Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two Little Dickie Birds. Wednesday 31 August, 2016 St. Raymond Nonnatus, C.

Two Little Dickie Birds - A Game for Younger and Older Kids!




Watch the Video



Template for your own Dickie Birds - Color them in!


 You will need two bird templates, print them out adjusting for size to fit your either middle/2nd finger or 1st finger of both hands.   Fix together with sellotape and then color them in, using your imagination!

The lady in the video hides the birds behind her back, but I feel  it looks more convincing if you hide them behind your left and right shoulders, making sure you hide both birds in the palm of your hand before presenting either the 1st or second finger which you chose beforehand not to fit the two Dickie birds to!

Practice it a few times before trying it out on your young or old audience - they will be in awe!   

When I start the demonstration I like to spin it out a bit before hand, by introducing the two little Dickie Birds to your audience.


What do I do ?  


"I've got two little Dickie birds, and we can recite a rhyme about them both.    This one's called Peter, and this one's called Paul."  [ take them alternatively on a short flight in front of your audience, then settle them both back on your lap, table or whatever]   

"Fly away Peter!" [ flutter him round a bit in front of your audience, and even make him disobey your command - a couple of times! ] Then 'fly' him over your right shoulder so as your audience can't see you tucking him in the palm of your right hand, if you decided Peter was going to be the Dickie bird in your right hand. 


Extend the adjacent finger without the Dickie bird on it, and show to your audience.  "Where has Peter gone?"


Repeat the same for 'Paul' ... "Fly away Paul"..... 


Now, say, in turn. "Come back Peter," hiding the finger without the Dickie bird on it and show to your audience that Peter has returned - Amazing, how did you do that!


Do the same for Paul.   



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