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Is the World about to End? Monday, April 12, 2010. Ferial Day

Is the World about to End?

Are we living through the Apocalypse?

by Bro. Peter Dimond.

The following is a transcription of a series of videos on the Apocalypse by Brother Peter Dimond of the Most Holy Family Monastery:

Is the World about to End - Part 1.
" This is Brother Peter Dimond, of

I was going to be doing a series on the Apocalypse, and I really think that people will find this information interesting and I hope they watch all the way through, because there are important points throughout, and some of the important and most interesting come near the end; but you can't really understand the points that are being made, unless you watch all of the parts, and this information I am going to be covering has never been discussed before.

At least we are not aware of it, of anyone else who has made these points in terms of the full picture.
I am not saying that it's infallible. It's my opinion. People can disagree.
It's not necessary to prove that Vatican II is not Catholic or that its leaders are not true popes. However, I have been studying this issue very carefully recently, and praying for some insights on these topics, if it should be God's will, and these things have never made so much sense to me.
And, so here it is :-

First thing I want to discuss is Revelation or Apocalypse Chapter 12.

In Apoc.12, we are confronted with two prominent things: the first thing we see is " a Great Sign in Heaven : a Woman clothed with the Sun". And, just two verses later, we see the appearance of "a Great Red Dragon". And so, we are given to understand these two things come on the scene at the exact same time, or immediately after the other.

Now, I think that most traditional Catholics would not think it stretched to conclude that the "sign of heaven, the woman clothed with the sun", set forth in Apocalypse 12, refers to Our Lady of Fatima, and we believe the evidence for that is very persuasive.
In fact, in 1957, Sister Lucia told Fr. Fuentes that Our Lady gave her three reasons which made her believe we are in the last days.
Our Lady of Fatima, in 1917, performed a miracle in front of 70,000 - 100,000 people. It was predicted in advance. It was a miracle which had to do with the Sun.

Also, the non - Catholic press, O Seculo, October, 15, 1917, stated, "How the Sun danced in broad daylight at Fatima, the apparition of the Virgin...THE SIGN OF HEAVEN." That's exactly what the Apocalypse says it is!

We believe that was God's way of having a non- Catholic source confirm that this was the historical event, the historical fulfillment, and further supporting that is the fact that just a few weeks, a few months after the last appearance of Our Lady of Fatima in October, 1917, we saw the Bolshevik Revolution overtake Russia in 1917, which led to the creation of the Communist or Red Empire.
And, so, the evidence is overwhelming that this is the Great Red Dragon, the Communist Empire; many commentators have concluded that because the red symbolism is so specific and so linked with Communism.

Even today, we call Communist China, Red China.

The Communist Empire was responsible for tens of millions of Catholic deaths. It's very interesting that in Apocalypse 12:3, we read about the Great Red Dragon, "and behold a great red dragon and his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth."

In his book, "The Rise and the Fall of the Communist Revolution." Warren H. Carroll, p.418, " as Joseph Stalin walked into the valley of the shadow of death, the International Communist Movement, which he led, held a third of the world in its grasp."

Even in the book, "Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War" - Justo Perez de Urbel....on how liberal and marxist revolutionaries in the 1930's in Spain at the time of the rise of the Red Empire and Communism and the errors of Russia, murdered thousands of Catholics in the most vicious ways, and on p.92, describes " the bodies of unlucky travellers who had collapsed while fleeing from the clutches of the red beast."

And so, it described this persecution by those marxist revolutionaries who were trying to overtake Spain as "the red beast". So it recognized this was the movement inspired by the errors of Russia, the red dragon.

So the evidence is very strong that the great red dragon is the Communist Empire and the errors of Russia, and that's why Our Lady of Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia and mentioned the errors of Russia so prominently, because they were connected to the Apocalyptic saga that would be played out.

So she wanted to stop them, but the Consecration of Russia was not done by Pope Pius XI as Our Lady requested. It was done late by Pope Pius XII after the errors of Russia had already spread, and it only granted a certain period of peace. ( see our DVD on Fatima on our website, describing how Pope Pius XII did it ,but late, and only a certain period of peace was granted)

And it's too much of a coincidence that the Communist Empire explodes on the scene in just a few months after Our Lady appeared at Fatima and the sign of heaven. And it's pretty obvious that the two great signs are Our Lady of Fatima and the Communist Empire.

Now, switching to the next chapter, I will return with some points about the Great Red Dragon.

In Apocalypse 13:1, we read " and I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon its heads names of blasphemy. " Now, one point I did not mention, is that the Great Red Dragon. also has seven heads and ten horns. Before I get into what I think the beast coming up out of the sea is, I will explain more of what I believe the seven heads attached to the Great Red Dragon represent.

It's almost as if the Great Red Dragon with seven heads and ten horns is morphing into a beast coming up out of the sea, which has seven heads and ten horns.

It's almost as if the Great Red Dragon is becoming the beast coming up out of the sea, because they have a lot of the same features, and I believe that's actually what's occurring.

We have to keep in mind, that when the Apocalypse was written, it was written as one book or letter. It was not written with chapter divisions.

So he sees the great red dragon and then he sees the beast coming up out of the sea, at the very first part of the next chapter. So there's a connection.

To get more insight about the beast coming up out of the sea is, and the ten horns, we must consider the book of Daniel.

In Daniel, chapter 7, there is a prophecy about four beasts that shall arise, and it specifically says that "these four beasts are four kingdoms, that shall arise upon the earth." And many commentators believe that these four kingdoms which he describes in various ways, represent the Chaldean, Persian, Grecian and Roman Empires, and that the fourth beast, which is greater than the others, and treads upon and breaks up the others, is the Roman Empire.

And, it says about this fourth beast that it has ten horns, in Daniel chapter 7: 17, " it was unlike to the other beasts which I had seen before, and it had TEN HORNS."

And so, the beast is identified in Daniel as an empire with ten horns, and many commentators say this fourth beast is the Roman Empire.

It is also interesting that it says the saints of God take the empire which we believe is the Catholic Church, the Church of Christ overtaking the Roman Empire and making it the Holy Roman Empire.

And the beast in Daniel was an empire, which most describe as the Roman Empire.

So what I believe it is clearly telling us, is that the ten horns represent the expanse, the general territory of the Roman Empire. And I will show a picture of the expanse of the Roman Empire at its greatest extent, in about 117 A.D., and it encompassed Asia Minor, Gaul, Italy and Spain, all these areas on the Mediterranean Sea.

It was a beast which encompassed all of these territories. It was essentially a European empire, and its land mass, reach, its territory was described in Daniel as, ten horns. And so, its saying in Apocalypse 13:1, that the beast coming up out of the sea has the ten horns, it has the reach of the Roman Empire, the reach of the same beast that Daniel described.

But, Daniel's beast, which described the Roman Empire, did not have seven heads.

Now, before I get into what I believe the seven heads are....( continued in Part 2 )


Anonymous said...

Very interesting catholic point of view. I am pleased to know that their is a Catholic way of seeing the Apocalypse thanks to this work from MHFM.

It also appears that they are working on this in Spanish from their Spanish website

This is great to read because it tends to sink deeper and understand it even more when reading than listening.

catholic2007 said...

Tks for comments ...yes I tend to agree, having a hard copy you can go back and study in more depth, so to speak....I do note that MHFM are now adding a transcription along with their videos - a good idea.