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Global Warming Hoax- Hacked! Monday 22 November, 2009 . St Cecilia

Climate Change Bombshell !

The following video in which Dr. Tim Ball, Research Climatologist, discusses the ramifications of the unexpected hacking of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University, in which thousands of e-mails and documents have been released.

The e-mails to and from leading researchers in the field, and key players in the IPCC, document attempts to manipulate scientific data, destroying materials that should have been preserved, to avoid their release and the use of deceptive information to influence both the public at large and policy makers.

You can watch the video interview with Dr. Tim Ball at the Air Vent or the url address

[ And that pretty much sums up what I've always thought about s0 -called Global Warming!... 8 - D]


Climategate becomes Warmergate as the 'cat is let out of the bag' !
[ The continuing saga of how Science became the Pseudo-Science of the NWO]

First let us look at the video in which Lord Monckton explains how Obama is poised to cede U.S. sovereignty to a New World Government in the next month:

Then, read the following statement from Lord Monckton, in the aftermath of the release of the hacked emails/documents of the CRU by an individual or perhaps even a whistleblower...

Monckton on CRU Warmergate

November 24, 2009

"This is what they did - these climate "scientists" , on whose unsupported word the world's classe politique proposes to set up an unelected global government this December (2009) in Copenhagen,with vast and unprecedented power to control all formally free markets, to tax wealthy nations and all their financial transactions, to regulize the economic and environmental affairs of all nations, and to confiscate and extinguish all patent and intellectual property rights.

The tiny close knit clique of climate scientists who invented and now drive the "global warming" fraud - for fraud is now what we know it to be - tampered with temperature data so assiduously that, on the recent admission of one of them, land temperatures since 1980 have risen twice as fast as ocean temperatures.

One of the thousands of e-mails recently circulated by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia, where one of the world's four global temperature data sets is compiled, reveal that data were altered so as to prevent a recent decline in temperature from showing in the record.

In fact, there has been no statistically significant "global warming" for 15 years- and there has been rapid and significant cooling for 9 years.

Worse, these arrogant fraudsters - for fraudsters are now what we know them to be - have refused, for years and years and years, to reveal their data and their computer program listings. Now we know why: As a revealing 15,000 - line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit shows, the program and data are a hopeless tangled mess.

In effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up.

Unfortunately, the British researchers have been acting closely in league with their U.S. counterparts who compile the other terrestrial temperature data set- the GISS/NCDC data set. That data set too, contains numerous biases intended artificially to inflate the natural warming of the 20th century.

[ The infamous "hockey stick" graph - the brainchild of Michael Mann et al...proved to be wrong, first published in 1999...highlighted in the 2001 IPCC report...the long handle represents data up until 1900, and the blade of the stick 1900 - 2000]

Finally, these hucksters snake oil salesmen and "global warming" profiteers - for that is what they are- have written to each other encouraging the destruction of data that had been lawfully requested under the FOIA in the U.K. by scientists who wanted to check whether their global temperature record had been properly compiled - and that procurement of data destruction, as they are about to find out to their cost, is a criminal offense.

[ IPCC will no doubt try to "steamroll" their agenda through in Copenhagen in December, but I don't think there are going to be many comfortable people in that gathering of the like-minded cabal, after the leaking of all those damaging documents !...8 - D ]

They are not merely bad scientists - they are crooks.

And crooks who have perpetrated their crimes at the expense of the British and U.S. taxpayers.

[ Prof. Phil Jones, head of University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit - one of the ringleaders, who should be investigated and charged with criminal activity, if so warrented...]

I am angry, and so should you be."

[ They were so desperate to explain why recent temperature data showing cooling over the last ten years or so, did not match their junk concocted data, they were reduced to living the lie year after,I guess now, we can safely talk about global cooling...once again! 8 - D ] .....but not man - made!
WARNING - Some people may not appreciate the following video!
[ 8 - D ]
Hide the Decline - Climategate

A Few of Those Damning e-mails

Lord Monckton - more on Climategate

Video at
Climategate spreads to N.Z. - NIWA caught fudging the records to "Hide The Decline"......more to follow [8 - D]
Hot Off The Press- Latest News Release on Climategate!
December, 1 , 2009
CRU's ringleader , Phil Jones to step down while investigation into the whole sorry mess takes place....first it was "there was no dumped data, then it was "95% thrown away" so that no raw data could be verified by scientists...I guess it will all come out in the investigation, so long as it is a complete independant investigation, not "peer reviewed"!

Meanwhile back in the jungle of little ol' N.Z. it appears NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research N.Z.) have also been 'fiddling the books', refusing to release climate data for verification by N.Z. scientists, after they too claim the trend has been for climate warming, in spite of the fact that raw data reveals that, the opposite has been the case.
[ read the latest on the climate scam in AIR CON at ]

Unaltered climate data reveals that cooling has been taking place for the last 9 years, as released by the Climate Science Coalition shows no warming as claimed by the Global warming 'tree hugger' and alarmists at NIWA, over the last 100 years...I guess their masters at the IPCC threatened them if they stepped outta' line in their conclusions, and went against the trend espoused by the NWO's agenda, their funding would suddenly dry up like a creek bed in summer !

