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Creation and Miracles - Past and Present, Wed 29 Sept, 2010. Dedication of St. Michael, Archangel

Creation and Miracles -Past and Present

Brother Michael Dimond



"We are here today with Brother Michael Dimond to review some of the research that you have been doing over the last year - research on Creation, Supernatural Miracles, and the Shroud of Turin, just to name a few...

Can you tell us more about your research, Brother?"

Brother Michael: " I've tried to go through everything I could on the subjects we are going to be speaking about today, Creation, Evolution, the young earth, the Flood, the Shroud of Turin, Miracles - and it would take, I don't know how many hours to present all the information I have, and so therefore, we are going to have to move quickly through this information, touching upon what I feel is the most interesting of the information that I have.

Now, one thing people have to realize, is that this is not science versus religion. This is religion versus religion.

Evolution is nothing more than a pagan religion - there is no scientific proof for it whatsoever, as you are to see in this tape, and it's a very dangerous theory because what you believe determines how you are going to behave, and evolution has created people like Lenin....Karl Marx dedicated his book Das Kapital to Charles Darwin, and it will continue to create these kinds of people.

In fact, atheistic evolution is the official creed of all Communists and atheists, and a necessary basis for atheism - and so, people believe in the theory of evolution because of their lifestyle.

They don't want there to be a God!

They have these, so-called 'missing links', because they say that we evolved from an ape, but they've only been able to produce a couple of these when they should be able to produce millions of them!

Lucy is the most complete so- called 'missing link' - and was found by Donald Johanson in 1974:

"The leg bones for Lucy were found a mile and a half away from the head bones.
The leg bones were two hundred feet deeper and in a different layer of strata. They were not all found in the same layer of strata or even in the same location; they were scattered over a mile and a half."

All these supposed missing links have all turned out to be either fully human, fully animal or false, and just because some animals have some similar features, doesn't necessarily mean a common ancester - it may mean a common designer.

Colin Patterson - he's an evolutionist, senior Paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History - they have the largest collection of fossils in the whole world, wrote a book supporting evolution, and someone asked him, why he did not include any missing links in his book.

He responded to the letter and said, " I fully agree with your comments on the lack of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I know of any, fossil or living, I would have certainly included them.

I will lay it on the line, there is not one such fossil - so there is no missing link - there are trillions of fossils that you can study, but there are no missing links and there has to be if evolution is true.

D.M.S. Watson said, "The theory of Evolution is a theory universally accepted not because it can be proven true, but because the alternative special creation, is clearly incredible."

You see, a watch demands a watchmaker, a design a designer, and a creation a creator....and they have all these organs - residual organs or vestigal organs - they originally had 200 of them, and now they've been reduced to a handful.

They also say that we go through the process of evolution as an embryo - we have these different gill slits - these are actually folds of skin that develop into respiratory and hearing bracts.

One of the most common examples of evolution, they say, is the Peppered Moth of England. - they had 95% white moths and 5% white moths, and when you had factories burning coal, the trees started turning black from the soot.

They counted the moths again, and they found they now had 95% black moths and 5% white moths. Basically, all that happened was the white moths lost their camouflage and were eaten.

That is a sign of Micro - evolution involving minor changes in the structure and function of a plant or animal. Macro - evolution is something completely different, and that is the teaching that one kind evolves into another.

This hasn't been proven by science, and basically the key teaching of evolution is that life comes from non - living matter - spontaneous generation.

There is tremendous complexity in life.

For example, we have 50 trillion cells in the human body. Carl Sagan said that the simplest cell in the human body, has information equivalent to 100,000,000 pages of Encyclopedia Brittanica, and in this cell everything is independant and co - dependant on everything else.

There is tremendous complexity in all life forms - here is a Sail pad fish or a Sail catfish ( bagre marinus) - if you look on one side you can see the skeleton of the fish, and if you look at the other side you see what looks very much like Our Lord on the Cross - very interesting - I don't think evolution did that!

A Cray computer can do 6 billion calculations/sec, but the Honey Bee can do a trillion calculations/sec in order to fly - that means the honey bee is 166 times faster than the Cray computer - and the honey bee can heal itself .

But, the conclusion of the evolutionists is that the computer, of course is designed, but the honey bee evolved!


People ask why the stars are so far away?

Very simple - God put the stars far away!

That doesn't prove evolution at all.

People talk about alien life forms or extra- terrestrial life.

Conditions outside the earth are far more destructive than anyone imagined before space exploration began - Deadly Radiation, Poisonous Gases, Extreme Gravitational Forces, Gigantic Explosions, and the absence of proper atmosphere and specific chemical elements.

Just the temperature extremes in outer space would make almost any kind of life either so hot it would vaporize or so cold that it would be completely rigid and brittle and dead.

Besides, many of these supposed space alien civilizations should have technology at least superior to ours and would have colonized our whole solar system at least with mechanical robots.

