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Is the World about to End? - Part 5. Thursday, 22 April, 2010 - Feast of Sts. Soter and Caius, Pp Mm

Is the World about to End? - Part 5

Are we living through the Apocalypse? by Brother Peter Dimond of the Most Holy Family Monastery ?

A continuing series of transcriptions from the video on the Apocalypse by Bro. Peter Dimond.


Bro. Peter Dimond,

"Now I want to go to Apocalypse 13, because we need to talk not only about the beast, as the Empire, but there's actually a critically important aspect of this we haven't discussed yet, and a few of these points are discussed in our video "The Great Apostasy and the Antichrist", which is on YouTube, and we recommend that people watch that in addition to watching this.

But, I am going to be talking about that now.

So, in Apocalypse 13, we learn more specifics about the beast out of the sea, and we've shown the evidence why it's the EU.

It fits with the beast that was, and is not, and yet shall come up. It fits with the ten horns having the reach and extent of the Roman Empire. It fits that it came out of the sea. It fits with the fact that it came into existence during the reign of the sixth king, and it's going to fit even more precisely with the things we are going to cover.

Now, in Apocalypse 13:1, and the following, it tells us that, " And the beast which I saw, was like to a leopard and its feet were the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his own strength and great power. And I saw one of his heads as it were slain to death: and his death's wound was healed. And all the earth was in admiration after the beast."

Well, the heads are kings over the city of seven hills.

So, one of those kings is wounded and recovers, and all the earth is in admiration after the beast.

John Paul II, on May 13, 1981, was shot in an assassinaton attempt. He recovered, and we must remember how amazing it was that John Paul II did not die on May 13, 1981.

He was shot multiple times by Ali Agca, a professional assassin.

He was hit at least twice, some reports say he was struck three times. He lost three quarters of his blood.

The doctors said he was something like a centimetre from a critical artery, and even Agca, the person who shot him,who later repented, and this was part of the deception, we are going to discuss - was a professional assassin, and when he met John Paul II, asked him how he had survived.

So, it was clearly a deadly wounding, and he recovered, and everyone was in admiration after him, thinking he was "Mary's Pope", because it occurred on May 13, 1981, the day of Our Lady's first appearance at Fatima in 1917.

That is also extremely significant. It lends even more support to the argument that this was an event tied in with the Great Deception, because Fatima is such a crucial matter.

In analyzing all of these events, it also ties in to how Fatima was turned on its head, and the true message was hidden, while a completely false version of the truth was spread.

Following the shooting of John Paul II, in 1981, there were all kinds of false apparitions reporting that God and Our Lady say that he's a 'chosen pope', that he's the hero of the Church.

People believed that the Devil's main attack, that Communist main attack, was against him. That's why he was targeted.

And, in fact, when the Vatican finally released its false message of the third secret of Fatima, their interpretation was that John Paul II is really the hero of the secret.

Complete nonsense!

And all of this was facilitated by his wounding and his recovery - and all the earth was in admiration after him.

Now, what's additionally important, is that we see in this verse, that not only is the beast, the empire that comes out of the sea, but also, this head that is wounded, is the beast.

For, it says that one of the heads of the beast was wounded and recovered, yet all the earth was in admiration after the beast.

So, the head of the beast is identitfies as the beast - and this actually makes sense, when you think about.

If the head is part of the beast, then that which happens to the head, necessarily happens to the beast, when the beast is in existence; and the beast is in existence during the reign of king six and seven, and therefore, that which is said of king six and seven, is truly said of the beast.

The beast is therefore manifested by the heads in addition to the empire.

So when something is being described about what the beast does, it could refer to the empire, and it could refer to the emperor or the king reigning at the time, but both are truly said to be done by the beast.

Another point we are going to be covering a little later on, is that even though that which is done by the head or the king, is necessarily done by the beast, because the king belongs to the beast.

That whch is done by the empire itself, is done by the beast, but is not necessarily done by the head or the king.
Now, what also makes sense, for instance. If you kick something with your foot,you are kicking something, but your hand isn't necessarily striking anything.
And so, that which is done by your foot, is done by you, but that which is done by your foot is not necessarily done by your hand.
So the fact that the beast is manifested not only in the empire, but also in the king reigning, when the empire is in existence, is proven in this verse and in a verse we are going to look at later, Apocalypse 13;14.

And that's an important point to understand.
So, St. John sometimes speaks of the beast in view of the empire, and sometimes he speaks of it in view of the emperor ruling the seven hilled city, the king at the time of the beast.
And, that's what John Paul II was, and we have to remember that it says the seven hilled city is riding on top of the beast.

And, so, John Paul II, was the king of the seven hilled city,that is riding on top of the beast, and that makes John Paul II the beast as well. And this, of course fits with what we've pointed out for years, that he taught that every man is Jesus Christ, he claimed to be Jesus Christ by doing so.
His first homily, he claimed that 'man is the Christ,' in Matthew 16.

He preached that 'man is Christ' in ways that are so amazing it's truly astounding; he denied basically every dogma of the faith, and we will cover more of that.

So, he is a prideful, beastly figure who sat in the temple of God.

Now, continuing in Apocalypse 13, it says. " And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies ... and he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name and His tabernacles and them that dwell in heaven..." That fits exactly with John Paul II...."and power was given him over every tribe and people and nations and tongues."

The Council of Trent actually understood the verse to refer to the nations of the Church; and so , the harlot, the Roman harlot which is deceiving people, the false Vatican II sect, has authority, it assumes some kind of influence over the different nations of the Catholic Church, who are looking to Rome, thinking that there is a true pope reigning, but there is not!
And so, the fact that this head of the beast was given authority over peoples, nations and tongues, fits again, precisely.

Now, before I proceed, I want to quote something from John Paul II's first encyclical, Redemptor Hominis.

This was his very first encyclical, and this encyclical is filled with diabolical symbolism and absolutely heretical statements.

He defines Christianity, not as the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but "the Good News of Man"! And, the "deep amazement at man"!

And so, we have man in the place of God, a new Gospel about man!

That is the mark of Antichrist, according to Pope Pius X.
But, in the first paragraph of his very first encyclical, he says this, "the universal service connected with the chair of St. Peter in Rome, is already very close to the year 2000 . At this moment, it is difficult to say what MARK that year will LEAVE ON THE FACE of human history or what it WILL BRING TO EACH PEOPLE, NATION, COUNTRY AND CONTINENT ..." John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis. # 1

..."in spite of the efforts already being made to foresee some events."

He's quoting Apocalypse 13 here - he doesn't tell you that, but he is making reference to the MARK of the beast, in a cryptic way!

He's not telling you that's what he's talking about, but look at the language. He says - speaking of the year 2000 A.D., or just before it, or what will come in the year 2000 A. D. - " At this moment..." These words are directly from the chapter we are quoting from, Apocalypse 13.

It speaks of a Mark on the forehead - we are going to discuss that -and it speaks of power over peoples, nations, countries etc., he's quoting it, he's saying it's a spiritual kind of mark, that will come in the year 2000 A.D.

Why is he talking about this without telling you what he is talking about?

It's because you are dealing with the Antichrist, with John Paul II.

That's what he was, and he is saying things like that because he is revealing some of the truth, but not telling you what he's actually talking about - but we will cover more of this ...


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