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Is the World about to End? - Part 7. Tuesday, 27 April, 2010 - Feast of St. Peter Canisius, CD

Is the World about to End? Part 7
Are we living through the Apocalypse? by Brother Peter Dimond of the Most Holy Family Monastery

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A Continuing series of transcripts from the video of the Apocalypse by Bro. Peter Dimond:

Bro. Peter Dimond,

"Another point that is important, that even though the scripture is very clear in connecting the beast coming out of the sea with the seven heads or kings over the seven hilled city, in Kings 6:7, some people may say - "Well , I don't see the direct connection between the kings of the Vatican City State and the EU, even though scripture seems to connect them " - and what people need to realize is, that the EU does not just represent a political entity.

As we showed earlier, St. John is describing the woman on a beast as Europa, and he's looking at it from a standpoint of not only a political union - well, yes he is - but also as a big ecclesiastical whore, because Europe was dedicated to Christ - all of these nations enshrined the true religion as part of their laws; they were dedicated to Christ and now they have rejected Him.

They have become one big whore - they have become Godless, and accept homosexuality and abortion
, and all kinds of immorality and paganism, and false religions and indifferentism.

And so, Europe is one big ecclesiastical whore with a political reality.

And, whose at the centre of this ecclesiastical whore?

The kings in Rome, the antipopes of the Vatican II sect; and so they are directing the course
of the transformation of Europa from Catholic Europe into this big ecclesiastical whore, which has a political union in the European Union.
So there is a direct connection between the antipope and Europa as an entity, and what matters most to God and St. John is the spiritual and ecclesiastical reality with the political consideration and entity being secondary.

It makes sense that he would describe the king of the seven hilled city, and the Roman harlot, as riding on top of the beast, because it is the antipope in Rome, and the Roman harlot which is directing the course of Europe's transformation, and is ultimately responsible for it.
It's also interesting to note that the signing of the European Union Constitution on October 29, 2004, occurred on Rome's Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome - I don't think that's an accident, because the European Union is the revised Roman Empire, and as we've been discussing, it represents one big ecclesiastical harlot, which ultimately came from the Apostasy in Rome, from the Catholic Faith.
And, it is fitting that the new Godless Empire is signed in the city of seven hills - showing again, the link with the seven hilled city and Apocalypse 17.

And, so moving back into what the Apocalypse says about the second beast, causing people to worship the first beast, whose wound to death is healed; it says, in Apocalypse 13:15, "And it was given to him to give life to the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak."
Well, what's interesting, is that the words "give life" - word "life" in Greek is "pneuma" which means "spirit" - well, when he "canonizes" him, he will be officially declaring that John Paul II has eternal life, that he has the Holy Spirit forever!

So that fits precisely. It also says, "that the image of the beast should speak."

Well, when he "canonizes" him, if he does that, he will bring his words back into focus - he will give him a renewed voice; his teachings will again resonate with people; he might even declare him a "Doctor of the Church," which would give his words even more power in the false church.

And so, he will speak to the world again.

And, I believe that fits as well - and it goes on to say, in that same verse, "that he should cause , that whosoever will not worship the image of the beast should be slain. " - Apocalypse 13:5
Well, people will say, "Is he going to kill people?"
No, I don't believe so - the word for "slain" is [apokteino] - that's the Greek word, which usually means, physically kill, but it doesn't always - in fact, within the range it has the meaning of "to cause the loss of spiritual life."
In fact, it's used several times in the Bible with that meaning. In 2 Corinthians 3:6, and in Romans 7:11, the same Greek word "apokteino" is used not to mean physical death, but to cause the loss of spiritual life, and I want to quote Romans 7:11, "For sin taking occasion by the commandment,seduced me , and by it killed [ apokteino ] me.
Is St. Paul saying it physically killed him? No, he's not. He's referring to spiritual death here - so it can mean to cause the loss of spiritual life.

Now, if Benedict XVI "canonizes" John Paul II, he will clearly be causing that whosoever will not worship his image as a saint, should be cut off, in the sense of loss of spiritual life, absolutely

He wouldn't even have to add an anathema to that, because a canonization in Catholic theology is binding.

A beatification, is a solemn declaration or recogniton by the Church, or a true pope, that a particular individual can be venerated. It doesn't force the Church or command the Church to enrol him as a saint, but it allows that individual to be honored - so there's a key distinction

The canonization causes people to worship him in the sense of veneration, not adoration or "latria." It causes that person, if that person wishes to remain with the Universal Church
to honor that person and venerate him as a saint - and if you don't, you are not part of that church.

So, if he "canonizes" him, he will fulfill that - and he might even add an anathema - that really would be something if he did that - because then it would anathematize anyone! He would not need to, but if he did it would be interesting!
Here's something else which is really interesting - this is a quote from a Protestant essentially analyzing how the two beasts in Apocalypse 13 will interact, based on his reading of the text - and obviously, I don't think this Protestant would agree with what we are saying, because what we are pointing out, shows that the real battle involves things Catholic, because the Catholic Church is the true Church.

Here's what he says, "The second beast does, that is exercises all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and makes the earth and all its inhabitants worshp the first beast. It also does, that is performs great and miraculous signs, so as to make fire come down from the sky in full public view - the second beast is given power to do this and other signs in order to deceive the earth's inhabitants, telling them to make an image in honor of the first beast."

And so, that's their analysis of what the text says will happen - and John Paul II, and Benedict XVI ( if he "canonizes" him ), will fit all of that, precisely!
I quote that to show you how clearly that seems to fit in with what is written in Apocalypse 13 - so we can see how this fits in with Benedct XVI as the second beast getting people to worship an image of John Paul II, the first beast or precisely the head of the first beast who was wounded.

And what we have covered here, and the EU as the empire coming out of the sea, will also fit
with the mark of the beast, which I will discuss.

Additionally, I want to say, that while I believe that the "canonization" of John Paul II, will absolutely fulfill what we are reading here, there is a chance that it could be fulfilled by "beatification" itself - and that a "canonization" may not even be necessary.

And the reason for that is , that the word "proskuneo" is used in this verse and in Apocalypse 13:12 about how the second beast is getting people to venerate or worship as a saint, the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed - that word also, can entail "to kiss the hand in reverence" or "to fall upon one's knees and touch his forehead on the ground in submission," or to make supplication, or as an act of homage and veneration by similar bodily movements.
And so, if there is a huge "beatification" ceremony with his image, and his image is spread all over the Vatican II sect, and people are venerating it in churches, even before the "canonization," that might fulfill what is written here; however, I would say that is less likely, and I believe the "canonization" is what is being referred to here, and that will, without any question fulfill what is written here.

Now, I want to move to the MARK of the Beast, because the things that are said about the mark of the beast are fascinating, and I believe they fit with what I've been saying about the EU and these two antipopes - these two beasts.

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