They everything started with a BIG BANG 20 billion years ago, but in physics there's a Law called the Conservation of Angular Momentum, which says that if you had the "big bang" that exploded everything, then everything should be travelling in the same direction - but, we have the Sun spinning clockwise and all nine planets spinning anti - clockwise.

We also have 60 moons and 11 of them are spinning backwards.

When we look at the Earth, we find it is 7900 miles from the North Pole to the South Pole; it's the exact right size to accept the exact right amount of energy from the Sun, and it's the exact distance from the sun to give us the perfect temperature.

We could go on to give hundreds of examples how precisely balanced the earth is, and if you were to change these parameters by several percent and some cases even a tenth of a percent, we would either freeze to death or roast to death.

So, basically, the question arises.

Is the solar system and the Earth very young?

And the evolution debate can be settled very quickly if you can prove the earth is young

As the Sun burns, it is losing 5 million tons/sec, which means it's shrinking, which means it used to be heavier, which means its gravity was stronger, so even 20 or 30 million years ago, the Sun would be so big it would touch the Earth.

Comets should only last 10 - 15 thousand years before they are blown apart by the solar winds.

Calendars only go back to the year 4000 B.C.
How come they don't go back further than that?

The population growth curve looks like it started about 4500 years ago - well, there was a flood about 4400 years ago, and only 8 people got off the Ark.

Another question: How many billions of people should we have now? So, where are all the people or at least where are all the bones?

The rings orbiting Saturn, are bombarded by comets and should have been pulverised and dispersed in only 10,000 years.

Scientists admit the oldest known living trees are the Bristle Cone Pines of California - Nevada, which are 4300 years old.

How come we don't have an older tree?

We have the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and after watching it for 20 years, they took a growth rate average and found the reef was 4200 years old.

How come we don't have a reef that's older than that?

When they drill down into the ground they often hit oil and this is under tremendous pressure, sometimes as high as 20,000 lbs/sq inch - and scientists say the pressure should have leaked off in about 10 - 15,000 years.

Why is it still under pressure if the earth is so old?

Outer space is full of dust, and when the astronauts went to the Moon [ see Moon Landing Hoax on MHFM, since this article was written] and landed on the Moon they expected about 182 feet of dust on the Moon, instead they found not even one inch of dust on the surface of the Moon.

The Moon is also getting further and further away from the Earth, which means it used to be closer - there is the Inverse Square Law, that says if you half the distance, you quadruple the attraction - so even a couple of million years ago the Moon would be so close to the earth, it would flood the Earth twice a day.

The Earth's magnetic field cannot be any older than 10,000 years otherwise it would be too strong for life to be comfortable on Earth.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics - it's called the Law of Entrophy - says anyting left to itself gets worse.

They say Dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, but they have found DNA and blood cells from dinosaurs; blood cells can only last for thousands of years, not millions of years.

Job 40 :15 God said, " Behold Behemoth ... he has a tail like a Cedar."

I think that might mean it was a dinosaur.

In New Zealand, there's a place called the Chatham Rise - Japanese come down there to fish often - they pulled up this 4000lb, 32 foot skeleton of a dinosaur.

Basically, lizards never stop growing - if you put them in an environment with a water canopy,a lot of oxygen, 800 - 900 years to live, a perfect food supply with no enemies, you've got yourself a dinosaur.

In fact, before 1841, dinosaurs were called dragons, and the word 'dinosaur' means a 'terrible lizard'.


People ask "Is there any evidence of a World - Wide Flood and what caused it?"

Genesis 7 :11, "In the six hundred (600) year in the life of Noe, in the second month, in the seventeenth day of the month, all the fountains of the deep were broken up and the flood gates of heaven were opened."

So basically, what I think happened, was that a large planet or comet came close to the Earth and put pressure on the crust of the Earth, causing it to crack like the seam of a baseball - called the mid- oceanic ridge, which wraps around the Earth - and the subterranean waters exploded violently from this crack [ ref. Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory. http://www.creationscience.com/eationscience.com/ ]

These subterranean waters caused most of the fossil records.

They talk about the Geologic Column - how that proves evolution - the textbooks have the Cenozoic, the Mesozoic and the Paleozoic - all these different layers they say are millions of years old.

Well, if you get a jar full of dirt, shake it up, it will settle into layers for you - it's called hydrolytic sorting, and we have found as well as other people have seen trees in sediments going through all these different sediments that are said to be millions of years old.

And so, there are only two explanations for this: (1) either the trees grew in the sediment or (2) the sediment came down on top of the trees, and also many of these trees are upside down. I believe these layers have been caused by the World - Wide Flood.

The Grand Canyon, they say has been gradually eroded by the action of the Colorado River - if that's true then there should be 1000 cubic miles of sediment at the mouth of the river. There is nothing of that sort!

After the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, 600 feet of strata were deposited and in one day, it formed a canyon system,1/40 the scale of the Grand Canyon.

So these things were formed very rapidly and not over a long period of time.

Interviewer: "So Gradualism is blown away by what happened on Mt. St. Helens. "

Brother Michael ( continuing) : Exactly.

