Disturbing facts about the real loyalties of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II & Benedict XVI.4. The heresies of Vatican II, a “Robber Council” like 17 other councils previously condemned by the Church.
5. The invalidating changes built into the New Mass, rendering it an “Abomination of Desolation”.6. How Paul VI’s new (1968) rite for consecrating bishops mimics the rite composed by apostate Archbishop Cranmer during the 16th century English “Reformation” ( a rite officially declared “absolutely null and utterly void” by the Catholic Church); the logical consequences for the fake “bishops” consecrated with this new rite, the fake “priests” ordained by such bishops, and the fake “sacraments” offered by those priests.
7. Church teaching on how public heresy automatically excommunicates & deposes even a pope from his office.8. Church teaching on how neither the reign of antipopes on the papal throne ( over 40 in the history of the Catholic Church) nor the complete usurpation of Catholic parishes, dioceses, and whole national hierarchies by heretics and schismatics ( as occurred during the Arian and Nestorian heresies, the Eastern Schism of 1054, the English “Reformation”,etc nullifies Christ’s promise that “the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church” (Mt 16:18)

Gerry Matatics:
Internationally –known full –time traditional Catholic lay apologist – Founder & President, Biblical Foundation International- Former Professor of Sacred Scripture, patristics, theology, apologetics, and New Testament Greek.
(Westminster Theological Seminary, St. Joseph University, Christendom College, University of San Diego, Aquinas College, Our Lady of Guadalupe International Seminary)
B.A. in classical, NT & Patristic Greek (Phi Beta Kappa). Master of Divinity, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. ABD for PhD., Westminster Theological Seminary
Former ordained minister, Presbyterian Church of America. The only Protestant minister convert of our time to have embraced traditional (pre – Vatican II) Catholicism
Has lectured at Oxford University, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Boston College, University of Notre Dame, Sydney University, etc Homeschooling father of nine

A collection will be taken up to defray expenses

For further information, Ph: 027 495 5883


The small number who attended the morning session in which Gerry Matatics outlined the present crisis in the Church among other topics, reflect the general apathy of people in this time of the Great Apostasy in which we are currently living...
Gerry Matatics is a fluent , confident and knowledgeable speaker and that certainly came out in both morning and afternoon sessions.
The morning session ended with a brief question and answer segment.
One question put to Gerry, was whether one could attend a Mass in which the priest prayed for the" Pope." that as antipope, of course!
According to Gerry, one should always check first, because you could not attend his Mass in such a case... [that would mean in practice that you would have to approach every priest each time you attended his Mass, wouldn't it? I mean, what if the Priest suddenly changed his stance and started to pray for the antipope. How would you know? ]

What about priests, like Padre Pio, who, presumably prayed for Antipope Paul VI in their Masses? Would all those people who attended those Masses fallen under this ban? And not forgetting every Catholic priest who celebrated Mass from 1968 onwards,and unknowingly prayed for an antipope, and the millions of people who heard these Masses!
That's, simply ridiculous...unfortunately, with restricted questioning time the subject was not explored further.
The afternoon session, which involved a debate with a representative of SSPX spokesman, was attended by a fair crowd of 30 or more people, a vast increase on the mornings gathering.
Once, again, Gerry showed forth his broad knowledge in this field and ability to repel any attack with the ease of a professional boxer. It was a "no contest". But like many fights we have witnessed the opposition didn't recognize when it was down for the count, and kept coming back for more punishment, and actually, after it was all over, had the audacity to declare to someone he thought he had won the debate!! Shades of debate with MHFM and WG!
Well, apart from that small "glitch" that surfaced in the "question and answer" session in the morning we were reasonably satisfied with the overall event as advertised . But there still remained that question mark on the credibility of Gerry Matatics, having read some of his past statements and reversal of form over several years... and so, I am now,unfortunately, forced to advise people, on information just to hand, to check out the latest article published by the Most Holy Family Monastery, on Gerry Matatics latest statements eminating from his quarter, which amount to Heresy. [ The point raised above in questioning time can be viewed under the e -exchanges section on the MHFM website]
Of, course, if that being the case, he cannot be supported in any way...
6 November, 2008
"Gaude, Maria Virgo, cunctas haereses sola interemisti in universo mundo "

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