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Francis I - A New Antipope for the Counter Church. Friday, 15th March, 2013. Ferial Day

Francis I - A New Antipope For The Counter Church.


White smoke from Sistine Chapel indicates 'election'
On Wednesday evening, around 7.05pm on the 13th March, 2013, the Vatican II sect elected their next antipope in the latest series of antipopes since 1958 - "Cardinal" Jorge Mario Bergoglio, of Argentina, emerged as "Pope" Francis I, to deliver his first speech as "Bishop" of Rome.

The following are some thoughts and comments from Most Holy Family Monastery ( on the latest heretic to lead the Counter Church:

Antipope Francis - great news for true Catholics

Francis I - Antipope
MHFM:   The Vatican II sect has made quite a selection in electing 'Cardinal' Jorge Mario Bergoglio as antipope.   On many levels this is tremendous news for true Catholics and sedevacantists for it completely tears the mask off the Counter Church.   This is the Vatican II sect unveiled:  its faithlessness, indifferentism and filth presented for all to see, without even the crafty efforts at subterfuge ( and continuity with Tradition ) which were made by the previous antipopes ( the false Prophet and the Antichrist ).   

It's a fitting end to ( and a fitting choice for ) the Counter Church in the last stage of the Great Apostasy.

Bergoglio is an unabashed supporter of interfaith activity, false ecumenism, etc.   He is also liturgically revolutionary.   He is a liberal, even by standards of the Vatican II sect.   ( Ignore various media reports stating that he's conservative;  they describe anyone who is not openly in favor of abortion, female 'priests' and gay 'marriage' as 'conservative.')

Antipope Francis 'blesses' crowd-waving hand!
According to the assessment of false traditionalists who are consumed with the Latin Masses under the authority of the Counter Church, Antipope Francis is a fierce enemy of the traditional Mass.

He is perhaps the biggest enemy of the traditional Mass among the 'Cardinals'.   He is considered a nightmare choice for false traditionalists who accept the antipopes. 

True Catholics should rejoice; for it further vindicates our position and makes a complete mockery of the position of false traditionalists ( and all others ) who have obstinately defended the Counter Church or the antipopes as valid popes - and rejected God and the faith in the process.   It makes our job of exposing the Counter Church much easier.


MHFM:  Yes, the Counter Church has reached the point of emptiness and stupidity.

Antipope Francis exhibits total apostasy in a Jewish temple!

Also, even before he 'blessed' the people ( which he never wound up doing with a full sign of the cross ), he asked the people to 'bless' him.   It's another mockery of the Papacy.   The crowd included non- Christians, by the way.   There's quite a bit more of antipope Francis, but, prescinding his acceptance of all the heresies of Vatican II, the fact that he celebrated Hanukkah in a Jewish temple, and participating in non- Christian worship, by itself constitutes a total knockout punch.

It's a fact from which he and his supporters cannot recover , no matter how hard they try.  It proves to anyone of good will that he's not the pope, and exposes his malicious apostasy in gory detail.

Antipope Francis - 'blessed' by Protestant 'minister'


ADL Congratulates  New 'Pope' Francis

New York, NY, March 13, 2013.    The Anti- Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina as the next Pope Francis.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

     We congratulate the new Pope and wish him well in his important new responsibility.  We believe that the election of Francis I is a significant moment in the history of the Church.   We look forward to working with him to continue to foster Catholic - Jewish relations as we have with his predecessors.   There is much in his record that reassures us about the future.

Under his leadership in Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio made important strides in maintaining positive Catholic - Jewish relations following the transformational papacies of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI - pontiffs who launched historic reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people.

Cardinal Bergoglio maintained a close relationship with the Jewish community in Argentina.   He has celebrated various Jewish holidays with the Argentinian Jewish community, including Chanukah, where he lit a candle on the menorah, attended a Buenos Aires synagogue for Slichot, a pre-Rosh Hashana service, the Jewish New Year, as well as a commemoration of Kristallnacht, the wave of violent Nazi attacks against Jews before World War II.

In 2010, during a commemoration of the 1994 bombing, Cardinal Bergoglio called it "a house of solidarity" and added "God bless them and help them accomplish their work," which showed his dedication and support in standing up against extremism.

In 2010, he together with Argentinian Rabbi Abraham Skorka, published a book "On Heaven and Earth," addressing issues of interfaith dialogue.   The new Pope's sensitivity to the Jews emerges from his work in his comments on the Church's approach to the Jewish people since Vatican II, the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Footnote: The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti- semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.


MHFM:    A.D.L. applauds choice of new antipope, and documents his acts of apostasy.


Some necessary background reading on the A.D.L.

When it first saw the light of day, nearly a half century ago in Chicago, the Anti-Defamation League publicly promised itself a long and fruitful career.   And their cockiness in the cradle has been more than justified through the years that followed.     Fawning American Jews have no rosier tale to pass down to posterity than the story of the rise of the A.D.L.

Actually, there was no marvel about it.   The Anti-Defamation League had to succeed.  Its parent was the wealthy and worldwide order of B'nai B'rith, the exclusively Jewish branch of  Freemasonry.   All of B'nai B'rith's extensive operational set-up was at the Anti -Defamation League's disposal.     Every local lodge established a special A.D.L. committee.   And every individual lodge-member became a spare-time A.D.L. agent.    It was not that he was forced to.   He was delighted to.

