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St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition) Wednesday 19 June, 2013 Feast of St. Juliana Falconieri, V. Sts. Gervase & Protase,Mm

St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition)

by Bro. Michael Dimond (www.vaticancatholic.com)


[ this version contains more information about how Francis fits with St. Malachy's prophecy about 'Peter the Roman.' This transcription contains all that information, and commences at [09:53] min in the 2nd edition of the video]

"Another reason St. Malachy called Francis 'the Roman' is that Francis has emphasized the title of 'Bishop of Rome' in a unique way.

Antipope Francis has generally avoided the title of 'Pope' and other titles associated with claimants to the Papacy.

Reluctant to use Papal title

The Official Vatican Directory lists a number of different titles for claimants to the Papacy, but Francis has rejected all these titles except the one title of 'Bishop of Rome,' which he specifically requested.     Francis has stressed in a highly unusual way that he is merely acting as if his authority is limited locally to Rome.

In fact, in his very first words after his 'election,' Francis explicitly stated, that the reason for a conclave was 'to give a Bishop to Rome.'

'bishop' of Rome
Francis is perhaps the only claimant in history who mentioned the title of 'Bishop of Rome' in his very first words to the world after his 'election.'   He was therefore immediately identified with Rome or in a particular way as a Roman.

'It is striking that in his initial appearances he repeatedly referred to himself as the 'Bishop of Rome,' rather than emphasizing his role as an authority figure in the Universal Church,'

Official Vatican Directory
Also Francis was the first claimant in history to sign his name in Italian rather than Latin in the Vatican's Official Directory.   Italian is the language of modern Romans which Francis happens to speak perfectly, whereas Latin is the language of the Church throughout the world.

This is another example of Francis' emphasis on a particular local or Roman role instead of a universal one.

Interestingly, Francis chose the name of the most well known Saint of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi.   Assisi is only 2 hours from Rome.

St. Francis' middle name Peter

During his life, St. Francis went to Rome, and St. Francis' middle name and his father's name happens to be Peter.    St. Malachy also says that 'Peter the Roman' will feed people during many tribulations.

It is very interesting that while antipope Francis doesn't care if someone rejects Jesus Christ or the Catholic faith, he does claim to care about physically feeding people in need.    On P.129 of his  2010 book, 'Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio,' Francis says the only sin being committed in Argentina is failing to provide food and work for people.

'Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio'

He says nothing about sins against God and God's faith.   'Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio,' P.129.   'It is a problem of sin.  For four years Argentina has been living a sinful existence, because it has not taken responsibility for those who have no food or work.'

Feeding the people

If tribulations occurred in the world in which people were without food or other necessities, Francis would probably go to extremes to feed those people and would therefore fulfil what St. Malachy said, 'He will feed the sheep in many tribulations.'

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