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Push For War. Tuesday 27 August, 2013. St. Joseph Calasanctius,C

Push for War in Syria - Storm Clouds

MHFM: This is a very interesting 10 minute video on the fraudulent pretext being used to generate support for another outrageous and worthless military intervention in the Middle East.
It deals with the cause of the chemical weapons attack. 

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 Though this video doesn't mention it explicitly, the push for war in Syria is all for Israel, as usual.

The U.S. would not benefit from war in Syria.   It would only further debilitate, and perhaps devastate the U.S. economy.   It would also further strain the military, considering the state of the economy and the widespread disenchantment with the previous fraudulent wars, the fact that they might be able to pull off another one in the Middle East (solely for Israel: to further clear out the weeds in Israel's backyard) is an astounding commentary on the extent of Israel's control and influence.


This article is also relevant: The latest war for Israel's strategic interests: U.S. Set to launch 'Iraq, The Sequel,' in Syria



Leaked Documents: U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack [video]


Transcript of the video:

"On August 21, 2013, chemical weapons were used in the Syrian conflict, yet again, the Western Powers, the U.S. and France in particular, didn't hesitate for a moment to take advantage of the tragedy, decrying it as a crime against humanity and using it as a springboard to announce their preparations for a military strike against the Syrian Government.

Make no mistake, this was a crime against humanity, but the gas was not used by the Syrian Government - it was used by the NATO - backed rebels.

In this video we are going to show definitive evidence to support this claim.  We are going to explain the U.S. and NATO's motive for committing this atrocity.   The leaked documents that we are going to be presenting are available for you to download yourself.   You'll find the link and the description to that download, and you'll also find the link to the mainstream articles we use in our research.

Now, in order to really understand this event, we need to look at it in context.  

United States has had Syria in its crosshairs for a long time; the plans for these wars have been in the works for over a decade.

4 Star General Wesley Clark:  "About 10 days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon, and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz.   I went downstairs just to say hullo to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in.

He said, 'Sir, you gotta' come in and talk to me a second.'   I said, 'We're too busy.' 
He said, 'No, no,' he said, ' we made the decision. We're going to war with Iraq.'
This was on or about 20th September.  I said, ' We're going to war with Iraq. Why?'
He said, ' I don't know ... I guess they don't know what else to do.'
So, I said, 'Did they find some information connecting Saddam to Al Qaeda?'
He said, 'No, no, there's nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.'  He said, ' I guess it's like we don't know what to do about terrorists, but we got a good military and we can take down governments, and I guess if it's the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.'
So I came back to see him a few days later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan, I said, ' Are we still going to war with Iraq?'

'Oh,' he said, ' It's worse than that!'  He reached over on his desk and picked up a piece of paper.  He said, 'I just got this down from upstairs from the Secretary of Defence earlier today, and,' he said, 'this memo describes how we are going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing with Iran.'"
U.S. Government doesn't like to present its wars as Empire building; they prefer to paint themselves as defenders of democracy and human rights.   To accomplish this little public relations sleight of hand, they've proven time and time again that they are willing to flat out make stuff up, and they are willing to kill thousands  of people to achieve their political objectives.

We saw a blatant example of this in the Iraq war, where they tried accusing Saddam of still harbouring the chemical weapons that the U.S. had provided him in his war against Iran.

Even back in the 80's the U.S. was trying to take out the Iranians.   They didn't like the fact that their puppet, the Shah, had been ousted in 1979, and as Wesley Clark pointed out, the 'End Game' is still Iran.

For a long time they tried going after Iran directly by accusing them of building nuclear weapons.   This line of worn out propaganda fell apart when elements within the C.I.A. and Mossad came forth stating there was no evidence that Iran even intended to build such a weapon.

You can only 'cry wolf' so many times, before people started rolling their eyes - so these chicken hawk neocons switched their strategy and decided to go after Syria, to get to Iran.
They knew that Syria and Iran had a mutual defence agreement, and if NATO forces enter Syria, Iran will be drawn into a fight.  