For the Anti - Defamation League was the answer to every American Jew's dream.   Here at last was the organization that would take the curse off the Jews.   Here was an organization that would fight for the little Jew and free him from the stigma of being a "Hebe" and a "Yid", that would get his son into the Gentile colleges, his wife into the Gentile summer resorts, and himself into the "exclusive" Gentile country clubs.     The A.D.L. meant dynamite to blast away the last remaining Christian barriers - and every Jew was chafing to light some local fuses.

Assured of this wholesale support, the A.D.L. pursued its campaign with swift vengeance.

Immediately, public men and public officials felt the pressure.   Congressmen and newspaper editors were forced into line.    Soon, the A.D.L. was pushing its way confidently into every traditional American sanctuary.   The class-room, the living room, even the parish pulpit came under the scrutiny of A.D.L investigators.   Any hint, anywhere, that Jews were being treated the way Jews have always been treated in Christian society, brought down the mighty wrath of Jewish Masonry.

Snooping, threats, libel, blackmail, boycott, and the masterful smear technique leveled the few recalcitrants.

As a pledge of their success in breaking down our country's healthy and Christian aloofness to Jews, the A.D.L. has expanded its program in late years to fight for other Jewish objectives.   It has exerted its gestapo energies in promoting the United Nations, in panning Senator McCarthy, in pushing Christ-less Brotherhood religion, in protesting the prosecution of Communists, in propagandizing for the State of Israel, in penetrating and polluting anti-Communist groups, and, most effective, in plotting the present "civil rights" agitation in the South.  

Working elbow-to-elbow with the N.A.A.C.P. ( the Jewish -headed, Jew financed National Association for the Advancemnet of Colored People), the A.D.L. has had a part in every phase of the program to rob the South of States Rights and set black men against white men in areas where, for generations, they have lived in harmony.

From  "The Point", June, 1958 - edited under Fr. Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M.


More comments:

Antipope Francis' words have more meaning than he realizes: cardinals went to 'end of the world' to find me - MHFM

Antipope Francis began his first words to the Church by saying that the cardinals "went to the end of the world" to find the new Bishop of Rome.
Vatican City, Mar 13, 2013 (CNA/EWTN News )

"Brothers and sisters, good evening.   You know that the charge of the Conclave was to give a Bishop of Rome.   It would seem that my brothers went to the end of the world to choose him," he said, March 13, from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica...

Antipope Francis' -'end of the world' speech in St.Peters
Before he closed his remarks, Pope Francis asked the crowd for the favor of blessing him in silence before he gave his blessing...

I say good night "because tomorrow I want to go and pray to Mary for her protection."


Some translations from the original Italian, have it as, 'ends of the earth,' but regardless, it is interesting that MHFM did a series of videos covering the end of the world, in 2010, entitled 'Is the World About to End'?

At the very beginning of the video series attention is drawn to the fact that Sister Lucy of Fatima told Fr. Fuentes, in 1957, that Our Lady told her, we are in the 'last days.'

Antipope Francis I speech to 'Cardinals"
The first address of a pope to the world traditionally sets forth his agenda for his papacy- antipope Francis'  'Urbi et Orbi', was more of an informal chat, where he even asked the people to 'bless' him, a crowd involving non-Catholics as well, and his 'blessing' to the crowd was a sort of half-wave, rather than a sign of the Cross!

Antipope Francis I, is not a Bishop, let alone a priest, since he was 'ordained ' in 1969, under the invalid rite of ordination of antipope Paul VI.

He 'prays to Mary', expecting her to protect him - which is a mockery, since he rejects her Son by praying with heretics, and worshipping and celebrating with Jews, who reject Christ.
Antipope Francis stumbles stepping down to greet 'Cardinals'

On his first meeting with the 'Cardinals" on Friday, March 14, 2013, and after his speech to the Cardinals as he was stepping down to greet them, he stumbles, but did not fall ...( no doubt we will not have long to wait for that to happen, along with pagan Rome! )


Antipope Francis' Schismatic 'Installation' - MHFM.   Mar 16, 2013

"This is Bro. Peter Dimond (

Antipope Francis is going to have the schismatic 'Orthodox' Patriarch of Constantinople, who rejects Vatican I and a pope's universal primacy of jurisdiction, at his installation 'Mass'.

'Orthodox' Patriarch of Constantinople

This is huge!

While the previous antipopes committed countless heresies vis-a-vis,  with the 'Orthodox', including concelebrating 'Masses' with them, as we've documented.   This extremely significant and symbolic step represents the formal repudiation of the claim to papal supremacy and universal jurisdiction by the leader of the Vatican II sect; for Francis being installed in the presence of fellow schismatics who completely reject a Roman Pontiff's primacy of universal jurisdiction, Antipope Francis is thus characterizing his own position from the outset, by acknowledgement that he is just one 'Orthodox' schismatic, who makes no pretension to authority over his fellow schismatics.

In fact, he will have numerous 'Orthodox' schismatics at his installation 'Mass'.  

There are, of course, many other heresies on the part of Antipope Francis - he has celebrated Jewish holidays and much more.   He's a complete and utter apostate.

We have a file about him on our website, and we will have much more soon.  According to Catholic teaching, he is absolutely a manifest heretic and an invalid Antipope.

Soon, we also hope to have a video, which contains some interesting points about how what we're seeing ties into the Apocalypse."

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