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Why Lightning Struck the Vatican. Thursday 28th February, 2013. Ferial Day

Why Lightning Struck the Vatican

Antipope Benedict XVI - seventh king
Bro. Peter Dimond, of Most Holy Family Monastery,  discusses antipope Benedict XVI's decision to resign on February 11th, 2013:  

 "And so if he is the seventh king, the fact that his name in Greek equals 666, is that a signal that he is the last of the seven kings who causes people to worship the Antichrist ?   I believe so.

In fact, on February 11th, 2013, Benedict XVI shocked the world by announcing that he would resign his office as antipope.    By resigning after only seven years, Benedict XVI had a short reign.

He thus fulfilled the prophecy about the seventh king.   The Apocalypse says that the seventh king will reign for only a short time.   Apocalypse 17:10 - "Five are fallen one is [ the sixth ], and the other [ the seventh ] is not yet come: and when he is come, he must remain a short time."

Antichrist John Paul II -sixth king
In addition to the short duration of his reign, which fits precisely with the prophecy about the seventh king, the shock and abruptness of Benedict XVI's decision to resign, arguably signals this shortness even more powerfully than would a death from old age or after a prolonged illness.   Moreover, and this is extremely important, just a few hours after Benedict XVI's decision to resign on February 11th, which dominated the headlines that day, lightning struck the top of St. Peter's Basilica twice, in an obvious sign from God.

Even mainstream media outlets were wondering what this lightning strike might mean.

Signing of Lateran Treaty, Feb 11th, 1929

Well, February 11th was the date on which the Lateran Treaty, which initiated the seven kings, by giving them a new temporal kingship, was signed in 1929. 

  Isn't it interesting, that if what I am saying about the seven kings is correct, and I believe it is, that it all began on a February 11th, 1929 with the signing of the Lateran Treaty.

Antipope Benedict XVI announces his resignation-the last of the seven kings
This act of February 11th, 1929, gave a new temporal kingship to the first of the seven kings, Pius XI, and it all culminated with the shocking resignation of the seventh king on February 11th, 2013, which was followed a few hours later on the same day with two lightning strikes on the top of St. Peter's Basilica, to signal the end of this period, the end of the seven kings, which began on February 11th, 1929, and ended essentially on February 11th, 2013 with the announcement of the resignation of antipope Benedict XVI."
First of the seven kings

World is shocked by the sudden resignation
Signalling the end of the seven kings
Lightning bolt strikes St. Peter's Basilica - Filippo Monteforte

Hours after antipope Benedict XVI "resigned", lightning struck the Vatican twice, and was caught on camera by not one but at least two photographers, Filippo Monteforte and Alessandro Di Meo, and also on video by T.V. crews.     Filippo, armed with a 50mm lens, waited for more than two hours and was rewarded for his patience, with not one, but two bolts of lightning.       "The first bolt was huge and lit up the whole sky, but unfortunately I missed it.   I had better luck the second time, and was able to snap a couple of the images of the dome   illuminated by the bolt."                                                                                                                    
Lightning bolt strikes St. Peter's Basilica
Alessandro Di Meo, also photographed the striking of the lightning rod on the top of St. Peter's Basilica... "While I was cleaning the lens from raindrops, a first lightning bolt hit the dome... Bad luck, however, it was not enough to discourage me... I tried several times until a bolt of lightning struck the cupola as I was taking the shot."                                                      


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