Rather than attacking Syria directly, the U.S. and NATO have been running a 'proxy' war, by arming and funding the Syrian rebels, also known as the SSA, funnelling these resources through their allies in the region.
To secure the source of this support, Qatar has been used to purchase the weapons from countries like Sudan enroute from Syria via Turkey.   Qatar is a close military ally of the U.S.   They provided tank support in the Gulf War of '91, and Qatar served as a U.S. Central Command Headquarters during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Fast forward to January 2013, when it was revealed that e-mails and a large quantity of sensitive documents from Britam Defence, a U.K. military contractor were leaked by a hacker.
These documents exposed a proposal coming from Qatar to march false flag chemical attacks in Syria and blame it on the Syrian Government.  

According to the documents, the plan had the full support of Washington, and enormous sums of money had been offered for the project.
The person sending these e-mails was David Goulding, Managing Director of Britam Defence.

The addressee was Philip Doughty, Dynamic Director and Founder of Britam.

By accessing the servers, the hacker was able to obtain the scan of Doughty's passport, resume, as well as the passports of Ukranian operatives, that the e-mails suggested should be used to carry out the attack.

The leak also included hundreds of other documents containing detailed financial and operational information for Britam Defence, including scores of signed contracts, weekly assessments, and incident reports projects in multiple countries. 
Among these were contracts for Saudi Arabia to help prepare their forces for war with Iran.
The release also depicted a tight business relationship with the infamous profiteer Albert.
The documents acquired by the hacker were not easy to come by.  Most of the places where they were offloaded were taken down very quickly without explanation.   However, we did manage to get the files.   Police spent quite a lot of time analysing them. 
After investing this time, it was very clear to us that they were real, but don't take our word for it - just take a look in the description for the download link and go and verify for yourself.
This leak was never mentioned by the mainstream media at all in the U.S. or Europe, and there was no investigation whatsoever, even though what was discussed here, was clearly planned to commit a war crime.  

Three months passed, and on March 19th, 2013, Sarin gas was used in Syria near Aleppo.   Israel and the U.S. promptly blamed the Syrian Government for the attack, even though many of those who were killed were Syrian Government soldiers.

Obama began telling about the event as a 'red line' that had been crossed, and the war mongers began their sabre rattling in earnest.  However, the U.N. insisted on investigating the issue themselves, and on May 6, 2013, U.N. investigator Carla Del Ponte went public stating that evidence from their investigation indicated that it was the Syrian rebels who had used the Sarin gas, and that there was no indication that the Syrian Government had marched any chemical attacks whatsoever.

Russian U.N. Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin agreed with Del Ponte after Russian experts visited the location where the projectile struck, and took their own samples of the material from the site.    The samples were then analyzed at a Russian laboratory certified by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

According to the lab report, results they found that the presence of hexogen utilized as an opening charge, and which is not used in standard chemical munitions, pointed to the attack being launched by the rebel.  

Rather than cover this development, the mainstream media did what they always do when they don't want the public to look at something.   They simply changed the subject. 

Now, of course, the fact that the U.S. backed the rebels that attempted to frame the Syrian Government in order to build support for a NATO invasion are bad enough, they were trying to start a war of aggression.
But let's remember that sarin gas was in fact used.   This means that the U.S. and its allies were willing to commit a blatant war crime killing scores of civilians in order to justify toppling Assad.
Nor did the U.S. withdraw their support after this event, in fact they increased it.


In July, the U.S. began openly discussing "kinetic strikes" against Syria as if their lies hadn't been exposed.  
This, of course brings us to the attack on August 21, 2013, where they attempted once again to frame the Syrian Government for the use of sarin gas.    Once again, they got caught.

The first wave of media coverage tried to pin the attack on the Syrian Government, and the U.S. and France instantly came out condemning Assad.
By August 24, 2013, the Pentagon had already announced plans for missile strikes, but even as they did, the story was already falling apart.

