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Proof Antipope Francis is a Freemason? Friday 5th April, 2013. Easter Friday. St. Vincent Ferrer, C

Proof Antipope Francis is a Freemason?


"This is Bro. Michael Dimond, ( .

This is a photo of antipope Francis. 

Is Francis giving Freemasonic hand sign?

 We can see him giving what looks to be the Sign of the Master of the Second Veil, in Freemasonry. 

This is a clear hand gesture given by Freemasons throughout history.  It would be no surprise to find out that antipope Francis is a Freemason, because his beliefs which have been manifested by his words and deeds, are indeed Masonic.

Communist Stalin giving Masonic hand sign

Antipope Francis was recently praised by the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodges of Italy and Argentina.

Francis has taken part in numerous inter-religious prayer meetings, including going into numerous synagogues.  Just a few months ago, in December 2012, he celebrated Hanukkah with Jews in Argentina.

In his 2013 message to the Rabbi of Rome, he teaches that the Jews are delivered from all evil, even though they don't believe in Christ.

Freemasons praise antipope Francis

Antipope Francis also prayed in honour of the deceased Muslim President of the Islamic Centre of Argentina.   As he did this, an Imam recited verses from the Koran, and asked for 'blessings' from Allah and Mahommed. 

antipope Francis hosts Jewish Masonic Lodge

These are just a few examples of his heresies.   A much more in depth expose' of Francis' apostasy will be available in the future."

antipope Francis praying with heretics and schismatics

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