Remember, of the three pillars the NWO were reying on to bring in their Reign of Terror ( World Governance),c.f Pope Benedict XV's definition... two have already fallen, The "Swine Flu" scam and the "Financial Crisis" scam....and now the third which they can't afford to have fail, the "Global Warming" hoax/ scam....there is sooo much money tied up in all this! $$ $$$ $$$ = $$$$ $$$ $ $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$$ ....Come Copenhagen 7 December, 2009.
[ This guy's already running for cover as the sheep are waking up to the NWO wolves]

Why the rest of the stations were adjusted is anybody's guess, and Dr. David Wratt, Chief Climate scientist, NIWA, ex vice chair on the IPCC 2007 AR4 report, refuses to say why,and if it be because of island/ urbanization effects, any adjustment should be downward,not upwards as the boffins at NIWA would have us believe! Check all this out at the

If you really believe this climate cabal, you will believe anything...

[ ...and now, kiddies, you can all relax and be assured that the polar bears were not dying out afterall...and did you know, they can actually swim...just go back home and tell Mummy and Daddy we were just kidding!....and we don't know anybody by the name of Al Gore, either!]

Phil Jones told the Guardian last week,

"We're not deleting any e- mails or data here at CRU."

Yet, in one of the leaked e-mails quotes him confirming to a U.S colleague, Dec, 3, 2008..."about two months ago I deleted loads of e-mails, so have very little if any at all." !!!! 8 - [

Of course there's the Wellington fiasco, where because overlaps between Thorndon and Kelburn were absent, it was decided to lower Thorndon's temps for a best fit arrangement, on the basis that Wellington Airport and Thorndon would be similar...yeah, right!....different climatic zones, given that they are 15km apart .

But, why lower those two sites! Doesn't make sense....8 - B

The Truth will out!
[ ah, so that's how they adjusted all those met station figures!]

You can read all this on the site see Climate Science Coalition N.Z.

HOT Off the Press - Lord Christopher Monckton -Fudges caught GREEN -HANDED [ Dec 3, 2009]

[ This is a must read just released by the SPPI- Science & Public Policy Institute....Climategate: Caught Greenhanded! by Lord Christopher Monckton, November 30, 2009]

[ Read the full report on Alex Jone's site at ] See: " Climategate Outrage Explodes as Carbon Tax Agenda Collapses" - Paul Joseph Watson.

Weather Forecast for Copenhagen, (3 December, 2009)
Weather Channel-
For Monday 7 December, 2009.

[Cloudy; 47deg F ( 8.4 deg C) High; 44 deg F ( 6.6 deg C ) Low. Chance of rain 20%.]

Updated forecast for Copenhagen, Monday 7 December. ( December 4, 2009)

[Cloudy with a brief shower or two. High 41deg F ( 4 deg C), Low 37 deg F ( 2.8 deg C) ]

Forecast update for Copenhagen, Monday 7 December ( Dec 5 , 2009)
Light rain/fog. High 45 deg F( 7.2 deg C) Low 43 deg F ( 6.1 deg C ) Chance of rain 60%
Forecast Dec 7, 2009 Copenhagen:
Showers High N/A Low 42 deg F ( 5.6 deg C) 30% chance of rain
Forecast for Dec 8, Cloudy High 44 deg F ( 6.7 deg C) Low 40 deg F ( 4 deg C) 20% chance of rain
Forecast for Dec 12, Rain/Snow Showers, High 37 deg F ( 2.7 deg C) Low 33 deg F (0.6 deg C)

News Flash! December, 4, 2009

Al Gore has just cancelled his high profile appearance at the upcoming Copenhagen - Aaron Dykes Dec 3, 2009

Lord Monckton calls for his arrest and prosecution, as the climate change house of cards falls, Nov 25....but it looks very much like Al Gore has decided not to front up and further tarnish his already bullet-riddled reputation!

NIWA's star weather station an international laughing stock!

The site with the longest running warming trend just happens to be sitting in the middle of an Urban Heat Island article at website
[ Met enclosure at Kelburn, Wellington,New Zealand, showing close proximity of tarsealed carpark with attendant cars and tourist buses, must surely be affecting temperature data used in the climate scam - note position of Stevenson Screen in which thermometers are housed]

BUT, what struck me was, that this was not the site in use during the 1960's and earlier! When was the new site set up? I have no doubt this will eventually come out! The original site was maybe 100 yards further north towards the new Met Office building.

Latest interview with Lord Monckton on DAY 1 , Dec 7, 2009 ,of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty...view at and to be interviewed daily from the Copenhagen Conference....

[ site of new met enclosure, Kelburn, Wellington, since when????]

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Catholic Spirituality: Pope Gregory XVI ( 1840) "This is surely the time when the Christian battle line should smash the devil as he rages all over the world." ( Probe Nostis # 15 )

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