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British Police State Denial Of Free Speech EarnsTommy Robinson 13 Months Jail Term. 3 June, 2018. Sunday Within the Octave of Corpus Christi

Britain Now Police State As Denial Of Free Speech And Freedom Of Movement Denied Once Again To Tommy Robinson



 Britain is Now A Police State- There Is No Freedom of Speech In The U.K.




Britain Is Now A Totalitarian State!


The Stream That Got Tommy Arrested -Denial Of Freedom of Speech And Freedom Of Movement In A Totalitarian British State


Islam - a false religion revealed by the false prophet Muhammad.  It's followers are called Muslims, who follow the book called The  Koran.  Muslims reject the Trinity and Divinity of Christ.  According to Catholic teaching, Islam is an abomination and a diabolical sect ( i.e. a sect of the Devil).  Muslims are unbelievers ( infidels) who need to be converted for salvation.

  Pope Eugene IV, Council of Basil, 1431:

  " ... there is hope that very many from the  abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith."

  Pope Callixtus III:  "I vow to... exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet [Islam] in the East."

The Vatican II sect heaps praise on Islam and considers it a good religion.




Don't travel to the UK, it's a Leftist police state, as unbelievable as that may seem.

Themistocles Artemisium I'm a Brit and I agree!!!!


Latest Update on Tommy Robinson's Incarceration






Tommy Robinson's last interview before they locked him up!


  6 June, 2018 NZST


  Is Tommy Robinson A Zionist?


“What makes the EDL’s former leader, who says he is a friend of the Jews, tick?”




 "We Jews have spread the spirit of revolt and false liberalism among the nations of the gentiles, so as to persuade them away from their faith,"  [done]  "and even make them ashamed of professing the precepts of their religion and obeying the commandments of the Church.' [done]

"We have brought many of them to boast of being atheists and more then that, to glory in being descendants of the ape.'

"We are the supreme Masters of peace and war. We can boast of being the Creators of the (Protestant) Reformation..."

  - "The Jewish Peril & The Catholic Church|." -the London Catholic Gazette, 1936


QUESTION: Who is behind the Mass Illegal Immigration in to the West to destroy West Christian Civilization?

The  ANSWER should be patently obvious by now! Who is the paramount enemy of the Catholic Church, that is Christianity, who wish to obliterate any mention of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time?

It is a war between Jesus Christ and His Church, the Catholic Church Outside of which there is no salvation, and Satan, with the Jews having been declared by Christ, 'the Synagogue of Satan.' Whose side are you on?


Tommy Robinson - Wearing "I am a Zionist" button




(((Who))) Dominated the Slave Trade?


(((Epstein))) Island ..... Clintons & Q ANON



Fly By ....

Mystery: Where is the landing strip for that jet aircraft???



Bill Clinton gets confronted about his 26 trips on the Lolita Express – 2 minute video





(((9/11))) Flight Attendant Revelation




Exposing the Jews - An Unholy People In The Holy Land 


The World Watches as Ahed Tamimi Confronts Israeli Invader of her home and freedom





A Caged Bird Sings




Background Reading on Palestine and the Jews




Four Men Who Built The Zionist State

Moses Hess

In the year 1862, a German named Moses Hess published at Paris a book called Rome and Jerusalem ...If modern Zionism must be assigned a specific starting point, this was it.

Hess's message was straightforward: "Papal Rome," he writes, "symbolizes to the Jews an inexhaustible well of poison."  But the Jews should not be discouraged.   Hess continues.   A "regeneration" of the world has been going on since the "great" French Revolution.   Rome is already on the way down, he declares, and the job of the Jews is to establish Jerusalem in place of it.    

Christianity will be "finally replaced among the regenerated nations by a new historical cult.   To this cult , Judaism alone holds the key."

Hess nailed the whole argument in with the resounding blasphemy: "Every Jew has within him the potentiality of a Messiah, and every Jewess that of a Mater Dolorosa.. The Messianic Era is the present age." 

There was no Jew in Europe who was not interested, but for many, Hess's call to arms was too dangerous, for there would be Christian resentment, they said, and all those liberties so lately acquired by the Jews as a result of Masonic revolutions, would be revoked. 

The Jews however, of Eastern Europe, still confined in Polish and Russian ghettos, Moses Hess was a prophet.  His book begot a dozen secret societies dedicated to a revived Jewish nationalism, and it set the stage for a more versatile Jewish leader.


