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"Priest" Announces He's "Gay" During "Mass" Receives Standing Ovation. Thursday 15th January,2015. St. Paul, First Hermit; St. Maurus, Ab

"Priest" Announces He's "Gay" During "Mass" Receives Standing Ovation.


"This is Brother Peter Dimond (

A "priest" of the Vatican II sect in Dublin, Ireland named "Father" Martin Dolan, recently told his congregation that he was a homosexual.     He also called for them to support "Gay" marriage.

Evil fruits of Vatican II sect

The response of the people was to give him a standing ovation.   Think about that!

This occurred at a so-called "Catholic Church."    In reality the Church is part of the Vatican II sect, the end times counter Church, which purports to be the Catholic Church, but actually is not.

Novus Ordo "Sheeples"

This new item is another striking example of the total apostasy and wickedness of the people who follow the Vatican II sect.   They have no morality at all, not to mention their faith.

They are applauding the practice of sodomy, the rejection of Christian marriage and the repudiation of all Catholic teaching against sexual immorality.   It's just pure evil.

Celebrating being "Gay"

The Vatican II sect has eradicated any goodness in faith from what were Catholic Churches, and left only spiritual desolation.   And remember, that the people who reacted in this way, giving him a standing ovation, when he called for them to support "gay marriage" and announce that he's "gay" actually consider themselves to be practicing Catholics on some level.

They're the ones who have enough interest to show up at what they think is the Mass, even though it's not a true Mass.

If this is how they react to Sodomy and the repudiation of Christian Marriage, imagine what they would say about deeper dogmas of faith on Salvation, the Church, etc.   It's complete apostasy!

Destruction of Sodom

And some people think that the Great Apostasy is coming down the line, or it's just getting started.  

No, it's almost over!    

The Whore of Babylon is not going to be overtaking Rome in the future, and then reducing the one true Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church to a remnant in the final days as is prophesied in Apocalypse 17

No! that has already happened!

The Whore of Babylon is in Rome now!   It's the Vatican II sect, not the Catholic Church, and it has spread its spiritual fornication and wickedness to all the nations of the earth, such as Ireland.

Whore of Babylon

And if the Whore of Babylon, the end times counter Church is there now, as it is, then the deception of the Antichrist, the Beast out of the Sea, and the seven Roman Kings, must also already be there.    And that's the case, as our video: "Is the World about to End?" and "The Antichrist Revealed; the Beast that was, and is not, has returned," is discussed.

Another reason the demonic apostate congregation applauded what Martin Dolan said, is that almost the entire world at this time is sexually perverted, whether it's the mortal sin of fornication, looking at pornography, birth control, adultery, or something else, all of which put people in a state of damnation.


Birth Control


Almost everyone is sadly engaging in some form of  sexual immorality.   Since they are sexually compromised themselves , they are more inclined to support and rush to the defence of others who are sexually perverted, and to call for the removal of boundaries in such areas.

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