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The 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy - Jesse Ventura Monday 3rd January, 2011. - Octave Day of St. John, ApEv.

The 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy -Jesse Ventura by Brother Peter Dimond (


"This is Bro. Peter Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery - I just wanted to recommend people to watch Jesse Ventura's episode of "Conspiracy Theory" dealing with the 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy.

We have a link to the YouTube video of that episode in the description of this video - it's really a stunning episode that is absolutely worth watching for those who are interested in what is going on in the world, and really the worldwide police state that is being constructed all around us, because 9/11 was the event that set all of this in motion - it was what brought in the "Patriot Act," and all of these "security measures' to track people, to limit freedoms, and these measures have not only been extended greatly in AMERICA BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Many people have opposed the 9/11 official story - we have discussed it and linked to documentaries on it - and there is abundant evidence proving the official story is a FRAUD!

Some of these documentaries did deal with the facts which disprove the official story concerning the Pentagon, but in my opinion, this is the best compilation of evidence on the conspiracy surrounding the Pentagon - it contains one bombshell piece of evidence after another!

Among other things, in this episode, it interviews an L.A. Air Traffic Controller who heard chatter on the day of 9/11 about how the Airforce was told to "stand down" and not intercept the planes that had deviated from their courses, and that this order came from the highest level, is just stunning!

He also gets into Norman Manetto, the Transportation Secretary, who testified that the plane was allowed to approach the Pentagon and was deliberately not intercepted - that's been covered in many documentaries - but one point that is interesting is that Manetto's testimony not only was NOT used by the 9/11 Commission, but it was actually deleted from the video archive.

So they specifically deleted it, because it shatters the official story!

He also covers this Nasa Engineer, who demonstrates that the idea that the nose of a plane could have caused the damage that was done to the Pentagon, is simply non - sensensical.

Many documentaries have covered the fact that there are no pictures of a plane hitting the Pentagon, despite an abundance of cameras in the area that filmed the event; it took all kinds of lawsuits to finally get only five frames of what really happened released - and flames show a bright orange explosion more consistent with a missile strike.

One of the most fascinating pieces of information in this episode, is the interview with this woman who worked within the Pentagon, and in the area where the plane allegedly struck - she claimed she actually walked out the hole that was created and she saw no evidence of a plane at all!

She further explains how she was threatened and told not to tell the story as she saw it, but to say a plane had struck the Pentagon instead!

[ A plane didn't make this hole entering or exiting the Pentagon -it's nose simply would not survive the impact! ]One of the most interesting aspects of the video, in my opinion was how there was no way the supposed 'highjacker' , Hani Hanjour, could have flown the plane into
the Pentagon.

Jesse Ventura interviews different pilots and they actually do a Simulation, and try to re -inact what it would be like to fly a plane into the Pentagon - these accomplished pilots conclude there is NO WAY that anyone, even an expert pilot could have flown at that speed and altitude into the Pentagon!

Hani Hanjour was not even a good pilot - they wouldn't even rent him a much less sophisticated Cessna, light aircraft!

One of the other bombshell pieces of evidence he covers in this video, is the incredible fact that on September 10th, 2001, the day before 9/11, there was a press conference with the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, in which he said 2.3 trillion dollars of military funds could not be accounted for - lost!

The next day 9/11 occurred, and everyone, of course, forgot about it. However the area where all the information on that lost money was contained was the very spot where the the explosion occurred. So all of the data and the people who would have been working on that issue, or familiar with it, they were all lost on 9/11! [ like the lost 2.3 trillion!]

This provides a precise explanation for why they would have done this in the very area they did!

There are many other pieces of evidence, and we found it definitely worth watching, and although it's not obviously necessary from a spiritual point of view, it is important if one wants to consider what's happening in the world in a proper framework - it does have spiritual inplications because if people can recognize the massive deceptions occurring on the secular level with other events, that can cause people to realize that they need to re - assess their world view.

Coming to that realization can also cause a person to consider that he or she might be deceived on the most important spiritual matters, and that there are malevolent forces out there working to deceive people.

It frequently happens that when people wake up to secular conspiracies they look into what they have to do spiritually and find the traditional Catholic Faith.

Sometimes they can delve too deeply into these secular issues and so are distracted from their spiritual pursuits and their study of and practice of the Catholic Faith.

Nevertheless, it is important for people to be aware of these issues.

This is especially true when we consider how quickly they are working to implement this authoritarian police state.

Just yesterday, we posted on our website, the video clip concerning how Homeland Security is warning that terrorists might attack salad bars, therefore some are concluding we might have to remove salad bars from Malls/Supermarkets etc completely - they are trying to completely transform society, assume total control over everything, with cameras going up everywhere - it has really increased in the last 6 months to a year!

And it all began with the 9/11 Hoax!

It's at the point where they can now assume control of basically anything in the name of a TERROR threat or protecting people from terrorism, when as this documentary and many documentaries about 9/11 show it's all a TOTAL FRAUD!

Basically, all of these terror attacks and documentaries dealing with such incidents as the Oklahoma Bombing, 7/7, Christmas Day Bomber etc - they are all staged as part of a plan to consolidate power and control people.

If people do not believe that the Main Stream Media ( MSM) is controlled, a careful consideration of this issue - the 9/11 Pentagon attack - as well as the JFK issue, absolutely proves that, because the MSM will not give any fair coverage to the truth what really happened on 9/11.

Almost every time they mention conspiracy theories about 9/11, they blast the people who promote them, ridicule, half truth, and don't give them a chance to present any evidence - It's a hatchet job every time!

This all shows you do not have a free media at all - and that's how people are deceived because they just go along with what they are told!

[ the 'magic bullet' ]It's just like Jesse Ventura's other episode on Conspiracy Theory covering the JFK assassination, which is extremely interesting as well and well worth watching - they have this confession from this person who was involved in in the JFK conspiracy - a total 100% proof that this was a conspiracy!

The man's name is E. Howard Hunt, an intelligence officer with the C.I.A. - a high placed officer, who was very well connected - this guy admitted to it, and on a recording prior to his death, with his son delivering the information - all this wasn't covered, not even once by the MSM. That's astounding!

You have a confession in the murder of JFK - and they don't even cover it at all!!

And, they totally ridicule anyone that doesn't believe Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone!

People may complain about body scanners and this increased security measures we are seeing everywhere - even members of the traditional movement - some of these same people have ridiculed those who seek the truth about 9/11 - their doing so helps to cement in the minds of people the entire hoax, and as a result Homeland Security and government can take over, get what they want all in the name of supposedly protecting the people from terrorism, when the whole thing, as 9/11 proves, turns out to be a Hoax!

After 9/11, Anwar al- Awlaki, who is now supposedly Al Quada's No. 1 man - the equivalent of Bin Laden, dined at the Pentagon as reported by CBS/FOX news

It's all a FRAUD! He dined at the Pentagon!

.... so those who reject the truth of 9/11 - you actually helped to perpetrate this fraud and helped facilitate the takeover of America and the rest of the world in the name of fighting "terrorism" - and by suffering these horrible measures you are getting what you deserve!"


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I wouldn't be listening to Jesse Ventura. If you'd like the truth, visit

catholic2007 said...

...then I guess you did listen to Jesse?

catholic2007 said...

As the years roll by more and more evidence is coming to the light of day. For instance, were there actually any planes involved in the destruction of the twin towers WTC, and does the idea that the actual destruction was the result of a thermo - nuclear detonation ? - there is growing scientific support for particularly the latter theory...