 Theodore Herzl

 If Moses Hess was the violent revolutionist that Zionism needed to start it off,Theodore Herzl was the capable calculator who brought order to the Zionist frenzy, won for Zionism the support of  Western Jews, and gave permanent direction to the Jewish resurgence by advocating the immediate establishment of a self-governing Jewish state.

With diabolical doggedness, Herzl peddled his plan for a Jewish homeland on every important doorstep in Europe.   The Kaiser listened to him, and so did the King of Italy and the Sultan of Turkey.   England offered him a piece of her own property in Uganda.  But the Zionists were determined against second-class handouts.   They wanted Palestine or nothing for their nation, and Jerusalem for their capital.

Herzl approached the even the Pope, Saint Pius X, to ask for support for a Jewish settlement in Palestine. To so fantastic a proposal, the Holy Father (says Herzl's Diaries): "answered in a stern and categorical manner: "We are unable to favor this movement.  We cannot prevent the Jews from going to Jerusalem - but we could never sanction it.   The ground of Jerusalem, if it were not always sacred, has been sanctified by the life of Jesus Christ.  As the head of the Church, I cannot answer you otherwise.   The Jews have not recognized Our Lord, therefore, we cannot recognize the Jewish people."

The Pope did not discount the possibility of some measure of success for Zionism, himself being the virtual prisoner of Italy's Masonic administrators, the offspring of those same Freemasons who previously had glorified in tearing down those ghetto walls and sacked the churches.

The Zionists were confident that when the desired circumstances do not present themselves on their own, they can be made to order.  In a speech before the Sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, Herzl's  Max Nordau, said ( and the year was 1903): "Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upwards and upward: Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future World War, the peace conference where, with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."


Chaim Weizmann

When the World War that Nordau had foretold eventually came, in 1914, Herzl was ten years dead, but a new Zionist leader was on hand to oversee the expected Jewish triumph.

This was Chaim Weizmann, an itinerant chemist who had moved from his native Russia to Manchester, England, sometime before the outbreak of the War.

It was Weismann's task to acquaint the British government with Jewish designs on the Holy Land.   In exchange for an official smile on these Zionist ambitions, Weizmann could promise that his race - its financiers, presidential advisors, newspaper publishers and all - would join wholeheartedly in helping  Britain win the war.   

Consequently, on Nov. 2, 1917, the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Balfour, addressed a letter to Lord Rothschild, English representative of the powerful Jewish banking house. 

     "His Majesty's Government," wrote Balfour,   "view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people ... "Though  the letter further specified that "nothing shall be done which mat prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,"the Jews assumed this clause was meaningless.   The Balfour Declaration, as this letter came to be called, gave the Jews a foot in the Holy Land, and they set out with determination to wriggle the rest of their bulk through the door.

To direct this operation, Chaim Weismann went to Palestine in 1918, as head of the Zionist Commission .   Under Weismann's supervision, armies of Jewish immigrants pushed into Palestine (made a British Mandate in 1922) till eventually they had swollen their numbers to one-half the total inhabitants. (their land-purchases were less prodigal; by 1948 they owned only 6 per cent of the available property.)

Through all this, the Church remained adamantly anti-Zionist.  In a 1921 allocution, Pope Benedict XV expressed his fear that "the Jews should come to take in Palestine, a preponderant  and privileged position."

World War I, as Nordau revealed, had been the scheduled means for setting up a Jewish state, but it did not quite do the trick.   A second World War was needed to bring the Jews' otherwise unthinkable scheme to perfection.

At the conclusion of World War II, Chaim Weismann came to America to claim the spoils.

Spurred on by him and fellow Zionists, the United Nations obediently decreed that at the expiration of the British Mandate, the Holy Land should be partitioned into two areas, the smaller to be governed by Arabs, the larger by Jews.

The British were withdrawn on May 15, 1948.   At midnight of May 14, Zionist leaders announced the formation of the Jewish State.  Ten minutes after their announcement, President Harry Truman, defying all protocol, accorded this infant monstrosity official United States recognition.   Later , Mr. Truman was to write in his published memoirs:  "I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance.   The persistence of a few of the extreme Zionist leaders - actuated by political motives and engaging in political threats-disturbed me and annoyed me."

Even if it were not known otherwise, events of the last decade would bear stern witness that the Masonic M. Truman overcame his annoyance.

David Ben-Gurion

Though Chaim Weismann was duly named President of the Jewish State, and held that office until his death in 1952, it was a position of honor only.