Evolutionists date layers of rock by the fossils they contain, and then they date the fossils by the layers of rock they are in - this is called 'circular reasoning'.

Fossils don't simply form when plant and animals die and rot - to be fossilized a plant or animal must usually have hard parts, such as bone, shell or wood. It must be quickly buried to prevent decay, and must be undisturbed throughout the long process." ( Fossils, NY Golden Press, 1962, P.10).

And the fossil evidence for a world - wide catastrophic flood is everywhere.

Fish have been found by the billions with their fins extended and eyes bulging; they have found mammoths with the last meal perfectly preserved in their stomachs, and that kind of food isn't found in that area today; they have found whales that are buried straight up and down; fish fossilized giving birth to their babies; clams that have petrified and closed - when a clam dies it opens up.

The Bible says that all the mountains tops during the flood were submerged under water - and when New Zealander, Edmund Hillary in 1950, climbed Mt. Everest and reached the 26,000ft level, for the next 3000ft he found sea shells and clams all over the place. So how do you get sea shells on every major mountain range - only if a world wide flood really happened.

Some people believe Noe's Ark is on the top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. What's interesting is that on Mt. Ararat itself, they found pillar larva which is a unique formation which only forms when molten larva emerges from the earth below water; there are also salt crystals on Mt. Ararat, which could only be formed under water.

Is there any written evidence for a world wide flood?

Well, the flood account is found on Babylonian, Arcadian and Sumerian cuneiform tablets and these all date back to about 700 B.C.

In fact a study of universal flood traditions reveals that there are over 200 accounts of the flood in almost every culture and civilization around the world, including the Inca and the Aztec cultures.

They've gone back to many of theses ancient civilizations and found out that they were very advanced having such things like natural ventillation and air conditioning - you could go back to Egypt and find out that they knew how to make batteries and generate electricity - they found electroplated artifacts.

Concerning the size of the Ark - they had a model of the ark tested in a marine laboratory, and duplicated 200 foot tidal waves - they found the ark was not only seaworthy, but extraordinarily stable. During World War II, the USS New Mexico and Oregon were built on the same proportions as Noe's ark, six times longer than it is wide.

The question has ben asked, "How could you get all the animals onto the ark?"

First of all, you take the very smallest animal.
Dr. Kenneth Ebel, Professor of Biology, said, " Each family of creatures on earth have a single pair of ancestors. There are over 300 varieties of dogs in the world today, but they all have a single common ancestor. There would have been ample room to load all the species we know of today, with room left over for Noe's family, food and supplies - and due to the darkness, the animals would probably have eaten less and slept more - in a state of hibernation."

Many hundreds of people have claimed to have seen Noe's ark on top of Mt. Ararat - one was Fernane Navarra, a French demolition expert - he brought back wood he claimed was from Mt. Ararat.

The interesting thing, is that Mt. Ararat is a totally treeless volcanic peak, and the wood they brought back doesn't even grow on Mt. Ararat - in fact there is not forest within 300 miles of the mountain.

Jim Irwin,was a former astronaut, and he took a very interesting picture when he was travelling with a Dutch T.V. crew - this amazing photograph shows what they believe to be Noe's ark.

A French spotter satellite identified a 200 foot piece of wooden object 86 feet wide extending over a crevasse all under 60 feet of ice and snow. So how come somebody doesn't just go up on Mt Ararat and get the ark?

Well, the problem is climbers claim the mountain is one of the hardest mountains to climb, maybe the hardest; the ark is covered with ice and snow, so you could walk right on top of it and not know it was there.

When the Turkish Government grants research permits, it is for the South Side of Mt. Ararat.
The ark is believed to be on the North Side, and people caught on the North Side are usually arrested.

The mountain is also too high and treacherous to land a helicopter expedition, and in the ongoing battle between Turkish soldiers and terrorists over 6000 people have been killed on the slopes of Mt. Ararat during the 1990's.

Many Bible stories are proving themselves to be true. The walls of Jericho fell literally straight down - they have examined these walls and the walls were not pushed in, but they fell straight down as if the earth had opened up beneath them, and they literally dropped.

Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by God for homosexuality and other sins of the flesh - these are pictures showing where Sodom and Gomorrah used to be located - they look like cities and they found substance burnt with sulphur or brimstone, and have a remaining ash that is heavier than the initial unburnt substance - that is why, perhaps, these cities have been able to remain for almost 3900 years.

They found these cities have been burnt at 4000 - 5000 deg.

The Bible said it rained fire and brimstone upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah -

You can go over there and see millions of chunks of little balls of sulphur all over the place.

The definition of 'brimstone' in the dictionary is sulphur.

God asked for the circumcision in Genesis 17: 10-12, on the eighth day, not the fourth day or the third day.
They have only recently discovered that vitamin K which clots the blood, is at its peak on the eighth day, and so it would be the safest time to perform that operation.
In 1947, in a cave on a cliff on the west side of the Dead Sea, they found several large jars containing leather scrolls - these were The Dead Sea Scrolls - they've been sealed and preserved for over 1900 years. Coins were found inside the jars, and paleographers date the scrolls at 125 B.C..
Until that time, the earliest biblical manuscripts were about 900 A.D. The Isaias scroll dated at about 125 B.C. and matched precisely with the Text dated in 916 A.D. - that's a thousand years of copy after copy, translation after translation with complete accuracy.