The Syrian Army came forward the same day
with footage to back up their report that they had uncovered a mass of chemical weapons cache in a rebel tunnel in the Damascus suburb, Jobar.   This is the exact neighbourhood where the chemical attack took place.

The Syrian Governments version of the event, backed up by several bits of evidence; (1) on May 31, 2013, security forces in Turkey found a 2kg cylinder filled with sarin gas after searching the homes of four Syrian militant; (2) on July 2, the Syrian Army went public about a chemical lab that they had found belonging to the rebels in the city of Banias, and (3) we already have those documents clearly showing the U.S. was backing a plan to frame the Syrian Government with chemical weapons.

All this clearly shows that the rebels had the means and the intent.
However, the most obvious variable in this equation is motive.
The only party that benefits from launching this attack, the Syrian rebels, the U.S. and its NATO allies.
The Syrian Government knows full well that the U.S. and NATO have been  looking for any excuse to invade.    The last thing they want to do is hand them that excuse.

The rebels, on the other hand, have already been caught creating false videos of civilian casualties.   The clip you are watching right now, is one of the most famous examples.

This chemical attack launched on August 21st, fits with their previous pattern.
The rebels further exposed their hand when two days after the attack they released a video statement vowing to strike with any and all means.   They claim to have access to chemical weapons and they said that they now intended to use them in a conflict with zero reservations from this point forward!

Essentially, they're using their own crime as a pretext to openly start using chemical weapons in combat!
 The stakes in this cover up are high!
Russia and China have both openly sided with Syria and Iran.    Russia has warned that thermonuclear war could result if the U.S. continues down this path!

That's an outcome that's too horrific to contemplate.
However, even if that worse case scenario was averted, this is such a matter of life and death for the Syrian and Iranian people.   If the U.S. invades, a lot of civilians are going to die.

The situation is not going to be improved by the U.S. attack any more than it was in Iraq or any of the other countries that we've toppled.  We have to do everything in our power to stop this!
Please help us get this information out to everyone especially those in the military.

Show this to facebook, twitter - post it on your website;  download this document; put them on disc with this video, and hand them out on the street.

If you're in the military and you find this video, please send it to your commanding officer, and to everyone that you trust in your unit.   If you are afraid of being punished, then find a way to send it anonymously.
Hundreds of people were killed in these attacks, many of them children and the U.S. Government was behind it.

If you're a parent, imagine what it would feel like if it where your son or daughter who had been slaughtered for the political objectives of the psychopaths;  think about it, long and hard, because these things have a way of coming home to roost.  -  Storm Clouds Gathering .com


MHFM : It's certainly noteworthy that even mainstream media is reporting that Israel is basically the entire source for the 'intelligence' and 'proof'' concerning who carried out the chemical weapons attack.   That should give people an indication of what this is all about.   Israel is not exactly an impartial, unbiased or reliable source.

Of course it was Israel "intelligence" that "intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack"

August 29th, 2013
A team of United nations inspectors have resumed their second day of investigations at the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, as western leaders moved towards military action in response to the Syrian regime's reported use of chemical weapons against civilians.
The U.N. team left their Damascus hotel early on Wednesday after the operation was suspended on Tuesday following a sniper attack on its convoy on Monday.
The bulk of evidence proving the Assad regime's deployment of chemical weapons - which would provide legal grounds essential to justify any western military action - has been provided by Israeli military intelligence, the German magazine Focus has reported.


Latest Update:


catholic2007:  Egypt about to expose Obama, as U.S. considers strike action against Syria - will we see Obama direct everyone's attention away from this embarrassing exposure and up the "strikes" to a full scale campaign with all its horrific consequences? - 31 August, 2013 [see articles below from WND] articles:


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MHFM: This is an interesting 10-minute video report about the alleged transfer of secret nuclear weapons out of an Airforce base in West Texas for potential use in an upcoming military action.   It also discusses reports that B-1 bombers are on the move.

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Calls to impeach Obama before 9/11

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