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SOME NEEDED INFORMATION ABOUT THE JEWS. Sunday 15th February, 2015. Quinquagesima Sunday. Sts. Faustina and Jovita, Mm

SOME NEEDED INFORMATION ABOUT THE JEWS - The Point August, 1955  Edited under Fr. Leonard Feeney MICM



  By some happy providence of our seldom musical English language, there is an immediately detectable harmony in the words,  "the Jews" and "the news."    For many years now this accidental rhyme has become an increasingly faithful reflection of a more and more solid alliance.   For the Jews now have unquestioned control over the American public's chief source of ideas - the news in the daily paper.

They have arrived at this control by a variety of means - shrewdly avoiding exploitation of any one.   While it is true that they own and operate the most important single newspaper in the country, The New York Times, the day-to-day bible of American journalism - while it is true that they have so bought-out the newspapers in our nation's capital that it is impossible for a congressman to pick up a Washington morning paper that is not published by a Jew - and while it is true that from Philadelphia to Los Angeles they are continuing to gain ownership of many of the big dailies, - still, outright editor-and-publisher control is not always necessary, or even prudent, for promoting the interests of the Jews.

The professional Jewish pressure groups in every large community have long become artists at suavely intimidating any too-emphatically-Gentile city editor.    And even more persuasive are the "Main Street Jews"- the department, clothing, and speciality store owners who brandish the big stick of advertising revenue.    It stands to reason that the unwary editor who tells the truth about the Jews will ultimately find himself excluded from the fabulous money hand-outs of the Jewish retail advertisers.   Few papers can survive a boycott like this.

For those smaller American cities where there are still advertisement-buying Main Street businesses which are not in the hands of the Jews, and where the scant Jewish community is much less eloquent, the American Jewish Committee has come up with a special, necessarily more direct plan. The newspapers in these places can be controlled on their policy pages, the editorial ones, by direct pipeline from the American Jewish Committee offices in New York.   The Committee boasts (to its own members, not the general public) that it regularly provides 1700 small American newspapers with what it calls, "canned editorials."    These are ready-to-print commentaries on public issues which embody the complete Jewish line, but which come as a God-send to the unsuspecting and overworked small town editor, who is told that he should insert them in his paper as his own editorials - no acknowledgements wanted by his well-wishing friends on the American Jewish Committee.

Apart from the individual publications, there are those great fountainheads of information, the news-gathering agencies.   The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia boasts that Jews were "pioneers" in the  formation of these agencies.   In the field of international news exchange, the most illustrious name has been the Jewish name of Paul Reuter, founder of the famous Reuters agency.    Within our own country, the United Press has a long record of collaboration with all the Jewish lobbyists, the Associated Press has gone so far as to guarantee to the Jewish American Defamation League that there will never be an AP release  in which a Jewish wrong-doer is identified as a Jew, and the International News Service has faithfully followed the aggressive pro-Jewish policies of its late Jewish president, Moses Koenigsberg - one time head of another far-flung news empire, King Features Syndicate.   In addition, all UP, AP, and INS dispatches are subject to the constant scrutiny of the news systems of American radio-television, whose three greatest broadcasting chains (CBS, NBC, and ABC) are, respectively, in the Jewish hands of William Paley, David Sarnoff, and Barney Balaban.

Add to  these multiple opportunities for control the names of such prominent Jewish news-people as Joseph Pulitzer, Adolph Ochs, Paul Block, Herbert Bayard Swope, David Lawrence, Arthur Hayes Sulzberger, Franklin P. Adams, Walter Lippman, Julius Ochs Adler, Eugene Lyons, J. David Stern, George Sokolsky, Walter Winchell, etc., and you can glean some small realization of the extent to which "the Jews" and "the news" are now so thoroughly entangled.


"By their fruits you shall know them" - and American newspapers can be no better known than by that very latest of their fruits, that gigantic laboratory lemon, Jonas Salk.

Jewish Jonas is a symbol of all that the Jew-controlled press can do for a man.   It can build him up overnight as the nation's number one hero.   It can make what he has to offer (in Jonas' case a serum of infected monkey kidneys) the most appealing and necessary item in the land.

