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The Antichrist and The False Prophet. Wednesday 13th March, 2013 .Ferial Day

 The Antichrist and The False Prophet



John Paul II - the Antichrist
Brother Peter Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery ( www.vaticancatholic.com ), discusses more on Apocalypse 13:15 and its fulfillment in the second half of his video , but first a bit about Apocalypse 13:13...

"In fact in Apocalypse 13:13, we read that one of the false signs which sparks enthusiasm for the Beast and facilitates the movement to venerate his image was fire coming down from heaven upon the earth in the sight of men.

Well, that occurred during the reign of Benedict XVI, the second Beast.   The image of John Paul II, the beast who was wounded, was seen coming down from the sky in fire in Poland. 

Many believed it was a miracle! "...[ fast forwarding we look at what Bro. Peter Dimond has to say about Apocalypse 13:15 and its fulfillment]...

The Antichrist in fire -false sign sparks enthusiasm

"After it says, "And it was given to him to give life [pneuma] to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak;" which was fulfilled by the "beatification" of John Paul II.

Apocalypse 13: 15 goes on to say "and [he] should cause, that whosoever will not worship the image of the beast, should be slain" [apokteino]- Apoc 13:15.   The word in Greek which is usually translated slain or killed, is from the Greek word apokteino.

That word can mean physically killed, but it doesn't always mean physically killed.   In fact, to give just one example in Romans 7:11, St. Paul uses the same Greek word to describe spiritual death or the loss of spiritual life.

Benedict XVI, the second Beast, indeed fulfilled that part of the verse by imposing the worship of the Beast under the pain of the loss of spiritual life.    Now, Benedict XVI did impose the worship of John Paul II's image in a number of ways; by officially "beatifying" John Paul II, Benedict XVI instituted and permitted, by virtue of his "apostolic authority" the cult or worship of John Paul II for October, 22nd of each year.

Benedict XVI - "beatifies" John Paul II the Antichrist
Moreover, Benedict XVI's imposition of the worship of John Paul II and his image under pain of separation from full communion, and therefore loss of spiritual life, was made clear in negotiations with the SSPX.  Benedict XVI's negotiations with the SSPX, were representative with what he was telling all independant "traditionalists".

When Benedict XVI made it clear to the SSPX and everyone else, that they cannot be considered in "full communion" unless they accept Vatican II, the magisterium of John Paul II etc., he was sayig that unless you worship Vatican II, John Paul II, and his image, you are slain, that is, outside of full communion with the Church.

"Beatification" of John Paul II the Antichrist
That's how, in addition to formally "beatifying" the Antichrist, Benedict XVI imposed the worship of the Beast.  Furthermore, when you consider the formal honour paid to the Antichrist is among the most wicked acts in history, it makes sense that the first major ceremony signifying this honour to the Antichrist, that is, the "beatification", would be the most historically significant and evil.

For example, every time the Vatican II antipopes go into a synagogue to worship with the Jews, it's an evil act which signifies apostasy.   But, it was the first time this occurred, when John Paul II worshipped in a synagogue in 1986, which was the most historically significant and evil. 

In the same way, while all of the inter -religious prayer meetings held by the antipopes with false religions in Assisi, Italy, were extremely evil, and they all manifested apostasy, it was the first meeting in 1986, which was the most historically significant because it was the most revolutionary.

It was the first time in the sight of God and the world, that the so-called "leader" of Christianity held such an abominable event.   The import, the significance, and the affront offered to God by the first event, could not, in a sense be duplicated.   That's why the "beatification" ceremony, a ceremony which featured 1.5 million people in attendance, and millions more watching around the world, was what St. John saw and recorded concerning the second Beast causing people to worship the first Beast.

It was the first major ceremony in which people formally worshipped the Beast, and it could not therefore, in terms of its significance be duplicated.   And even though a canonization has a binding nature in Catholic teaching, that a beatification does not, the "beatification" of John Paul II fulfilled what St. John described, because the only thing the "beatification" lacked, the universal binding nature of the decree, was supplied by Benedict XVI through his negotiations with the SSPX.

Benedict's negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), made it clear to everyone, the "traditionalists" are excluded from full communion with him, unless they fully accept Vatican II, John Paul II, his magisterium, his image, etc.  Since the imposition of the worship of the beast was supplied by what Benedict XVI decreed concerning the SSPX, the "beatification" lacked absolutely nothing of what St. John prophesied concerning the second Beast causing people to worship the image of the first beast, whose wound was healed.

Moreover, the celebration for the "beatification" which involved millions, would be comparable to a celebration for the "canonization".     In fact, there might even be more enthusiasm for John Paul II's "beatification",  because it was the first formal recognition of him as "blessed", and many would see the following step of "canonization" simply as a formality after John Paul II's cult had already been formally approved.

Antichrist visits synagogue in Rome 1986
Therefore, since the "beatification" was the first major event in which the worship of the Antichrist was formalized, it was the most historically significant and evil, it was what St. John recorded.

It's also interesting that the second beast is typically identified as the false prophet, while the first Beast, who was wounded, and whose image is honoured, is identified as the Antichrist.
John Paul II with his antichrist teaching about man, fits precisely with the title of Antichrist, and Benedict XVI, the second Beast, who cause people to worship John Paul II, fits precisely with the title of false prophet, for while Benedict XVI was a monumental heretic as our material documents, he amazingly retained a reputation as a conservative.

He also seduced members of the Counter Church by giving more access to the Latin Mass.

Antichrist with upside down cross

This move deceived multitudes.   It duped many into believing that there was still hope in the Counter Church, and it persuaded people that Benedict XVI was not evil, but good, and that he would perhaps reverse the entire course of the Vatican II apostasy, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Benedict XVI was a manifestly heretical antipope, a true theological revolutionary, who expanded the Vatican II apostasy, organised the worship of the beast and fractured independent so-called "traditionalists", by making overtures to them on one hand, pretending to be concerned about tradition, while simultaneously refusing to admit them into "full communion" without a complete recognition of the evil doctrines of the Counter Church.

And the reason of what we've covered here - John Paul II as the first Beast and Benedict XVI as the second Beast, who causes people to honour his image, fits so precisely with the text of Apocalypse 13, and no other attempted explanation would even come close to matching the accuracy with which this corresponds to the text, is, because this is the fulfillment."

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