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Saying No To Fluoridation Sunday 24 January, 2010 Second Sunday after Epiphany; St.Anthony, Ab

Saying No To Fluoride!

Fluoride is Harmful to Health

Did you know that Fluoride is linked to :

* Cancer
* Lowered IQ
* Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
* Arthritis
* Thyroid Disease
* Lowered Immune System
* Severe Allergic Reaction

Did You Know ?

* Almost all Western Europe has rejected Water Fluoridation
* Fluoride is not a nutrient
* Fluoride is not added to water to improve water quality
* Fluoride is a uniquely potent enzyme poison
* Fluoride is slightly more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic
* Fluoride concentrates with boiling

Do you realize fluoridation is:

* Mass medication in uncontrolled doses
* Unethical with no informed choice
* Tantamount to spiking our drink
* Unproven, untested and never registered as safe by any health authority

Strong Evidence Fluoride causes Bone Cancer in Young Men

A new study published in "Cancer Causes and Control, May, 2006, gives strong evidence that boys exposed to fluoridated water between the ages of 6 an 10 years are 500% to 700% more likely to get bone cancer before the age of 20 than boys drinking non- fluoridated water.


Water fluoridation is the addition of the chemical fluoride in the form of hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodiumsilicofluoride. These are toxic by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. They are too toxic to be discharged into the air or dumped into the sea or rivers. However they are allowed to get rid of this waste product if they dilute it into huge amounts of water. Our public drinking water is essentially being used as a toxic waste disposal system.

Don't Spike Our Drinks! And Especially not Baby's

The American Dental Association and the U.S. Public Health Services' Centres for Disease Control advise that fluoridated tap water is not safe for babies.

According to the N.Z. Ministry of Health website, nearly half of children living in fluoridated areas have some from of dental fluorosis . This is a mottling or discoloration of the teeth and is caused when a child has too much fluoride. It is the first sign of fluoride poisoning. Babies drinking fluoridated water will be getting up to 250 times more fluoride than breast fed babies.

Asthma Facts
Asthma is the most common chronic illness of childhood and generally develops by 5 years of age . Asthma affects an estimated 4.8 million U.S children under the age of 18 years.
Since the early 1980's, national asthma rates for children have risen by more than 33%.
The severity of disease symptoms continues to increase as do hospitalizations and mortality rates.

From 1980 to 1993, the asthma death rate nearly doubled among 5 to 24 year olds. Another suvey showed a 46% increase in death rate nationwide from asthma between 1977 and 1991. ( Philadelphia Inquirer , Dec 8, 1994)

Asthma is at least 20% more common among black children than white children.
Black children experience more severe disability from asthma are three to four times more likely to be hospatilized for asthma are six times more likely to die from asthma.

Asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism related to a chronic disease.
Hartford children have the highest rate of asthma in Connecticut, and incidence is increasing. In 1994, one in three Hartford children had asthma, up from one in five in 1980.
In New Haven, according to SAHA ( Social and Health Survey, 1996), 22% of 6th, 8th and 10th graders had been told by a doctor that they had asthma and 13% had to go an emergency room to be treated for asthma.
Between 1991 and 1996, asthma related hospital discharges in Connecticut increased by more than 30%.

The Cost of Asthma

Direct costs include childhood hospitalizations, visits to the emergency room,and medications. The 4.8 million who nationally suffer from asthma account for 12 million visits to healthcare providers, 16 million emergency room visits, and 200,000 hospitalizations each year.

Indirect costs include loss of productivity of parents or guardians, child absenteeism from school, and non- quantifiable costs of anxiety, apprehension and other quality of life issues.
One study showed that American children with asthma, lose an extra 10 million school days each year, over 55% of the total days of restricted activity for the entire population. This problem is compounded by an estimated $1 billon in lost productivity for their working parents.

Fluoride - Cause of Asthma

Numerous recent studies in workers exposed to fluorides, as well as children living near fluoride polluting industries have shown a direct correlation between fluoride levels in plasma/urine and asthma.( Romundstad et al.,2000a, b; Soyseth et al., 1994;1995 ) .