The Jews were grateful for all Weismann had done, but they were confident they had come to a new season: the full flowering of that "Messianic Era" that Moses Hess had proclaimed, and now they had a new leader, their Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

As effective head of the Jewish State, Ben-Gurion represents the fulfillment of Hess, Herzl, and Weismann, the achievement of Zionist victory.      He is the symbol of Jewry on its own - the crucifixion of Christ free at last of Christian standards and surveillance.   How alien the Jews are to those standards, their ten years of sovereignty have enabled them to show.


Jewish Terrorism Raises Its Ugly Head 


The acts of Jewish terrorism that had marked the final months of the British Mandate (when Jews were blowing up British buildings in Palestine, hanging British soldiers, mailing time-bombs to members of the British cabinet) seemed like mere schoolboy pranks when the Jews went to work on the Arabs.

One million Arab residents of Palestine were forced to flee their ancestral homes - the orchards, pastures, and farms their people had worked for centuries. 

As ex-Archbishop George Hakim of Galilee insisted:  "They were terrorized out."

 The persuasive device employed by the Jews was simple: They massacred one whole Arab village; then they sent a sound-truck through all the neighboring villages, promising each one the same fate unless the people evecuated their homes immediately.

 All this was apart from the military aggresion, when Israeli soldiers, with arms supplied by Communist Czechoslavakia, invaded the Arab-assigned regions off Palestine and increased their national holdings by forty per cent.

 Feats like this thrilled the Jews who watched from afar, swelled the fantastic sums being poured into Palestine by World Jewry, and provoked statements like this one by New York's Jewish congressman, Emmanuel Celler:  "Maybe the Israelis may have to give the Arabs another lesson and cut through their forces again like a hot knife through butter.    Only this time the pleas of the United Nations will not deter them    They will shoot their way clear into Beirut, Amman, and Alexandria."

When Prime Minister ben-Gurion's plans for the further expansion of the Jewish State are realized (when international circumstances have been ordered to their end), there will be a fresh field open to the Jews, and it will be open not only for additional confiscation of Arab property, but for further desecration of Christian shrines and churches in those parts of the Holy Land that the Jews do not yet control.  

Bethlehem, for example, can expect a repetition of the profanity and sacrilege that the Jews have already perpetrated in Mount Carmel, Ain-Karim, Haifa, Capharnaum, Tiberias, Beit-Jala, Katamon, in all of Galilee, and in Jerusalem, the Holy City itself.    These previous desecrations, so well calculated by Mr. Ben-Gurion, prompted the well-known but little-heeded warning of the late Apostolate Delegate, Archbishop Hughes, who stated that there is in operation a "deliberate Jewish effort to decimate the Arabs and to destroy Christianity in Palestine."

   The consequences of this "deliberate Jewish effort" will spread in our times far beyond the borders of Palestine.  For the once-Christian West has betrayed Our Lord's Holy Land into the hands of His crucifiers, and already the price of the betrayal is being paid, in kind.     It has cost England her empire.   And it has put that other Zionist support, the United State of America, face to face with Third World War - one that looms like a terror out of the Apocalypse, and that will provide the most fantastic chapter yet in the unfinished story of Zionism.

[abridged from The Point, September, 1958, - edited under Fr. Leonard Feeney S.J.]


U.K. - Woman who posted Holocaust denial song on YouTube convicted


“A woman who wrote and performed antisemitic songs mocking the Holocaust has been found guilty of posting ‘grossly offensive’ material to YouTube.


Alison Chabloz, 54, was convicted of three charges relating to three of her songs at Westminster magistrates court on Friday. The district judge, John Zani, said he was satisfied the material was grossly offensive and that Chabloz intended to insult Jewish people…


The prosecution was initially brought privately by the charity , then taken over by the CPS.


The chair of the CAA, Gideon Falter, said: ‘Alison Chabloz has dedicated herself over the course of years to inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world. She is now a convicted criminal. This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.’…


Adrian Davies, defending, previously told Zani his ruling would be a landmark one, setting a precedent on the exercise of free speech. He had argued his client did not commit an offence, saying: ‘It is hard to know what right has been infringed by Miss Chabloz’s singing.’


The singer has defended her work as ‘satire’, saying many Jewish people found the songs funny. Lyrics included: ‘Did the Holocaust ever happen? Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes.’


Chabloz, of Charlesworth, Derbyshire, was convicted of two counts of causing an offensive, indecent or menacing message to be sent over a public communications network.”



The Beast Out Of The Sea - MHFM e-exchanges



Liberal abominations in Argentina celebrate new bill that will “allow” women to kill their unborn babies


What a horrific scene.  Those idolatrous women have marked themselves as followers of the old serpent's lie, and even dispersed green smoke into their midst.  No, Bergoglio will not condemn this, nor express any sorrow over it...



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