This proves that the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus were written before He came to earth and not after - and Isaias and the rest of the Old Testament have a lot to say about the Messiah - that he would be born of a virgin, that he would be born in Bethlehem and that he would be a man of sorrows.

And there are many other predictions of the Second Coming of Christ.
Jesus says in Matthew 24:20, that if He didn't shorten those days, no human flesh would be saved - how could that be possible 200 years ago - it wouldn't.

Maybe the reason you have pictures like this - a color picture of a French Nuclear Test in 1969 - you can see Our Lord on the Cross and our Blessed Mother next to Him in white, as Our Lady of Grace.

The Holy House of Loreto is believed to be the house where the Holy Family lived.
It was originally in Nazareth and was actually picked up and moved to eastern Yugoslavia and from there it went to Italy, where it is today - they have found these places in Nazareth and Yugoslavia and checked out the area of the foundations, and it is exactly the same as the Holy House of Loret, Italy.

You can go to Loreto, Italy, and visit the Holy House, and you will find the house still does not rest on a foundation up until this day.

This is a St. Joseph Staircase - In New Mexico, there were Sisters who needed a staircase built from the choir loft that went basically straight up and down - they asked carpenters to help them, but no one could.

They put it in the hands of St. Joseph, and made a Novena to St. Joseph - on the last day of the novena, a man came and said he could help the Sisters with building the staircase.

It consists of exactly 33 steps; there are two complete 360 deg turns and there is no supporting pole up the centre - this means that it hangs there with no support - the entire weight is on the base.

Some architecs have said, by all the laws of gravity it should have crashe d to the floor the minute anyone stepped on it - yet it has been used for 100 years.
It rests against the loft at the top and the floor at the bottom, where the entire weight appears to be supported.

Wooden pegs rather than nails are used throughout, and the railing was not part of the original construction, but added two years later.

There are no nails or screws in any part of it, nor are there steel plates or angle irons, only wood and wooden pegs throughout.
Furthermore, the wood appears to be of a hard variety and according to some wood authorities is not a native wood of Mexico, and where it was obtained is still a mystery.

On December 9th , 1531, there was a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego, travelling to go to church - the Blessed Mother appeared to him and told him she wanted a chapel built where she was appearing, and that he should go to the Bishop and give him this message.

So, he went and told the Bishop, who asked Juan Diego to tell the lady to give him a sign so that he would know it was from God.

He went back and told Our Blessed Mother that the Bishop wanted a sign - the Blessed Mother told him to gather up some roses and put them in his cloak or tilma and present them to the Bishop.
Since it was winter time, that made it another miracle.

He picked the roses and put them in his tilma and took them back and presented them to the Bishop and the image of Guadalupe appeared on his tilma.
The image has been subject to rains, floods, earthquakes, and in 1921 someone place a bomb underneath it which exploded, but the image remained intact.
The tilma is made of a vegetable substance which normally deteriorates after fifty years - it should have rotted centuries ago.
The material used to produce the colors are unknown to science, and there is no undersketching on the painting, no sizing - and without sizing, it is humanly impossible to paint on its rough surface.

There is no protective overvarnish, and without protective varnishing the picture should have been ruined long ago by prolonged exposure to candle smoke and other pollutants.

There is no fading or cracking - incredible when you consider it's been there for almost 475 years.

The balanced placement of the stars is not an accident - at least not according to astronomers - the stars correspond to 46 stars and 14 constellations as they are in the morning of December 12th, the day on which Our Blessed Mother imprinted her image on the tilma.

In recent years the eyes have been the subject of considerable scientific research.

By the use of computer technology and amplifying the eyes up to 25oo times the normal 7 - 8 mm size, researchers have found what they believe to be the portrait of Juan Diego in the right eye.

Just between 1532 and 1548, you had 9 million converting to the Catholic faith in Mexico - so we lost 5 million due to the Reformation in Europe, but we almost doubled that amount in Mexico.
Twenty million come from all over the world to see the image of Guadalupe.

In 1917, Our Blessed Mother appeared to three little children, Lucia de Santo, Jacinta and Francisco Marto. in Fatima, Portugal.

She asked the people to pray the Rosary and she showed the children a vision of Hell.

The children wanted a miracle performed by the Blessed Mother, so that people would believe she was appearing, so the Blessed Mother said she would work a miracle and it would be on October 13th,1917 at noon.

It was the first time since the Resurrection that a miracle has been perdicted to take place at a certain time and place - so the people came on October, 13th, some 75,000 to 100,000 persons - up to their ankles in mud; atheists, masons, sceptics were there to mock the miracle when they thought it would not happen.