Already in 1986, investigating 253 North American Indian children 11 to 17 years of age living on the Akwasasne reserve, Ernst et al ., found a significant linear relationship between respiratory abnormalities and fluoride urine samples.

In 1995, Soyeth et al, reported that exposure to low fluoride concentrations during early childhood was associated with an increased prevalence of bronchial hyper-responsiveness in schoolchildren.

Earlier Soyeth et al, (1994) had reported that a "positive association was found between bronchial responsiveness and plasma fluoride levels, such as an increase in the plasma fluoride level of 10 ng/ml was associated with an increase in the dose - response slope by a factor of 1.1 ( 95% confidence interval 1.05 - 1.17 ).

To put this figure in perspective:
In 8 to 16 year old Swiss children exposed to either drinking water fluoridation or fluoridated salt, the average fluoride concentration in plasma was 12.7 mg/ml ( +/- 3.8) ( Zeigler et al, 1991).

In 2000, Romunstad et al. conducted a mortality analysis in aluminium workers exposed to fluorides and reported an association between exposure to fluorides and mortality from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Mortality from these diseases was associated with cumulative exposure to fluorides.

In 2001, Negoita et al, reported of increases in asthma and hyperthyroidism among the Askwasasne natives.

What is the association between Hyperthyroidism and Asthma?

As mentioned above, Soyeth et al, showed that bronchial responsiveness was related to plasma fluoride levels. Bronchial responsiveness is regulated by thyroid hormones ( T3). Higher plasma fluoride levels mean lower iodine (Free T3 ) levels. In the 1930's, May and Litzka showed in great detail how fluoride reduced iodine levels in blood.

 The more iodine in blood, the more fluoride had to be used.  Armed with this knowledge, they treated thousands of patients effectively from hyperthyroidism caused by excess iodine intake.( Basedow's disease).
Giving this amount of fluoride to a normal person, this would bring about iodine deficiency, or reduced Free T3 levels.

Numerous studies have now shown that the "continuing deficiency of thyroid hormones influences the development of the inflammatory component of asthma." (Manzolli et al, 1999).
It comes therefore also as no surprise that T3 supplementation has shown great benefits in the treatment of asthma ( abdel Khalek et al, 1991).


The following is a list of all towns and cities in New Zealand that are fluoridated:

( If your town is not mentioned on this list, then you are pretty safe - for the time being, at least - but be alert and informed!)

Auckland City ( except Onehunga)
Burnham Military Camp ( only place in Canterbury except Methven)
Dunedin City

Gisborne City
Hamilton City

Hastings City
Havelock North
Hibiscus Coast ( Orewa)

Kaikohe - stopped on 31st March 2009, pending FNDC consultation with community.
Kaitaia - Stopped on 31st March 2009, pending FNDC consultation with community.
Lower Hutt ( except Korokoro and Petone)

Methven township
New Plymouth
North Shore City

Palmerston North


Upper Hutt

However, according to Fluoride Action Network most towns in N.Z. are not fluoridated, and around 61% of all public water in New Zealand is fluoridated...

[ Extracts from Fluoride Action Network ( NZ) Inc ]

Recommended further reading at

little cup 'o tea!

 ...time for a cup o' tea...non- fluoridated water! Mmmmm....Christchurch water!

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4) 11 minute video: Syrias's "chemical weapons" turn out to be fluoride.


nyscof said...

Fluoridation is also immoral

Tell Congress you want fluoridation stopped


Fluoridation 101

catholic2007 said...


thank you for your comment...this is a work in progress, I have been meaning to post for some time now...there are apparently more than 60% of N.Z. cities and towns being fluoridated at present as noted in this article...that's 60% too many!

FluorideFree said...

Good to see this hear. I live in Wellington too. Are you on our FANNZ email list?

catholic2007 said...

Hi, FluorideFree,

Thanks for comments.

No I do not live in Wellington, but in one of the fluoride free towns in N.Z., so I don't have to worry about being poisoned against my will!

But, I am concerned for the rest of the citizens of this country,those who are currently ingesting this poison, unknowingly, and hopefully this article will bring it to their attention, and take action to stop it!

I am not currently on their mailing list. But you can put me on it if you like...