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How Life Was Given to the Image of the Beast. Tuesday 5th March, 2013. Ferial Day

How Life Was Given to the Image of the Beast


Brother Peter Dimond, of Most Holy Family Monastery, ( discusses the "beatification" of the Antichrist, John Paul II, and how it ties in with Apocalypse 13:15:

St. John
"And it was given him to give life [pneuma] to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak..."
                              - Apocalypse 13:15

Brother Peter Dimond:  "This is very interesting.  It says that the second beast gives life to the image of the beast.  The word for life in Greek is "pneuma", which means breath or animation or spirit.

Now, St. John obviously lived before the invention of television or video technology.   He had no idea what video footage and television images were.   Therefore, if he had a vision of John Paul II, the beast who was wounded, having his image/icon venerated by the second beast, during a ceremony which also featured video footage or television images of John Paul II moving and speaking, how would St. John describe it?

John Paul II - the Beast of the Apocalypse
He would describe it as the image or icon of John Paul II appearing to be alive, as being animated, as having life.   He would describe video footage as an image with life, an image that even speaks, and in fact the very next words of Apocalypse 13:15 say: 

"And it was given him to give life [pneuma] to the image of the beast, AND THAT THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST SHOULD SPEAK..."  Apoc 13:15.

John Paul II- the Beast who was wounded
St. John's description of an image having life and even speaking fits precisely with a vision of video footage, for St. John would hear sounds coming from the television screen and the animated image.

And, guess what?   At the "beatification " ceremony of John Paul II,  abc News reported there not only were posters honoring John Paul II's life put up all over Rome, but large television screens showing images of John Paul II, were erected along the Roman street that leads to St. Peter's Basilica.

Benedict XVI causes the image of first beast to be venerated
The BBC also reported that there was a giant video screen at the "beatification"- "St. Peter's Square was transformed for the occasion with a giant video screen showing Pope John Paul II's life story and a massive photograph hung from white colonnades."

John Paul II was also beatified on May 1st, the Feast of the Beast, for Satanists.

Thus, the statement in Apocalypse 13:15, that the second beast gave life to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast should even speak, fits precisely with the "beatification" of John Paul II, and the video of his icon speaking, moving, having life, which was a feature of the beatification ceremony dedicated to his worship.

Massive photograph of John Paul II - the Beast
John Paul II's "beatification" was the fulfillment of Apocalypse 13:15. "

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