The Sun started to make movements outside the laws of nature as it started to spin on its side for about 12 minutes. Then it started to plunge towards the earth - everyone thought it was the end of the world - and when it was about to hit the earth it went back to its normal position in the sky.
The sick were cured during this miracle - and there was a second miracle for the ground and all the clothes were found to be dry.
One Engineer took a look and said, " the amount of energy you would need to dry all the clothes and the ground would be the equivalent of a ten megaton bomb - if that happened all the people would be burnt to death."

Our Blessed Mother at Fatima predicted that Russia would spread her errors throughout the whole world. She mentioned another "worse war" would begin in the reign of Pope Pius XI - and Pope Pius XI wasn't even pope at that time!

She mentioned you would know God was about to punish the world when you saw a night illumined by an unknown light - and that great light was seen on January 25th, 1938. It illuminated the skies of Europe - it was a red glow that was seen for about five hours all over Europe - so much so that people in Switzerland could read their newspapers at 11pm at night.
The only way man can reproduce that kind of phenomena is by an atomic explosion - basically, when that night illuminated by a strange unknown light happened, it was 47 days after that Hitler invaded Austria.

Our Lady said she would try to prevent these punishments if Lucy would ask for the Pope with all the bishops to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
She asked for the Third Secret to be released by 1960 - that has not happened. [ see later article by MHFM concerning consecration done by Pope Pius XII in 1952 ]
She asked for the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturday of each month.

Little seer Jacinta, after she died - her body was exhumed and found to be still intact, perfectly incorrupt.

There have been many hundreds of bodies that have remained perfectly incorrupt - one such is Catherine Labore - she saw Our Blessed Mother who gave her the medal Catholics wear called the Miraculous Medal - thousands of miracles have been attributed to the medal.
St. Catherine Labore died in 1876 and her body is perfectly incorrupt.

St. Bernadette Soubirous saw the Blessed Mother in Lourdes, France, where millions come each year to pray - countless miracles have occurred - she died in 1879 and her body remains perfectly incorrupt.

Not only bodies, but also scapulars have remained intact.

St. Alphonsus died in 1787 and his body turned to dust, but his brown scapular remained perfectly intact - examination proved it had no special treatment [ the brown scapular was given by the Blessed Mother to St. Simon Stock in 1251, and thousands of miracles have been attributed to it.]

There are over 16,000 canonized saints in the Catholic Church, and for each person that becomes a saint, they need at least three verifiable miracles by doctors and people, who must verify under oath their authenticity - demonstrating that the Catholic Church is very careful before declaring someone a saint.

And the Catholic Church is the only Church with an uninterrupted history of miracles from the beginning of human history.

St. Vincent Ferrer converted almost 200,000 people to the Catholic Faith, and raised 30 people from the dead; he worked more than 40,000 miracles during his life and when he was canonized almost a thousand miracles were used in his canonization.

Padre Pio was another mystic of our times - he died in 1968 - he had the stigmata visibly for over fifty years. He had many gifts - he could tell you when you went to confession last, your whole life, your sins - he was seen throughout the world.

He has worked thousands of miracles which already fill 54 volumes; since his death he has continued to work miracles.

One of the most interesting miracles during his life was of a woman named Gemma de Giorgi, who was from Italy, and is now about 40 years old ( about 1998 when this was recorded).

Gemma was born without pupils and still has no pupils, but after her Grandmother took her to see Padre Pio; she asked for a cure - he blessed her and now she can see, even though she still has no pupils - which is anatomically impossible to see without pupils.

We also have exorcisms on audio tapes - and if people don't believe in the Devil they should get some of our exorcism tapes - not only do they prove the existence of the devil, they also show the power of a traditional Catholic bishop over the power of the devil and also how powerful devotion to the Mother of God is, and how much the Devil hates the Rosary.

There have been many Eucharistic Miracles - non - Catholics do not believe that at the words of Consecration by a Catholic Priest, the bread and wine change into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. There have been many hundreds of Eucharistic miracles throughout the last 2000 years to verify this Catholic belief.

This is very essential, because Our Lord says in John 6:53, "Amen, amen, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his Blood you cannot have everlasting life in you."

In Lanciano, in 700 A.D. there was a priest who doubted whether he was really consecrating bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ - at the moment of Consecration, the bread changed into the actual visible Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ.
Scientists tested this flesh and found it to be human flesh - the blood was human blood of the type AB.
If you were to cut yourself and bleed, within 15 minutes you lose all the chemical properties of blood - if you give blood and it is not refrigerated that blood would begin to break down in one hour.

They took a particle of the petrified blood and liquified it and found it had all the proteins and chemicals of fresh blood, 1300 years old!
When they tested a slice of the heart, rigor mortis had not set in, and it was determined the slice of the heart was from a living heart!

Another miracle was in Siena, in 1730 - thieves broke into the Church and stole a ciborium filled with 351 hosts; they left the ciborium with the hosts down the road somewhere - they still have these hosts, which have not decomposed after nearly 300 years!

In Cascia around 1300A.D. there was a farmer who needed the last sacraments and he called for a priest who went out on a sick call, but instead of putting the host in a pyx he placed it between two pages of his breviary.

