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Is the World about to End? - Part 4. Saturday, 17, April, 2010. Our Lady's Saturday, St. Anicetus, PM

Is the World about to End ? - Part 4

Are we living through the Apocalypse? by Brother Peter Dimond of the Most Holy Family Monastery.

A continuing series of transcriptions from the videos on the Apocalypse by Bro. Peter Dimond:


Bro. Peter Dimond,

"Now, before we move into that and Apocalypse 13, I want discuss some more features of this beast, which really makes a lot of sense. I want talk about the ten horns.

We already discussed how the ten horns come from Daniel, and Daniel identified the ten horns as the expanse, the territory of the Roman Empire, ten horns.

And, the EU has those horns, because it basically covers, more or less, of the same area, an empire on the Mediterranean.

Now, Apocalypse 17, tells us more about the ten horns. Apocalypse 17:11-12, "And, the beast that was, is not, the same also is the eighth and is of the seven and goeth into destruction." "And the ten horns, which thoue sawest, are the ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but shall receive power as kings one hour with the beast." Apocalypse 17:13.

These ( referring to the ten horns, who are ten kings), "have one design, and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast."

The ten horns are basically the territories, the nations of the European area. They were the nations aligned with the Roman Empire, the peoples who were part of it. It's referring here to the different member states of the EU.

They receive a kingdom one hour with the beast.

As soon as the EU comes in to existence, the member states gain a kind of kingdom with the union.

However, it says that "these ten kings or horns have one design, and their strength and power they deliver to the beast." That fits precisely with the EU, because with the member states, their kingship is nominal. It's really a name. They are at the mercy of the EU.

They deliver all their power to the EU, which determines its monetary policy for everyone. It determines their laws and how things are to be done in all those states. So their power is really negligible without the approval of the EU, the beast.

All of their sovereignty is given to the beast.

And, it goes on in verse 16, "And the ten horns...."

There are lots of things that are interesting in this. It says, "the ten horns hate the harlot" and "shall make her desolate and naked..."

Well, normally this wouldn't appear to make sense, because the image we are given, we have the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and it says that the harlot is "riding on top of the beast." Apocalypse 17.

The harlot is on top of the beast, and the horns are part of the beast, so normally you would think the horns would be one with the harlot, that the horns would not be at variance with with the harlot.

But, this tells us, that the ten horns hate the harlot ... that fits exactly with the EU.

Member states hate the Vatican II church, the Roman harlot.

We covered this in our other material, "Why Rome is now the Whore of Babylon." - see our DVD on that

The Vatican II apostate church is the great harlot, not the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the true Church, but the Vatican II church, which has apostasized from Christ, is the great harlot.

And so, the member states of the EU hate her, they try to expose her sex scandal, they sue her, they try to divest her of all her property, they try to make her desolate and naked, and they try to mock her in their media outlets.

They hate the harlot, because even though it's an apostate sect, even by having the name of the Catholic Church, it stands as a conviction to their Godlessness and their liberalism.

So, they want to destroy and remove and expurgate any vestiges of Catholicism from the earth. And, this is God's way of punishing the harlot, for it says. "for God hath given it unto their hearts to do that which pleaseth Him." Apocalypse 17:17-18

And so, with the reality we are seeing, how Europe hates the harlot, right now we are seeing it in the news, all over the place.

They cannot expose the Vatican II sect, and it's sex scandal enough. They try to make it look as bad as possible. And, by their Godlessness, by their promotion of homosexuality, and gay "marriage" and homosexual unions, they make the churches which are allied with the harlot, even more liberal and lifeless and desolate.

Now, something else which is extremely interesting, is the fact that Europa, that name for Europe, comes from Greek mythology.

Europa, in Greek mythology, was a woman who was abducted by Zeus, and the way that Europa is depicted, in Greek mythology is a woman riding on a beast.

Here is a picture of Europa, the name from which we get Europe.

And, the image here here, Europa, is signified by a woman riding on a beast.

In the Apocalypse, here's what St. John says, Apocalypse 17:3, " And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet beast ..."

So, St. John sees a woman on a beast.

We are clearly showing the evidence that the EU is the beast out of the sea.

Europa, the name comes from Greek mythology, where the woman is pictured riding a beast, and in fact, the EU uses this symbol.

Here is a picture of the official stamp of 2nd Election European Parliament of the EU.

We see a woman riding on a beast, and what is more incredible, we see the seven hills, exactly as is described in the Apocalypse.

We also see a fish here, indicating some kind of water.

In Apocalypse 17, it says that the great harlot sits upon many waters ... the symbolism is stunning, so specific and there's even more.

Here is a sculpture outside the EU parliamnent building in Brussels, Belgium.

We see the same image, a beast with a woman riding on it, Europa, the same image St. John describes. It is used repeatedly by the EU.

Is St. John giving us an indication that the beast has to do with Europe?

I believe so.

In fact, here's a 1563 depiction of the Tower of Babel, a famous one by a Flemish painter.

The Tower of Babel comes from Genesis 11, in which we read the people tried to build a tower to reach heaven. They tried to become one without God, and God confounded them, separated them, and this Tower of Babel was representative of the evil goal of man trying to have union without God's truth and trying to achieve utopia and heaven on earth without God.

Well, here's a picture of the EU parliament building in Strasbourg, France. It was designed to look like the tower of Babel.

Look at the anazing similarities. It even has the unfinished look, like it's still being built. This is how the tower of Babel is depicted. It represents the new tower of Babel, the new union without God, the new world empire, the European Empire without God.

This is really stunning!

Additionally, also there is a poster which was released by the EU, in which we see the tower of Babel depicted, and we read: "Europe, many tongues one voice," signifying this wicked antichrist union without God.

And we see the people drawn as block figures building the tower.

Then we see inverted pentagrams above the tower, which is a satanic symbol.

This is on a poster which represented the EU.

And, so what's amazing is that the EU's official constitution did not mention God or Christianity, even once!

That is astounding, when you consider how Catholic Europe was inexplicably bound up with the faith . . . . . . .

No mention of God or Jesus Christ at all. Even our own American Constitution, written by Freemasons mentions God!

- continued in part 5

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