And when the artificial alliance (Salk, the kidneys, and the clamouring public) begins to back-fire, the versatile press can save its face (and Jonas') by suggesting innumerable culprits.  "Salt Not at Fault," say the headlines.   And down below we can read all about the negligence of Mrs. Hobby, the miscalculations of Dr. Scheele, the slovenliness of the Cutter firm.

Here in Boston, the press has had a notably tough time of it trying to perpetuate the aura of greatness with which it initially surrounded Doctor Salk.   As we write the city health commissioner has announced that until last month (when the first Salk injections were given in this area) Boston's record for the whole year was only six cases of polio.   In the past month (since the injections) that total of six has risen to one hundred and sixty.

What deference have we?   Saint Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri, founder of the Redemptorist Order, long ago announced a foolproof solution - a permanent immunization against all future Doctor Salks.   In his book, Theologia Moralis, Saint Alphonsus states that Catholics are obliged to avoid all Jewish doctors and their remedies, adding that to give oneself over to their care is to commit "a mortal sin."


The very choicest fruit of our "free press" is not, however, the Jew whom it builds up, but the Gentile whom it takes in.    Hopeful of rescuing one such, we are directing the following sentences to the Honorable Wayne Morse, the Jew-championing solon from Oregon who recently remarked,  "I am amazed at the number of my colleagues who in private meetings closed to the press, and in cloakroom sessions that go unreported, fight viciously to refuse aid and haven to millions of human beings because they are Jews."

It is inconceivable to you, Senator Morse, how anyone could take exception to your Jewish friends - friends who expect of a Senator certain attentions, but who amply repay him for these by lauding him in their newspapers, on their radio, and over their television, and when the chips are down, by coming right into his home state to stump for his re-election.

Now, Senator, to clarify for you this mystery of anti-Semitism in your midst, we must point out that your friends are not opposed simply "because they are Jews," in the way that Republicans might be opposed simply because they are Republicans.   Your friends provoke animosities for reasons that are not only numerous but are thoroughly substantial, ranging from personal grievances to international ones.

The sore point which is particularly suited for arousing members of Congress, however, and which probably accounts for most of the cloak room confabs you have been so startled by, is the Jews' sustained, intensive campaign of promoting Communism.

The Jew-Communist tie-up is, of course, no longer as blatantly asserted as it was in 1917 - when New York newspapers announced the Russian revolution with front page headlines proclaiming,  "East Side Jews Go Wild With Joy,"  when Rabbi Stephen Wise hailed the Revolution, at a huge Carnegie Hall rally, as the "noblest accomplishment of the sons and daughters of Israel," and when Jewish financier Jacob Schiff boasted of the millions of dollars he had contributed as a propaganda fund for the insurrectionists.

Still, legislators today have evidence quite as cogent as the above for knowing that Communism is a Jewish movement.   Perhaps you have observed yourself, Senator, that whenever the government indicts a number of Communists, 90 percent of them turn out to be your friends?    For instance, of the eleven Communists who have been convicted of espionage since World War II, ten have been Jews.    Or, to take the latest case, of the nine Communists recently convicted in Philadelphia (not of espionage, but just of being Communists), eight were Jews.     And only last month, when the names of 23 Communist who had infiltrated the newspaper industry were disclosed, 20 turned out to be - do you see what we mean, Senator?

We hope we have given you an inkling of why it is that many of your colleagues have a slant on your Jewish friends slightly different from your own.    At the very least, such an inkling would serve to keep you unamazed as you wander through the halls of Congress.   At best, it could lead you into an entirely new way of thinking.    Spurred on by your patriotic zeal, you might conclude that, despite all they have done for you, it is not to the higher interests of the country to hand it over to the Jews.

Perhaps, Senator, in a few months, you might even provide a new voice in the cloak rooms.


For a long time now we have known the apprehensive Jews of America are working night and day to try to alter those basic doctrines which Catholics are taught about Jews - namely, that the Jews are the crucifiers of Christ, the victims of a divine curse, and, as Our Lord insisted, the children of the Devil.