When he prepared the man to receive Holy Communion he opened the book and found a blood stain where the host had been. This was a miracle in itself and you can go to the Church and see the page of the book with the blood stain; if you look inside the blood stain you can see the profile of Jesus, his hair his eyes his nose and his beard.

The Shroud of Turin is claimed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ - people have been trying to say it is just a medieval fraud.

It is well documented that the shroud existed before the Middle Ages and here is a brief history of its existence:

The Shroud was carried from the tomb of Jesus by St. Peter and taken to Edessa, Turkey. It was then lost and wasn't rediscovered until the year 944 A.D. when a Byzantine emperor sent an army to bring it to Constantinople.
In 1204 the European Knights of the Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople and took it back to France where Margaret De Charne transferred it to the Savoy family.
In 1532 a fire in the Savoy Cathedral in Chambery, France damaged the shroud.

In 1578 the Savoys established their capital in Turin, Italy and took the shroud with them where it remains today.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence there are only two points the scoffers try to bring up to discredit the Shroud of Turin. One is the carbon testing done in 1988 and the second is a reputed letter from a Bishop Darcy, which said the bishop wrote this letter that he knew who forged the shroud, and that he knew the artist.
That doesn't prove it is a fraud.

None of the copies of the letter are signed or dated. there is no proof the pope ever saw it, or that it was delivered to him.

Pope Clement VII allowed the shroud to be exposed to the public during this whole time. There is no evidence it is in the handwriting of the bishop it is claimed to have been written. It is simply estimated that it is from 1389. The artist who forged it is not named and there is no transcript of any official investigation.

The first photographs of the Shroud were taken by Secunda Pio in 1898 - he was shocked to find that the negative image was a positive image - and Barry Schwatz, who is Jewish, a shroud documentary photographer, said, "Assuming that the Shroud was manufactured in the 14th century, it would mean that someone would have to have conceived of photography approximatelt 650 years before it was invented. I don't think so."

Some of the scourge marks on the shroud appear only under ultra violet light, which means the "forger" would have had to paint the marks so that they would be invisible to the naked eye, and then discern that ultra violet light would be invented some 650 years later - impossible!
There is not a trace of paint pigment on the shroud; there are no brushstrokes; the images on the shroud are directionless, and therefore could not be painted , at least not by human hand.

Kevin Moran, Optical Engineer. "The shroud image is made from tiny fibres that are 1/10 the size of a human hair. The picture elements are actually randomly distributed like the dots in your newspaper photograph or magazine photograph - to do this you would need an incredibly accurate atomic laser. This technology does not exist."
Also, if someone was to paint the shroud, they would have to have a twenty foot brush, because the image isn't even discernible much closer than that.

They also found blood on the Shroud of Turin.

According to Dr.John Heller and blood specialist, Dr. Allen Adler, they found not only blood on the shroud, but blood highly loaded with bilirubin, a bile pigment that would only show up if the dead man had been severely and traumatically beaten.

Pathologist, Pierre Ballon, came to the same conclusion, and also found that the blood on the shroud was human blood and of the type AB.
They did thirteen tests that confirmed that there was blood on the shroud.

The image on the shroud is negative, but the blood marks are positive. Also the blood marks on the shroud have remained red, and why they haven't been darkened by time and oxidation is unexplainable.
At the back of the toes on the shroud there is an original bleeding when the man was alive, and then in the tomb there was a second bleeding - so we have two blood flows - this impossible for someone to forge.
In fact, the experts were shocked by the way the blood evidence was transferred to the shroud - it was done perfectly without one smear, which practically humanly speaking is impossible.

Dr. Max Frei, was a Swiss criminologist - he was one of the leading experts in dust and pollen analysis in the whole world - he single -handedly developed a technique to determine where criminals had been by testing samples of dust and pollen from their clothing - he was consulted on many crimes by police forces of many nations.

Dr. Frei's objective was very simple. If the shrould was forged in France in the 14th century, then only the French or Italian pollens would be found in the cloth - but his exhaustive analysis found some fifty eight specific pollens, and only seventeen were native to Europe, the rest were from Palestine, and Southern Turkey, the site of Odessa in Constantinople - and so this meant that the shroud had been in these places at some time in its history.

In fact , thirteen of the pollens come exclusively from Palestine and are growing in Israel today.

Professor Raes, found in the shroud linen, microscopic bits of cotton under the microscope - not just plain cotton, but cotton with a certain number of twists per centimeter.
We have to realize that cotton has a different number of twists depending on which country it is from - cotton grown in the western part of the world has 20 - 25 twists per centimeter, while cotton grown in the Middle East has 8 - 10 twists per centimeter. The cotton found in the shroud has around 8 twists per centimeter.
Cotton was not commonly grown in Europe at that time ( 1260 - 1390), some claim the shroud was manufactured.

They also found on the shroud many accurate images of many flowers, and twenty eight specific flowers to a good degree of accuracy - they all grow within Jerusalem or within 12 miles of Jerusalem.

