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Chemtrails/Contrails and Strange Clouds- 15 November, 2009.24th Sunday after Pentecost. St. Albert the Great,B,C.

Chemtrails and Contrails

Where to start. Since the concept of chemtrails is a relatively new phenomena to most people, first coming to notice by the mid 1990's, it has now become a serious cause for concern, amongst a growing number of people, more especially in the United States and Great Britain, but recently in Australia as far back as 2000.

[ Contrail persistant and affected by wind shear forms a thin cirrus cloud and drifts away from observer, in a westerlie airstream. Aircraft travelling northwards from Dunedin to Wellington or Auckland]..... But was it a chemtrail?

Cases have apparently even been reported in New Zealand, including Wellington and Tauranga, in recent years.

Not least, because of health problems being reported along with ,and shortly after the observation of such alleged chemtrail activity , are people concerned.

[ What can we do about it? Well, for a start start talking about it and raising peoples' awareness and reporting it to local and government officials, news media etc]

For example, after such reported activity, depletion in the amount of rain has been reported,leading to drought conditions, lack of visibility and polluted skies, being the replacement for once clear blue skies.

[ Now, I would be certainly concerned if I spotted that in my sky - definitely suspicious! Chemtrail or contrail?]


Contrails are caused by moisture in engine exhaust of high flying aircraft forming a cloud when mixed with the surrounding colder air. If the surrounding air has a low humidity level the moist air from the jet engine might produce a short lived contrail or none at all...

...a useful guide for forecasting the weather may be obtained by observing the presence or absence of contrails.

If the contrail disappears quickly expect clear skies and settled weather.

If the contrail lingers and thickens before falling apart, expect a possible change in the weather.

The long lasting contrail indicates high humidity at high altitudes, usually associated with approaching bad weather, while one which does not persist or does not appear indicates low moisture levels at high altitudes, and a settled weather outlook.

[Contrail lingering in regions of higher humidity only- I spotted this one and just managed to race inside to grab the camera to record the next sequence...notice the wind shear in cirrus cloud being generated by the contrail]

Contrails normally form when the temperature is low enough ( less than about -38 deg C) for the droplets to freeze in a few seconds. Wind shear can draw out the contrail into an almost horizontal sheet of thin cirrus cloud.

Next question, is how can we know when we are looking at an innocent naturally occurring contrail as opposed to a deliberate man- made phenomena known as a chemtrail, or a persistent contrail?

[ ...definitely a contrail - notice how the jet engine exhaust disappears within a few seconds of leaving the aircraft as it encounters drier air]

Well, apart from testing the material exhaust from the aircraft and studying the immediate after-effects upon the lives and health of people, or perhaps talking to the pilots flying these aircraft, or examing Government documents on related matters, it can be difficult to determine whether one is looking at one or the other.

So if chemtrails are different to contrails and are persistent, the difference must lie in their composition, and tests have shown that heavy metals, including aluminium and barium are part of the exudent, and these at high altitudes where humidity levels are as low as 30%, where contrails would not normally form. The very fine heavy metal particles have the ability to act as condensation nuclei at these very low humidity levels, so that cirrus clouds from at 30,000 to 40,000ft, much higher than one would normally expect. Much of this is covered on the website below, and more besides...

There are some excellent well documented sites which have extensive files on chemtrails, and I would suggest anyone concerned would be well rewarded in the time and effort spent on further research on this topic.

Start with , watch the video and also take a look at : chemtrails data page- for more reading on this serious topic!

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Strange Clouds

Apparently people have been noticing unusual looking clouds in their skies...and have even suggested they be given a completely separate classification, being put into a new group known as "asperatus".

I wonder how long these people have been observing clouds or bothered to glance up at the sky and notice that each passing day produces a completely new set of clouds, and that not one day's set of clouds is exactly like another, a bit like snowflakes, I guess?

Some are more striking than others, admittedly, but they still belong to the same family, sharing the same basic characteristics.

Anycase, the clouds in the pictures are readily identifiable you will see, agree or otherwise!

[ Starting from top left: stratocumulus undulatus,all the rest Cumulonimbus mamma, except for bottom right: stratocumulus undulatus]

Pope Leo XIII ( 1896)

" Christ's teaching from the ship signifies that those who are outside the Church can never grasp the divine teaching, for the ship typifies the Church where the word of life is deposited and preached. Those who are outside are like sterile and worthless sand; they cannot comprehend." ( Satis Cognitum #9 )

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