We have seen how the American Jewish Committee has openly launched a program to censor such teachings in American parochial schools, stating that one of the chief A.J.C. objectives is "changing what is said about Jews and Judaism in the literature of Christian education."

Invariably the Jewish attack on what Catholic children are taught ends up in an attack upon that foundational rock of catholic belief - the New Testament.     Recent example:  The Jewish Freemasons of California, in their publication, the B'nai B'rith Messenger, have lately published an open letter to Cardinal Spellman.   The subject of the letter is the Catholic monthly, The Point, which gets branded in the letter as a "vicious anti-Semitic sheet."    The Jewish complaint winds up with the following paragraph:

"Here we are faced with an acknowledged Catholic publication that appeals to violent action against Jews, telling its readers that, 'The Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men, prohibiting us to speak to the Gentiles that they may be saved.'      There is no greater authority in American Catholicism than Cardinal Spellman.  We therefore appeal to him to put a stop to this outrage."

The Jewish Masons of B'nai B'rith fail to mention that the passage which they reprint from The Point ("The Jews who both killed the Lord Jesus, etc.") is not of The Point's invention.   It is a direct quotation from Saint Paul's First Epistle to the Thessalonians - an integral part of the inspired New Testament!


Lest anyone think, however, that this Jewish failure to attack Saint Paul by name might indicate good will toward the New Testament, the Jews of the B'nai B'rith Messenger followed up their complaint to Cardinal Spellman with a boldtype editorial calling for a revision of the Christian Bible!    The Messenger summarized  "There must be a rewriting of the Christ story for Christians which will for all time eradicate the myth that 'the Jews killed Christ.' "



It will very much disturb the Jewish Masons of B'nai B'rith to learn that every year on Good Friday, in the fifth responsory of Matins, a Catholic  priest reads in his Breviary,  "The Jews crucified Jesus; and there was darkness ... "

Realizing full well that this is hardly the amount of attention that the subject deserves, Our Holy Mother Church requires that every priest also read, during the same Office of Good Friday, an instruction by that eminent Catholic authority, saint Augustine of Hippo.

The Point concludes this month with Saint Augustine's lengthy answer to the question "Did the Jews Crucify Jesus?"

"Ye know what secret counsel was that of the wicked Jews, and what instruction was that of the workers of iniquity.   Of what iniquity were they the workers?   The murder of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.   'Many good works,'  saith He, 'have I showed you - for which of those works go ye about to kill me?'   He had borne with all their weaknesses;  He had healed all their diseases; He had preached unto them the kingdom of Heaven; He had discovered to them their iniquities, that they might rather hate them, than the Physician that came to cure them.   And now at last, without gratitude for all the tenderness of His healing love, like men raging in a high delirium, throwing themselves madly on the Physician Who had come to cure them, they took counsel how they might kill Him.

"The Jews cannot say, 'We did not murder Christ' - albeit they gave Him over to Pilate, His judge, that they themselves might seem free of His death.   They could throw the blame of their sin upon a human judge, but did they deceive God, the Great Judge?   In that which Pilate did he was their accomplice, but in comparison with them, he had far lesser sin. (John XIX, 11) Pilate strove as far as he could to deliver Him forth out of their hands, for which reason also he scourged Him. and brought Him forth to them.   He scourged not the Lord for cruelty's sake, but in the hope that he might so slake the Jews' wild thirst for blood, that, perchance, even they might be touched with compassion, and cease to lust for His death, when they saw what He was after the flagellation.

"Even this effort he made, ' ye know how that 'he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying: I am innocent of the Blood of this Just Person.'    And yet, 'he delivered Him to be crucified!'   But if he were guilty who did it against his will, were they innocent who goaded him on to it?  No.   Pilate gave sentence against Him, and commanded Him to be crucified, but ye, O ye Jews, ye also are His murderers!  Wherewith?  With your tongue, whetted like a sword.  And when?   when ye cried, 'Crucify Him! Crucify Him!' "

(From the Roman Breviary)


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