Whoever produced the image on the shroud also produced the high energy field producing many images of every object that was in the shroud and hence we have a highly accurate image of these flowers.
They also found dust on the footprint of the cloth, and this dirt is found to have come from Jerusalem's Damascus Gate and nowhere else.

They also found 3 dimensional information in the shroud of Turin - this is incredible because we know that a painting has only two dimensional information, height and width, but the shroud has been found to have 3 - D information!

They put the shroud under a special machine, called the VP8 Image Analyzer, which found the shroud has 3 - D information, which an artist could not have put there.
It is also a Jewish custom when people die , to put coins over the eyes when laying the corpse out for burial, and in tests they did, it looks like there is a coin over the right eye.

This coin has 24 coincidences with the Lepton which was put out by Pontius Pilot between 29 A.D. and 36 A.D.

You can see the staff and the letters U,K,A,I - if you look at the shroud under high magnification you can see the staff and the letters U, C, A, I .
Fr. Philas, was shocked to see this, but wondered why there was a C instead of K.

In 1981, at the British Museum, he found two coins that had a C instead of a K - so this would throw forging out of the question.
Fr. Francis Philas said " Even the wildest imagination cannot justify any claim that th tiny letters 1/32 inch high could have been painted on the cloth."

Other features have proved the authenticity of the shroud - the locks of hair on the side of the face is a Jewish custom; the body on the shroud isn't even straight; the abdomen appears swollen, showing the cause of death was suffocation; the legs on the shroud are not broken, and the Romans who crucified their victims, always broke the legs of the crucified - this goes back to Exodus 12:46, where it says that they would not break a bone in His body.
Looking at the blood flows: when someone is crucified, the hands fall to an angle of 25/65 deg, and so the blood flows in a certain way - the blood flows on the shroud show it was from a man who was crucified.

In studying photos of the shroud caused Dr. Pierre Barbae, Chief Surgeon of St. Joseph's Hospital in France to say, "If this the work of forger, then the forger would have had to have been a trained anatomist, for there is not a single blunder."
When a nail pierces the median nerve in the wrist, the thumb goes automatically into the palm as shown on the shroud.
This would not invalidate the prophecy, " They have pierced my hands and my feet..." because anatomists in all countries and throughout history have understood the hand to consist of the wrist, palm and fingers.

This is a picture of a Roman scourging device called the Flagrum - it consists of a handle onto which are attached three leather straps, and on each of these straps is a dumbell shaped metal object, which was used by the Romans as a means of punishment by beating the body.

The dumbell shapeded objects fit perfectly into the wounds on the shroud, and one author estimated there were 120 scourge wounds on the Shroud of Turin, and Jewish law limited the number of lashes to forty - forty times three is 120.
The wound in the side of the shroud measures 1 3/4 inches bt 7/16 inches, which exactly corresponds to the size of the Roman spear called the lamaea, also known as the spear of Longinus, and is kept in the Hapsburg Treasure House in Austria.

Legend has it that this is the spear that pierced the side of Jesus, and was owned by Longinus, a Roman soldier assigned to duty at the Crucifixion site by Pontius Pilot.
Hitler believed this legend, and he visited the Treasure House when he was 19 years old, and when he invaded Austria, at the beginning of World War II, he took the spear because he believed he had to have the spear to go out and conquer the world.

On the shroud, the buttocks is rigid with rigour mortis, and some scientists say that the person has been dead not more than 40 hours.

Forensic Scientist, Dr.Robert Buklin, from Los Angeles County says, "The evidence of a scourged man who was crucified and died of suffocation is clear cut - the markings on his body are so clear and so medically accurate, that they are, in my opinion, beyond dispute."
Why would anyone keep this gruesome relic, unless it was the true burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

The Shroud advocates suffered a severe setback when the carbon 14 dates came back in 1988, when it said the shroud was from 1260 - 1390.

However, C-14 is far from an exact science -in fact, freshly killed mollusks show that they have been dead for 3000 years, using this method of dating.
Bristlecone Pines, the oldest trees on earth, date too young by 2 - 3000 years.
Evolutionist, William Stansfield, said that "there is no reliable long term radiological clock."

Carbon 14 is based on a number of assumptions such as : The rate of decay has always been the same throughout history; The amount of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere has always been the same: it is also based on the assumption that the geologic column is correct - and we have proved that that is not correct.

Three labs were selected to perform the Shroud Carbon 14 tests. They were given three linen samples of a known age to test the accuracy of their lab testing.
One sample was from 3000B.C., and when the tests came back the labs were off by 1100 years .
The testers defended these errors as being caused by contamination to the samples, but in subsequent retesting the sample was still 1100 years off!
There are too many variables that can affect test results, and besides the Shroud sample takers violated fourteen scientific protocols to ensure test accuracy,and also carried out their tests by consulting one another.

