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The Antichrist Identified. Friday 8 July, 2016. St. Elizabeth of Portugal,W

The Antichrist Identified





Thessalonians Chapter 2 talks about the man of sin generally accepted as the Antichrist

The Apostasy must come first and the man of sin be revealed

The son of destruction opposing and raising himself above everything that is called God

The man of sin will come as part of the prophesied apostasy which has occurred in our time

The prophesied Great Apostasy has been fulfilled by the events in Rome after Vatican II

The City of Rome has been overtaken by apostate antipopes after Vatican II

The City of Rome, overtaken by antichrist antipopes, has given rise to a counter church, the Vatican II sect in the Last days

This counter church presents itself as the true Catholic Church but it is not; it opposes the true Catholic Church which exists in a remnant of faithful Catholics

The City of Rome, not the Catholic Church has been overtaken by apostate antipopes

What has with the Vatican II sect and the Vatican II antipopes in Rome, in our day, perfectly fulfills what is written in Sacred Scripture ...

...about the Beast, the whore of Babylon, the Roman king who was wounded and has his image honored ...

...  the seven Roman Kings, the Beast rising when five are fallen etc.,

When one thinks about the post-Vatican II Revolution and the apostasy that ensued...

... if you had to pick one thing, or event or series of events that is the most notorious...

... something that sums up the entire apostasy in Rome in the final days, what act would most represent the apostasy?

It is the Assisi World Day of Prayer for Peace with representatives of the various heretical sects,

and false pagan religions of the World.  The first Assisi Prayer meeting was organized by antipope John Paul II in 1986.  This event by the apostasy would be foretold in Scriptural prophecies about the apostasy, and it was.

Scripture teaches us that the "gods" of non-Christians and pagan religions are not God but devils...

... which is the reason the Catholic Church has always forbidden prayer with other religions,

and Pope Pius XI, in his "Mortalium Animos" forbids Catholics participating in non-Catholic assemblies.

Antipopes praying with non-Catholic heretics in the Vatican II sect - forbidden by past true popes.

antipope John Paul II kisses the unholy Book of the Koran

Never before in the history from the time God created man, the followers of basically all the major false "gods" under the sun been gathered together in one place to "worship"

The Assisi event was world historic.   It was John Paul II, a man claiming to be a Catholic pope who made it happen in 1986 with the aid of today's modern technology.   In all 150 different religious leaders spending the day together fasting and praying to their so-called "god" or "gods."   They included heretics of various stripes - Jews and Muslims who reject the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, Buddhists, followers of Voodoo, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Janinists, American Pagan Indians, prayers were said to the "Great Thumb," and members of the Bahai faith etc.,

"Everything that is called God or every object of worship..." described by St. Paul, sounds exactly like what was represented at Assisi.

The events at Assisi perfectly matches what was actually described by St. Paul in 2 Thessalonians

Members of false religions descend from a higher place to a lower place to offer "worship" to their various false "gods".

Pagan religions offer "worship" to their false "god" or "gods" while the 'man of sin' is directly behind and raised up above them, in a relaxed reclining position, as described in 2 Thess 2, 3-4

Antipope John Paul II, sitting in a relaxed reclining position, endorsed idolatry and was a public idolater by professing faith in all the false Gods by organizing the World historic Assisi event

John Paul II, the man of sin, in St. Paul's description, just happens to be a Roman King who was wounded exactly as it says in Apocalypse about the antichrist or head of the beast.

He also happens to be, after having been wounded and recovering, had his image honored through a false "canonization" ceremony, exactly as it says in the Apocalypse about the antichrist having his image honored.

The false "canonization" became the instrument through which multitudes became implicated in idolatry by giving honor to the beast, the man of sin.

Antipope John Paul II, idolater and 'man of sin', the beast whose image was given life and should speak

John Paul II antichrist and notorious idolator sitting beneath the inverted cross

John Paul II just happens to be the sixth Roman King of the Vatican City State to arise after five have fallen exactly as it says in the Apocalypse.

The rising of the beast in it's full form (EU+man of sin) occurred during the reign of the sixth Roman King when five Roman Kings have already fallen

Antipope John Paul II was the same man who hid and buried the Secret of Fatima, yet got himself recognized as the hero of the false 3rd Secret of Fatima

... he was also the man who claimed that both himself and everyone was God.

'Christmas is the feast of man,' according to antipope John Paul II

John Paul II was the 'man of sin' as St.Paul describes, while his opposition at the Assisi Day of prayer was a positional one, seated in a reclining position, directly behind and above (raised up) the 'worshippers of false "gods," rather than a hostile one, for a kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls, as St. Luke says in Chapter 11:17-18

In the full version of this video we will cover other aspects of this matter ...

... and will show how John Paul II precisely fits the image of the 'man of sin' sitting in the Temple of God ...

...and that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Jesus Christ

...and the Temple of God in Rome is the Catholic Church, which in the last days is overtaken by the 'man of sin' and the end-times counter Church, the whore of Babylon



... "And we will destroy the program, destroy the program!"

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