Sunday, September 6, 2009

BENEDICT XVI IS PRO- ABORTION September, 8th, 2009. The Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary


The evidence presented in this video shows that those who accept Benedict XVI are not pro -life but pro -abortion.

It shows that Benedict XVI is pro -abortion by examining the case of Ted Kennedy .

Ted Kennedy was pro- abortion. He was even in favour of partial birth abortion, and supported gay "marriage" . Ted Kennedy was also divorced and "re- married".

Benedict XVI , his representatives and his Vatican II church officially consider Ted Kennedy to have been a Catholic and the servant of Christ.
They consider him saved and to be one who will live forever with Christ.

This video shows that all those who do not condemn Benedict XVI as a heretic are pro -abortion.

It proves that Benedict XVI is not the pope, but a heretical antipope.
work in progress -

[ Antipope Benedict XVI - the Vatican II sect, commemorated Kennedy as "one of the faithful departed". Since, according to St. Paul, all those who rest in Christ , for all eternity, are saints. We now have the situation where, according to the Vatican II sect under Benedict XVI we now have a pro- abortion Saint!]

[ "Cardinal Sean O'Malley praises Kennedy as one of the "faithful departed" - a pro-abortion and pro- gay "Catholic" on Saturday, at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Boston's Mission Hill]

In front row notice President Obama and wife and right behind Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton...

[ " Cardinal" Sean Patrick O'Malley , representing the Vatican II sect of the Counter- church of the last days, officiates at the funeral of Ted Kennedy in the Novus Ordo Cathedral, formally the Basilica of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, Boston. ]

[ I think this is Kennedy's new "wife", maybe even a daughte...must check...nope it says it's Victoria Kennedy.... o.k.]

President Obama delivers eulogy at pro-abortion supporter Ted Kennedy 's funeral.
[ ...Uh! ...I....uh...would like to Ugh....say uh,...and Teddy...ugh ......I ...uh...can remeber...uh ( where's that damn tele...ugh....prompter...ugh)....and in con....ugh...clusion...I think we sould be all ...ugh...grateful that we have a saint in ...ugh uh .. heav...ugh!]

Finally, what you have all been waiting for, but was delayed due to unforseen technical difficulties, in translation of the relevant video clip from it's parent site to said blog!!!






Anonymous said...

the Church said "faithful departed" which means that poor dead Ted has departed very faithfully from his friendship with Christ.
You can become a fool! You need to read between the lines and please stop being bias just because you studied one side of the whole picture.

catholic2007 said...

I can see why you prefer to be "anonymous" - your 'church' is not the Catholic Church, so we have a problem straight up obviously don't recognise the true Catholic Church,and are not a Catholic,as is plainly evident by your innane comment....8-[

catholic2007 said...

Inane = empty,fatuous,frivolous, futile, idiotic,puerile,senseless, stupid, triffling, vacuous, vain, void and may choose outa' that list! 8-D

catholic2007 said...