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Is the World about to End? - Part 3. Friday 16, April, 2010. Ferial Day.

Is the World about to End ? - Part 3

Are we living through the Apocalypse? by Brother Peter Dimond of the Most Holy Family Monastery.

Continuing transcription from the video by Bro. Peter Dimond on the Apocalypse:


Bro. Peter Dimond,

"Now, when did the EU come into existence?

It came into existence in 1993, with the Maastrich Treaty. Keep that in mind, because it fits exactly with the next point I am going to make.

The beast that came up out of the sea, not only has ten horns, it not only has the expanse or reach of the Roman Empire, but it also has seven heads. ( Apocalypse 13:1. ) The Roman Empire described by Daniel, did not have those seven horns.

The reason is, because the seven heads have a particular application to the final days and the beast which comes up out of the sea, a revived Roman Empire, the EU.

Now, what are the seven heads?

In Apocalypse, chapter 17, what they are is described in Apocalypse 17:9. " And here is the understanding ..." So we learn that the seven heads are the seven mountains, and the seven mountains, most commentators understand, are Rome.

The evidence is overwhelming, because it says that Babylon sits upon those seven mountains, and St. Peter, writing from Rome, 1 Peter 5:13, says cryptically that it's Babylon.

So, Apocalypse 17:9, says the seven heads are mountains, meaning Rome. And, they are also seven kings. There's duality there.

So it's telling you this beast has seven heads, that have to do with Rome and seven kings.

Now, what are these seven kings? these seven kings, we are told, are affiliated with seven mountains. Now, a king is a ruler.

In 1929, the Vatican became a sovereign state. It became the Vatican City State, with the Lateran Treaty in 1929. So, starting in 1929, the popes not only were heads of the Catholic Church, for example, Pope Pius XI, who was pope in 1929.

He not only was head of the Catholic Church, spiritual ruler of the Church, but he had temporal authority as king of the Vatican City State.

Now, what's so interesting about this, that prior to 1929, popes had no temporal authority. It's true that back in history, popes would rule over what were called the Papal States, and so popes who ruled over the Papal States, could have said to have been kings as well.

However, in 1870, Italy declared war on the Papal States, and captured Rome. And this occurred on September 20, 1870, and Rome was annexed to the kingdom of Italy, and the Papal States fell in 1870.

So, from 1870 until 1929, the popes had no temporal authority. They were not kings in the temporal sense at all.

And so, with the Lateran Treaty, and the creation of the Vatican City State, the popes began a fresh start as kings.

In fact, the Lateran Treaty of 1929, which brought the Vatican City State into existence, spoke of it, as "a new creation, not as a continuation of the previous Papal States." So it is absolutely true that the kingship that the popes received with the Lateran Treaty, and the Vatican City State, starting in 1929, was an entirely new kingship, which they had never before received in history.

It was unique, and we mentioned they had no kingship at all for about sixty years prior to 1929. So, it was clearly a signal of something new. A new kingship within the city of seven hills.

Now, if Pope Pius XI, is the first king, and Pope Pius XII is the second king, and John XXIII is the third king, and Paul VI is the fourth king, and John Paul I is the fifth king, and John Paul II is the sixth king ,and Benedict XVI is the seventh king, and the EU is the beast out of the sea, whose heads are, on some levels these kings, then we should get some indication that the EU, which I'm saying is the beast out of the sea, came into existence during the reign of the sixth king, because it was created in 1993, during the reign of the sixth king.

Well, in Apocalypse 17:9-10, we are given that very indication. "And here is the understanding that hath wisdom ..."

St. John writes, that the angel told him, the beast would come in to existence during the reign of the sixth king, when five of the kings are fallen, and we know he is telling us that the beast will come into existence, after five are fallen, because it says in Apocalypse 17:8 and following, "The beast which thou sawest, WAS, and is NOT, and shall come up out of the bottomless pit ... they are seven kings: FIVE ARE FALLEN, one is ..."

So, he's taking you to the point in time, right before the beast comes into existence. That means the beast comes into existence during the reign of the sixth king, when five are fallen. Which fits in with the EU, which came into existence in 1993, during the Maastrich Treaty, which put it into effect, during the reign of John Paul II, the sixth king.

There is much more. It goes on to say, "Five are fallen, one is, and the other is not yet come: and when he is come, (that's the seventh king, Benedict XVI,) he must remain a short time."

So, if this is correct, it is saying, the seventh king will remain a short time, compared to perhaps a much longer reign of the sixth king. ( John Paul II, the sixth king, reigned for more than 26 years - ( 1978 - 2005 )

And, it goes on to say, "And the beast which was, and is not, the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into destruction."

It's referring to again to the Roman Empire, the beast which Daniel saw, which persecuted the Church, killed the saints, killed the Catholics, the beast which was, and is not, because again he's transported to the point in time right before the EU comes into existence.

So it is not. The Roman Empire is not any more, either. The same also is the eighth and is of the seven, and goeth into destruction. The Roman Empire, he is telling you, is coming back into a new form. It's a new kind of Roman empire. It's not exactly the same, but it has many of the same features as we will see.

It's a new kind of Roman Empire, a new kind of pagan empire, which persecutes the churches in a different kind of way. It is Godless, is antichrist.

And, it says, " the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven and goeth into destruction."

Now, what does that mean?

It tells you that the seven kings, are affiliated with the seven mountains, Rome.

The Lateran Treaty gave the popes and the post Vatican II antipopes a temporal kingship, so they are the seven kings.

But, it says, the beast is the eighth, but is of the seven.

The beast, the EU, is the eighth king of Rome, because the Vatican City State is ultimately at the mercy of the larger EU, and the surrounding powers.

And so, even though they have a kingship, to speak of, in reality, the EU is the king of all the member states, and the Vatican's kingdom rests within Italy, which is part of the EU. And, the EU determines the laws for the member states, it determines fiscal and economic policy for the members of its Euro zone.

And, so even though the Vatican isn't part of the EU, it is at the mercy of it. In fact, the Vatican is part of the Euro zone, the EU's economic union,and therefore the EU determines how much money the Vatican can issue.

And so, the EU, the beast itself, is in fact the eighth king.

But, there is much more, not only to say abut the beast, which is the new kind of Roman Empire, the EU, but, also the individuals ruling Rome, at the time of the existence of the beast, the sixth and seventh kings, because the beast is not only manifested in the empire, but also in the emperor figure as we will see ...

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