Secretary of State Cardinal Casaroli ( rumored to be a Freemason) gave supervision of the Carbon 14 tests to research director of the British Museum, Dr. Michael Tite. It is strange that that Casaroli would give the supervising of the reputed burial cloth of Jesus Christ to his declared enemies!
Dr. Tite wrote a letter to Jacques Evin, Director of the Radiocarbon Laboratory of the University of Lyon in January, 1988 and he asked for a cloth similar to the Holy Shroud in every detail.
Evin searched and found a cloth similar to the Shroudof Turin.
Dr. Tite denied writing this letter until his letter was published - then he admitted it!
When they did the test, they cut off a little piece of the Shroud of Turin, in front of video cameras on April 21, 1988.
The three men involved, Dr. Michael Tite, Cardinal Ballestrero, (who before the C-14 tests, said he did not believe the shroud was authentic), and Professor Luigi Gonella, (science advisor to the Archbishop), went to a separate room where there were no video cameras, and what these three men did while they were in that room was never discussed by them.

It becomes apparent, during that 30 minutes, while they were in that room , there was a substitute of cloths.
The size of the cloth tested was not the same as the piece cut from the Shroud. For some reason, the Touson lab received two samples - at first they denied this, but later admitted it.

We are unable to get the original samples because in C 14 testing the samples are destroyed.
The Chief Tester at Zurich, Dr. Wolifi, believed before the tests ,the shroud was a fake.
So most of the people involved, doubted the authenticity of the Shroud - so it looks like they had a biased agenda.

When the supposed results came back from the lab, it showed 1260 - 1390!

Professor Ed T. Hall, and Dr. Tite held their own press conference, and you can see written on the blackboard the figures "1260 - 1390!"
The London Daily Telegraph of March 26, 1989 said. " On Good Friday, March 25, 1989, forty five business men and rich friends presented to Professor Ed T. Hall of Oxford, one million pounds for his services in having determined the Shroud of Turin was a medieval fake. Hall said he was using the funds to create a new chair of archaeology science at Oxford to be filled with Dr. Michael Tite."
So, Dr. Hall assisted Dr. Michael Tite in the crime by providing him with a chair at Oxford as a reward for his work in defrauding the people of the world of the greatest religious relic of all time!
So, if the shroud is reproduceable, why doesn't someone reproduce it? No one can!

The Shroud shows very clearly that Jesus Christ lived, Jesus Christ died, and Jesus Christ rose again.

I have shown on this video that not only God exists, but the Catholic faith is the True Faith. If you don't embrace the Catholic faith - speaking as a convert to the Catholic faith - you will be lost for all eternity.

If you are a Catholic, it is imperative that you attend a Latin Tridentine Mass, pray the Rosary, wear the brown scapular, stay in the state of grace and fulfill your station in life.

The evidence is before you - miracles, and the early church fathers believed in all the Catholic teachings - that is what the true faith was and still is today.

The Catholic Church decided what books were to be in the Bible - the Catholic Church has said what is sin and what is not and what things we have to believe in to be saved from Hell.

If you go to a non - Catholic church and ask them," what must I believe?" They will point to the Bible.
The problem is which passages do I take literally? Basically, if the Holy Ghost leads all people to interpret the Bible, how come we have tens of thousands of Protestant churches, all believing different things about the Bible?
None of them claim to be infallible, so who settles the dispute or has handed down a decision?

Just believe in Jesus and you will be saved!
Well, Matthew 9:21, says, "not all that say Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. He that does the will of My father,he shall enter the kingdom of Heaven."

No, we don't believe in Jesus, unless we accept and follow all that he has commanded.
The theory that "once saved, always saved," and "you will never lose your salvation," - that isn't even Biblical!

St.Paul says, in Phillipians 2:13, "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling."
He says in 1 Corinthians 9:7," When I am preaching to the faithful, I fear that I, myself may become a castaway." He talks about salvation, as "running a race to the end."

If where you are going to spend eternity doesn't concern you or doesn't interest you, isn't high on your list of your priorities, well, then, you are definitely going to go into the fires of Hell, and once you arrive there, there is no escape.

Your eternity is fixed. And you will burn, weep and suffer and be tortured by demons for all eternity.
God doesn't want that - he says in Timothy 2:4, "He wishes for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth."
What you have heard on this tape is the TRUTH!
If people think that what I am saying is very foolish, then you can always say to them, "What are you going to be doing in 200 years from now?
We will all be dead and forgotten, and everyone you knew on earth will be dead and forgotten, and your body will be six feet under the earth, and your soul will be in Purgatory, in Heaven or burning in the fires of Hell for all eternity.
This is reality.
Our Lord says, in Matthew 16:26," What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul - Matthew 6:33," Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and His justice, and all things will be added unto you."

Genesis 3:19, "Remember that you are dust and unto dust thou shalt return. Eccles 7:40. "Remember your last end, and you will never sin."

Basically, which way you look at it, your time is running out - No one can promise you another year, another month, another week or hour or even another breath.

So if you don't want to spend eternity burning in the fires of Hell, embrace the Catholic faith, keep the faith and may you hold it until your dying beath!


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